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  1. If fantasy has taught me anything, it's that I should be wary of believing the persistence of usage trends beyond a single season and "most logical scenarios" being what actually occurs. This could easily turn into a Patriots scenario where usage every game is gameplan dependent and Chubb's week-to-week variability breaks the meter because Duke Johnson scores 36 points to Chubb's 2.6. Or a Packers situation where Chubb plays the Aaron Jones role and his owners are frustrated by the continued high amount of touches given to the relatively less effective Jamaal Williams. I think on average that Chubb will produce RB1 numbers after week 10, but there's a decent risk he has one or more low usage/production weeks with a line like 14/45/0 and no receptions which kills your playoff hopes.
  2. I appreciate you sharing this. And you did adequately put a disclaimer on the source so people could discount the likely accuracy of Berry's statement accordingly. That being said, even if I were to take Berry's blurb at 100% face value it must be acknowledged likewise that CLE coaches could fully intend to carry out this plan to "have Chubb be the guy with no RBBC" and yet it doesn't come to fruition for various reasons. As we used to say in the army, "no plan survives contact with the enemy." I personally believe that CLE sees itself in a possible SB window with Mayfield being on his cheap rookie contract and are loading up as much as possible. Also doesn't hurt they just saw what happened with the Rams and CJA needing to relieve Gurley on the back end thus having two RB1-level guys on the roster they thought was both prudent and affordable. IMHO the "switch out RBs as needed like tires at a NASCAR race" philosophy is going to become much more widespread in the NFL. Teams that try to have a single workhorse RB who plays heavy snaps all regular season plus the entire post-season will be at a disadvantage against teams who have a stable of fresher RBs that are mixed and matched and thus less snaps and (hopefully) less injuries they're playing through. Even though the 'Zeke or Barkley player might be superior to one half of a RB 1A/1B combo, when you put the right pair together the 1A/1B might add to more than the sum of its parts. It worked great with Kamara/Ingram, now the league is going to see if they can get the same synergy from other combos and Chubb/Hunt looks like a a great pairing for this strategy.
  3. Which part is too bold, the Eli being great or G-Men make playoffs?
  4. Sucks to be you if you’re an Engram dynasty owner.
  5. There's some free agents out there who TB could sign - Ajayi, TJ Yeldon, CJA, Crowell, etc.
  6. Speaking of which, Tyrell Williams entered FA thinking he might be the WR1 for some team and leaves being buried on the OAK depth chart behind AB and perhaps Jordy for targets. Not to mention whoever they draft or sign at RB to replace BeastMode and Doug Martin or if they resign Jared Cook or another decent move TE. If they draft Josh Jacobs and/or sign TJ Yeldon it's entirely possible his target share actually goes down from what it was on the Chargers.
  7. Watson, sure. Luck, maybe although I think if he actually outperforms him it won't be by much and there's much more risk he performs significantly worse. Definitely not ARod though, at least not in redraft.
  8. Given we don't know who will be drafted in April or anything else - if you had to choose gun-at-head between OBJ and AB in your fantasy draft right now then who are you picking? Considering a lot of folks will have Nuk, Adams, 'Reek, Julio, and possibly MT above AB and OBJ it's going to be interesting to see how the ADPs shake out.
  9. Folks are going to be picking tons of RBs in the 1st round so if you're picking late in a snake draft this could be an ideal "Zero RB" year if you're willing to build around two elite WRs.
  10. Probably more like they knew Flacco didn't have what it takes to make the offense work. And LJ was next man up by default despite it being an open question about whether he has what it takes or not.
  11. Certainly widens his expected range of outcomes any given week to play for BAL instead of NO. His floor is lower (as you pointed out) but it also raises his ceiling since he's not capped by Kamara any more. I have the feeling his ADP is going to blow up like how Lamar Miller's did when he went to Houston (fringe 1st round pick) and likewise won't return value compared to what his draft cost will be. He'll be drafted as a no-doubt top 10 RB with top 5 potential and I don't think I'm feeling that much love for Ingram in BAL although I think he's an amazing player.
  12. And use the freed-up salary cap money (which the Browns already have plenty of) for what exactly? Who's left out there in FA who is worth spending a ton of money on at this point? Better to completely go all-in with as much talent as you can while Mayfield is on his (cheap) rookie salary and see if you can win a ring or two. It's not like you can carry over unspent salary cap for five years to extend Mayfield when his rook contract is over.
  13. Lots of teams seem to hate otherwise good RBs for no reason. Drake and Ingram owners have full-blown conspiracy theories going on why their coaches don't use them to their fullest capabilities, add Howard to the list although it's less egregious than the case of the other 2 (especially Ingram).
  14. That also describes PHI and OAK. You'd need to put the Aaron Jones thread on suicide watch if Ingram goes there and the Mack owners would need extra antacids for sure.