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  1. In a vacuum, 12 team league with 25 roster spots +3 DL spots, doyou feel as if Daniel Murphy is worth the use of a #4 waiver? I feel like he is a massive injury risk even when he returns in hopefully late May. Could be some upside of stashing him on the dl. There is very little as far as bats go available on the FA list. Thank you for your opinion!
  2. On Thursday I picked up Spencer Ware and dropped Jordan Howard.....I felt like he was a good player to own if Hunt was injured or maybe rested at some point late in the playoffs. 18 hours late Kareem Hunt was off the team and I owned the starter for one of the most explosive offenses in the league.
  3. Brutal set of dudes!....Michael Gallup for me....nothing better on the wire?
  4. I am using the Titans instead of the Broncos this week as well!
  5. I have been starting Corey Davis in ppr but am very worried about him facing Ramsey and the Jags. If he did not catch the game winner last week, his line would have been poor. I am leaning towards Curtis Samuel vs. Cleveland. I also own Sammy Watkins but would be weary of his health if he even plays. Antonio Callaway and Tyler Gabriel are also options on the waiver wire. Is it a good idea to sit Corey Davis tonight and figure it out this weekend? Thanks for your opinion! WHIR.
  6. Good Post Johnny! I am lucky enough to be going to my first Ravens game of the season and am super excited to see Lamar start! Early in the year he was throwing flutter balls but if you remember a few games back he lead a drive, towards the end of the game, culminating with three good throws and a td pass. It is definitely time for him to start logging some full games and shaking the inevitable rookie adjustment off....I think he is going to be a future Ravens superstar! Harbaugh is such a he guaranteed a QB will start and they will have at least one QB on the field for each play. I am sick of listening to him mock the media and ultimately the fans. i can not imagine having to start him in fantasy this week. However Lamar is a good player to have on the bench to see what may happen the next few weeks. I know in my 12 team ppr there is little left to speculate on (all positions except rb). I am debating between Lamar and Mariota as a backup.
  7. Jose Martinez is fun to own right now grab him. Give me your opinion please.
  8. Two very polarizing players right now....what do you think? Hicks is in a great spot and Thames is a huge man. Thank you for your opinion.
  9. mookie in the 1st or a.rendon in the 10th$ thanks.
  10. mookie in the 1st or a.rendon in the 10th$ thanks.
  11. we are in a bubble....crowell or mcfadden....outside the bubble....i own zeke. thank you.
  12. this seems close to me. or is it silly to chase the raven's backfield.