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  1. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    DJL to Yankees. It's almost as if analytical teams know that they need more than eight position players for eight spots these days.
  2. Harold Baines HOF???

    Lukewarm take: Harold Baines shouldn't have been inducted, but Lee Smith's induction is more egregious.
  3. The two-way player issue...

    Logic. You make it sound like it's just changing a few lines and boom-- two-way player capability enabled. If it's as easy as you've described, then there would be absolutely no question on how to proceed. Yahoo! is getting a ton of backlash about their decision-- look at the comments of this thread as well as every comment in the article in which they explain their decision. All of this, they would have anticipated. How many hours do you estimate that this change would have cost Yahoo! software engineers?
  4. The two-way player issue...

    I can guarantee you-- if it was as simple as this poster is detailing, there wouldn't have been any question about how to handle Ohtani. This isn't at all about minimizing unfair advantages. This is about evaluating the optimal strategy for the business as a whole. Yahoo!'s explanation of the decision(referenced a few posts back) details it as such.
  5. The two-way player issue...

    In any industry I can imagine, you should always question whether the juice is worth the squeeze. Blindly satisfying your advertisers, customers, etc without regard to cost is a wonderful mantra and a terrible business tactic. Does anyone have numbers on fantasy baseball market share in terms of users? My assumption is that Yahoo! and ESPN are 1- 2, and that part of Yahoo!'s decision would be based on anticipating what ESPN is doing, but this is just an assumption. You're totally right that this could have long-term ramifications if other platforms are making Ohtani SP/UTIL eligible, and perhaps Yahoo! is underestimating the impact of making him two separate players. I tend to think they are better suited at anticipating their market than we are, though. Not a Yahoo! coder, but I generally don't throw insults like idiot or lazy around, and generally do defend those who are unreasonably referred to as such.
  6. The two-way player issue...

    You aren't sure the cost-benefit analysis has actually been done? Yahoo! has already given an explanation as to why they are proceeding with two Ohtanis. I'm sure you saw the article, but to reiterate: "After weighing multiple options, Yahoo’s product team has decided to introduce two distinct Ohtanis into our game for 2018... A third approach would have been the introduction of a single player with both SP and Util-eligibility. In that scenario, users would have to choose at the beginning of each transaction period (daily or weekly) whether to accept Ohtani’s batting or pitching stats. However, had we taken that route at Yahoo, our engineers would have needed to substantially rebuild the fantasy product. This would have been an enormous undertaking, disrupting other initiatives and delaying the game." https://sports.yahoo.com/shohei-ohtanis-status-yahoo-fantasy-baseball-012323575.html Short of getting one of the few actual Yahoo! employees who is privy to the internal analysis that they conducted, this will be the best explanation you will get. I'm not sure why the above explanation is insufficient nor why you would need one of their software developers to detail the specifics. You just shouldn't assume that they simply went with the easiest route without evaluating their options. Again, I get the frustration. Maybe I should just pipe down while everyone on here vents about this? The goal of my post was an attempt for people to see things from Yahoo!'s perspective, operating under the assumption that they make rational decisions. Also, I get this frequently at my job-- non-coders who underestimate the complexity of seemingly-minor updates or changes without a full understanding of the inputs.
  7. The two-way player issue...

    It's not laziness, it's a simple cost-benefit analysis. Specifically, a cost-benefit analysis that concludes that the benefit of the optimal Ohtani solution is not worth the cost of hiring additional programmers and/or investing further current resources. I completely understand the frustration, but Yahoo! is running a business, and the best interests of a business do not always align with every want of the consumer. I just did.
  8. The two-way player issue...

    This is sarcasm, right? ...I really hope this is sarcasm. It's not like you would be calling software developers "idiots" for not foreseeing a two-way player when building the platform. Nor would you be referring to them as "lazy" without any knowledge about what it would take to modify the current system to account for a two-way player. I agree that having two separate players is suboptimal from a fantasy player perspective. But I'd lay good odds that anyone who is criticizing Yahoo! (and likely eventually ESPN) has absolutely no coding experience.
  9. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Bradley would be a great closer, but like you alluded to, he is more valuable when not confined to 9th innings when his team is up 3 or fewer runs. Hiriano or Boxberger will close.
  10. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    What a great offseason by the Angels. After the Kinsler trade, they're only about 15 wins behind the Astros.
  11. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    Brandon Morrow top 5 closer ROS?
  12. Jose Altuve 2018 Outlook

    Jose Altuve and Corey Kluber just won MVP and Cy Young. Perhaps we should stop commenting on prospects' "ceiling."
  13. Giancarlo Stanton 2018 Outlook

    If Chen or Prado had any surplus value, they'd be on the move as well. Stanton is just the obvious top priority right now, and might actually fetch a return without the Marlins having to eat any of the contract.
  14. Aaron Judge 2018 Outlook

    Interesting conversation. My take: The only way someone can be wrong about Judge v Altuve is if he feels strongly about one or the other. This MVP race depends on your personal preference of marginal factors, none of which should be heavily weighted. I prefer to evaluate the season holistically, but I can see the argument that Altuve was more consistent and therefore more valuable, all else being equal(although AVG may not be the best stat to demonstrate this). Altuve was also better adjusting for context as his WPA was top 10 among hitters, over a win ahead of Judge who was ~40th. WAR is essentially useless here because the two are so close that changing one or two assumptions leads you to a completely different answer. I guess I would lean Altuve, but I'm mostly just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯