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  1. On the sit/start fence, concerned about a useless <5IP start. Who is throwing him out there?
  2. Tanaka was pushed back to Sunday, and NYY will be going with an opener tomorrow. Huge dub spot. Anyone know who might be bulking for NYY? I would have thought Nestor Cortes, but they pitched him tonight. Chance Adams threw 34 on Wednesday and Cessa threw 43 Thursday. This might just be a straight bullpen game unless they call someone up from SWB.
  3. Jarlin Garcia warming for the Marlins in the top of the 8th. Garcia's quietly put up 16 straight scoreless appearances. Could be the guy!
  4. Baby Cakes' starting rotation in the past week: Fri - Ben Meyer Sat - Hector Noesi Sun - Elieser Hernandez Tue - Gallen Wed - Dustin Beggs Thur - Ben Meyer This would put Elieser in line to start Saturday and Gallen on Sunday. I'm guessing we'll hear something official before Saturday, but we should be able to deduce if it's Gallen or Hernandez, at the latest, by the time the Baby Cakes' Saturday starting pitcher is named.
  5. Trevor May was the only Twin warming when Rogers came out and finished the 9th. It seemed like MIN liked Rogers to close it out based on how he had been pitching, with May as the backup if things got hot. Rogers got two quick outs, but gave up a 2-out single to Daniel Robertson after getting down 3-0. With Zunino(RHH) due up next, MIN bullpen was noticeably tense with the decision to leave Rogers in or go to May. Guillermo Heredia, another righty, was due up after Zunino, so May was definitely the guy if things got to that point. Clearly, they didn't. A couple different takeaways from this: -Big game against TB, big situation with the tying run at the plate and with the platoon advantage, and Rogers was the guy. Maybe they stuck with him in the 9th because he hadn't allowed a baserunner in the four batters he faced. But with eight total batters faced, this doesn't seem like a matchup thing. Rogers is the best arm in this pen. -Trevor May is maybe, possibly sometimes the guy? May is in the almost-minority of Twins relievers who *haven't* recorded a save this year. Trevor Hildenberger, Ryne Harper, and Mike Morin all have one in addition to Parker(8) and Rogers(4). Apologies if this has been said before, but Baldelli is the Kapler of the AL.
  6. Hi guys. I've been ripping my hair out all day debating whether to trade away Trevor Bauer for Giancarlo Stanton. 20 team roto, 5x5 with OBP and SLG replacing AVG and HR. I'm in first or second in every pitching category, and middle of the pack in every hitting category. I need to make a move to ascend in OBP and SLG. I was offered Stanton for Bauer straight up, and my gut is telling me to pull the trigger. The problem: My head is telling me that Stanton just had another setback last week on a calf strain for an hbp(how does that happen, btw?) and is generally made of glass. Another offer I have in hand is Bauer/Thornton for Yates/Hamels, but I am leaning towards Stanton. What do you guys think??
  7. Hm. It's likely that one of two things is true: Either Keith Law sucks at his job and can't admit mistakes, in which case you can safely start ignoring him as a prospect evaluator. Or-- and hear me out here-- Keith Law is good at his job and has valuable, nuanced information and insight that goes beyond surface-level stats. In either instance, continuing to pester him with accusatory remarks about his Alvarez ranking is futile at best.
  8. Zac Gallen fanatics, Marlins projected starters for this week: TUE - Smith WED - Urena FRI - Richards SAT - Lopez SUN - Alcantara Caleb Smith could go Sunday on regular rest if the Marlins wanted to skip Alcantara(5.11/5.25/5.54 ERA/FIP/xFIP), but Marlins likely wouldn't want to push Smiths' innings. Gallen would line up with an extra day of rest for that Sunday start. There is the 40-man issue as discussed. Are there any Marlins sharps in the house who can comment on if any of the guys on the 40-man are clearly expendable? Typically, an MLB team isn't exactly hamstrung 40-man decisions, and they will find a way for a guy like Gallen to get a spot if they want him up. Thanks, Rabbit
  9. Another day, another left field start, another demolished baseball. Camargo has struggled with the bat this season. It seems prudent to try to get Donaldson rest and Inciarte fewer PAs. Braves offense has been scuffling over the past couple of weeks. Fangraphs has their playoff odds ~30%, so ATL's front office would almost certainly be higher, probably closer to 50%. Additional wins on the MLB have more value now than any other time. Call up seems obvious, imminent.
  10. Khris Davis has been in and out of the lineup in recent days and was pinch hit for earlier tonight. An IL trip there seems imminent there, though I'd imagine next man up is Skye Bolt since he was just up for last weekend's series in Pittsburgh.
  11. There is no 40 man issue. The Astros have two open spots even before transferring Lance to the 60-day.
  12. There's a reason that Houston hasn't moved McCullers to the 60-day yet: they don't need to. Someone double check if you like, but I count 20 pitchers and 18 hitters. https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/HOU/2019-roster.shtml http://m.astros.mlb.com/hou/roster/40-man/
  13. Hey guys, I'm on my way to hype city with Junior Guerra in tow. Plenty of room if you'd like to jump on board.
  14. The rare best-shape-of-his-life/contract year combo: http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26063464/how-yasiel-puig-moved-reds
  15. DJL to Yankees. It's almost as if analytical teams know that they need more than eight position players for eight spots these days.