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  1. Javorius "Buck" Allen 2018 Outlook

    He might need another visit or two from the Buck Allen sh!t sucker truck to completely come around but looks like he's finally starting to see the value of unsexy points.
  2. Thanks to the Landry owners for doing the solid in setting up us Hyde owners for that 1 yard TD.
  3. Javorius "Buck" Allen 2018 Outlook

    Us: "Hey look there's a big pile of pennies sitting right there you can take. Each one isn't worth itself but enough of them would add up to a reasonable sum and best of all it's FREE!." Sharkswimmer: "I have no use for pennies, I aim higher. I'll wait until I see a pile of $20 bills laying around on the ground instead."
  4. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    I'm thinking more of Marques Colston rev 2.0. I imagine Brees would love throwing to Enunwa.
  5. Javorius "Buck" Allen 2018 Outlook

    ^ perfect example of the typical guy who doesn't want to be seen with the sh!t sucker truck girl (see my analogy from a few posts back). Profit from their reluctance.
  6. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    Agree with this. Definite possibility he gets an outsized share of targets from Darnold the way Big Ben always looks for AB or Nuk got targeted almost exclusively that one year by Hoyer. Tooting my own horn a bit here but what I wrote a while ago still applies:
  7. Javorius "Buck" Allen 2018 Outlook

    Buck Allen is a great unsexy value pick that generates PPR points in ways you're not proud of like 1 yard dumpoff passes and such. But a smart owner will get over the yuck factor of how the points were achieved and realize points are points. No one is going to try to look good to other owners by pointing out they own Buck Allen anymore than a guy would go around crowing how they married a rich girl who made her money by owning a Porta-Potty business. Everyone would rather have the girl with less money who made it as a laywer or in Silicon Valley. In the end you need to prioritize the production vs. the how it was achieved. Buck Allen is the girl with the sh!t sucking truck business and guys like CMC is the girl with the high prestige job in Silicon Valley but actually lives with 10 roommates in a 1BR apartment.
  8. Waiver Wire - Week 1

    Bradford has gimpy legs to be sure but I think projecting he'll never stand again is bold. It'll probably be in a walking boot however when he does stand. That being said I think he has a bit more leash than one more week, the Cards will avoid throwing Rosen into the fire this early (I think) with seemingly little chance to go deep into the playoffs. I think absent injury (a big "if" to be sure) Bradford keeps his job through September and probably October, but in the second half of the year the fan pressure to start Rosen will be intense. That being said, I think think Ricky Seals-Jones is someone to keep an eye on. Might be too early to roster him outside of deep leagues or if you're severely hurting at TE but I think he's entirely capable of TE1 level numbers over the year. Six targets last week while playing 92% of offensive snaps, once QB play improves he'll be a big part of it IMHO. Need a 3rd target beyond DJ and Fitz.
  9. Too bad he needed to get 2 for the first down.
  10. They already did, surely you saw Cook's receiving line for the day? Oh LOL you meant Amari Cooper.
  11. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Nice score. On the Steelers RB front, I own Conner in one league (PPR 1QB) and traded Dion Lewis and Garoppolo to get Bell.
  12. White is an insulting offer for Conner.
  13. Josh Allen 2018 Outlook

    No thanks. Bills 2018 is looking like this kind of ride:
  14. Drop ekeler?

    I'm as big a fan of Enunwa as anyone but we should see how he plays (and how much Darnold targets him) before dropping anyone for him, especially someone with the upside of Ekeler. There's probably a ton of guys in the Enunwa class on your WW right now anyway so unless he completely blows up tonight you can probably wait on him.
  15. Yeah Luck would work as trade bait for a TE for most owners except for the guys with Gronk or Kelce. You *might* even be able to swing Ertz for Luck and should realistically be able to get your choice of any of the lower tier guys.