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  1. The rare best-shape-of-his-life/contract year combo: http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26063464/how-yasiel-puig-moved-reds
  2. DJL to Yankees. It's almost as if analytical teams know that they need more than eight position players for eight spots these days.
  3. Lukewarm take: Harold Baines shouldn't have been inducted, but Lee Smith's induction is more egregious.
  4. Bradley would be a great closer, but like you alluded to, he is more valuable when not confined to 9th innings when his team is up 3 or fewer runs. Hiriano or Boxberger will close.
  5. What a great offseason by the Angels. After the Kinsler trade, they're only about 15 wins behind the Astros.
  6. Jose Altuve and Corey Kluber just won MVP and Cy Young. Perhaps we should stop commenting on prospects' "ceiling."
  7. If Chen or Prado had any surplus value, they'd be on the move as well. Stanton is just the obvious top priority right now, and might actually fetch a return without the Marlins having to eat any of the contract.
  8. Interesting conversation. My take: The only way someone can be wrong about Judge v Altuve is if he feels strongly about one or the other. This MVP race depends on your personal preference of marginal factors, none of which should be heavily weighted. I prefer to evaluate the season holistically, but I can see the argument that Altuve was more consistent and therefore more valuable, all else being equal(although AVG may not be the best stat to demonstrate this). Altuve was also better adjusting for context as his WPA was top 10 among hitters, over a win ahead of Judge who was ~40th. WAR is essentially useless here because the two are so close that changing one or two assumptions leads you to a completely different answer. I guess I would lean Altuve, but I'm mostly just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. EDITS: 1) JD not J.A.M. I had been reading the Jose Martinez outlook and confused the initials of the two. 2) Ok, didn't realize just how poorly JD graded out defensively. I would revise this to say that him and Cespedes are similarly productive.
  10. J.A.M. is a slightly more productive and slightly younger(~ two years) version of Cespedes from last offseason. Cespedes got 4/110(27.5 MM AAV) with a full NTC. 6/180 for J.A.M. doesn't seem unreasonable. I suppose 7/200 wouldn't be too far out of line? I'd take the under on 200, though. Additionally, I see him as a candidate for an opt out, which would lower the nominal value of any contract.
  11. Apparently Trout was a Phillies fan growing up? I still assume it will be more about who(among reasonably competitive teams) gives him the most ridiculous(read: fair) FA deal and less about soft factors. Apart from that, there's really nothing special about the Phillies' rebuild.
  12. 7 scoreless/walkless at Coors in his first start back from testicular cancer. Not sure that he's worth anything but a watch right now, but really great story.
  13. Who woulda thought Fried would be in the majors and Giolito wouldn't at any point within the last 4 years? Fried and Gio were HS teammates and Gio's been ahead of Fried basically ever since the 2012 draft. And to actually add to the thread, Jake Junis is getting recalled to start tomorrow v SEA. Bad MLB numbers, but ridiculous K/BB in the minors this year(30% to 5%). Deep league guy but could be worth a watch if not a spot start.