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  1. He said he's only down 20 pounds and it wouldn't take him long to get back to his NFL weight.
  2. 1. Freezes feet 2. Skips practices 3. Throws helmet fits 4. Blows off walk-through 5. Gets fined 6. Unfollows team 7. Threatens GM 8. Gets suspended 9. Apologizes 10. Tapes Gruden call (ILLEGAL) 11. Posts call 12. Says doesn't want to be in spotlight 13. Posts video in spotlight This won't end well. Get equal value for him while you still can. There's bound to be one person in your league who can't resist.
  3. The projections are really down on Ingram in the receiving game. I know it's because Lamar's passing attempts are going to way down in comparison to Brees, but hope he's able to carve out a role in the passing game.
  4. Kudos to those taking the time to make their own rankings. Don't have to agree with them, but props for the effort.
  5. Thanks for contributing nothing to thread besides being that guy who had to point out he plays in full point PPR leagues. You done?
  6. I should've qualified my statement with he was the WR1 in .5 PPR leagues, which is the default scoring system for Yahoo. Doesn't take away from my original point. And can't tell if you're trying to be snarky or not with that question, but no.
  7. Tyreek was going in the 2nd/3rd round last year. He went on to easily be the WR1 last season. No, not a WR1, thee WR1. And his ADP this year? Still 2nd round. I don't know if that's because of the small chance that new evidence is found and he gets suspended, or because of regression. But the man is a steal if you got him in the 2nd this year.
  8. Hall Monitors sure are quick to delete posts, but can't take a few seconds to unlock game threads.
  9. The Bears threatened to score the possession before until Trubisky threw an ill-advised pick in the endzone. Go rewatch the 2nd down play, Rodgers just missed the throw. Calling the play was a good process, it was just poor execution.
  10. I had absolutely zero problem with the playcall. Play to win, not to not lose. Everyone expects run in that situation, and a first down wins the game. It wasn't a difficult throw either, Rodgers just missed it.
  11. This is what desperation looks like.
  12. -Own Josh Gordon -Win Leagues Pick one
  13. "Don't believe his lies." - Memento Nagy said Jordan Howard would be used more on 3rd downs last year. That turned out to be a devastating lie. Who knows what the distribution of carries is going to look like, but it certainly doesn't look like Montgomery will be a bellcow, at least early on.
  14. The high of drafting is what gets me. But that post draft regret hits hard when you realize you already have 10 teams.
  15. Across 6 leagues: QB: Mahomes x 2 Goff x 2 Winston x 2 Murray x 2 Lamar x 2 WR: AJ Green x 4 Gallup x 4 JuJu x 2 Sutton x 2 Dede x 2 Cooper x 2 J. Brown x 2 RB: L. Murray x 3 Zeke x 3 Saquon x 2 J. Jackson x 2 TE: OJ x 3