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  1. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    I understand the concern that he won't keep the same efficiency. But he's going to get more volume, which should more than make up for the fact that his YPC may not be as high. Plus, with Ingram out, he has a chance to establish an even bigger role than the timeshare they had last season as they ease Ingram back in from suspension.
  2. August Closer Thread 2018

    He just had a save two days ago.
  3. Jurickson Profar 2018 Outlook

    This year's Marwin Gonzalez
  4. 2018 Do not draft list

    Not shocking that posters don't understand what positive regression to the mean is based off some of the posts made ITT.
  5. Kyle Gibson 2018 Outlook

    He had CLE x2 and Boston in his last three starts and survived that....definitely have to start vs. DET.
  6. August Closer Thread 2018

    I think the traffic here starts dying down towards the end of the season when guys who are out of playoff contention stop visiting, or have moved on to football. Because Ottavino would have gotten multiple pages a few months ago
  7. August Closer Thread 2018

    Tom Murphy is a POS. Got a catcher's interference that put Braun on and let a wild pitch go by on a strike 3 that should've been game.
  8. August Closer Thread 2018

    Ottavino in for the save. And gives up a HR right away.
  9. July Closer Thread 2018

    Is it safe to drop guys like Hicks, Jimenez and Hildenberger? I know guys can still be traded after the deadline, which is confusing to me.
  10. 7/24 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Velasquez pitching 2 days after throwing 87 pitches doesn't seem like the greatest idea, but maybe that's just me
  11. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    If you went pitching heavy and were able to get a few of these bats, you're probably doing pretty good right now: C: Gattis/Ramos probably were available at some point on your WW. If not, Grandal. 1B: Aguilar 2B: Gennett/Lowrie 3B: Muncy SS: Cabrera, Peraza, Simmons, Profar OF: Markakis, Brantley, Kemp, Choo
  12. July Closer Thread 2018

    Ranking the top stashes pre-trade deadline: 1. Jimenez 2. Hildenberger 3. Roe/Alvarado 4. Brach/Givens Anyone else?
  13. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options - Week 13

    If you're smart you'd keep Thames through the Cincy series. 12 HR's in 19 games vs. them.
  14. Kris Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Mar/Apr: 15 BB's/14 SO's May: 13 BB's/25 SO's June: 6 BB's/27 SO's Disturbing trend to say the least.
  15. Rich Hill 2018 Outlook

    10 K's yesterday in a rehab start. “It’s helped me get back that efficient spin rate I had the last three years,” Hill said. “When I was on my toe, I would dive across [the first-base side of the mound]. On my heel, I’m able to stay more in line toward the plate. It’s very subtle, but credit to Rick, being the best pitching coach in the business.” “That’s the best I’ve felt all year,” he said. “I can feel the way the ball is jumping out of my hand. It’s coming out so much easier than it did in spring training and the first two months of the season.” I can't quit you Rich