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  1. Then you have an easy decision depending on how thin your FA pool is.
  2. Really thought we were going to get through this week with no DNP's. Gonna take a miracle to win now. Good luck fellow AD owners.
  3. Typical Marco line. Should be a low 4's/high 3's ERA. End of your bench type pitcher.
  4. Hard to believe he was an all-star two seasons ago. He changed his approach last year and traded power for contact. More guys with upside around his ADP, but he offers a high floor.
  5. Agreed. His ADP on Yahoo and NFBC is behind Hill, Ryu, and Maeda. I bet he outperforms them all.
  6. I think Judge is going to have a monster year, but his floor is more like 35/95/95
  7. Will have a lot of starts vs. weak division opponents. Was a top 20 guy last year and him and Bauer are always in the lab trying to get better. Way undervalued on Yahoo at his ranking of 83.
  8. So basically you’d trade AD for Jeremy Lamb. I’m going down sinking with AD before I trade him for that.
  9. Punt blocks is going strong. Winning PTS/FT%/3's/AST's/STLS every week. FG%/REB's/TO's are a toss-up
  10. He has another streak going. Now 7 games without a turnover. Monster line tonight
  11. Ok it’s getting ridiculous. 6 straight games without a turnover. I’m winning turnovers in leagues against teams where the owners aren’t even setting their lineups thanks to Marv. And he’s still criminally underrated.
  12. Lowkey he's been a poor man's Marvin Williams. As long as he gets 25+ minutes he's rosterable in leagues with 150+ players.
  13. So you are capable of making positive posts. I only ever notice you in the MLB forum where all you do is crap on the Mariners