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  1. He's too valuable in his 1st and 2nd down role to risk for those situations.
  2. Yeah, Falcons are dangerous on those middle of the field intermediate throws. Problem is the danger is to their own receivers from all those balls thrown a couple steps behind them. Not long ago guys like Andre Waters would have put those guys into the ICU for reals.
  3. Matt Ryan gonna get both Jones and Ridley killer with those throws, LBs and safeties just crushing them at the point of catch.
  4. Real knee injury or “I don’t wanna play for this sh!t team” kind of injury?
  5. For the second year in a row no less.
  6. All the guys in the Duke Johnson thread 2 weeks ago saying “he’s an RB2 with RB1 upside since Hyde is trash” same guys today:
  7. McLaurin. My autocorrect evidently hates his name and wants to "fix" it.
  8. I'm kinda surprised that in several leagues what amounts owners were spending on their FAAB claims. Routinely saw like 34-40% on Hock, 20-25% on Laughlin, 15-20% on guys like Ross, Hollywood Brown, and Amendola. One dude spent 90% of his FAAB on Hollywood, Laughlin, and Mostert. Most of these guys weren't ones that lost their top 3-4 WR this week so seeing folks drop so much coin on guys like Laughlin who's on a putrid offense sorta surprised me. Yeah I know that bad offenses still generate fantasy points and all that but still. I think owners overlearned the lesson of not spending on Lindsay last year.
  9. If you properly had him as your Flex you feel fine. If you drafted him to be your RB2 then you shouldn’t feel fine.
  10. Because he needed to get traded off the Steelers first before he could get released by Oakland to sign with the Pats. Singing with OAK was a necessary instrumental step in getting to his desired destination which wasn’t the Raiders. You can’t just ask the Steelers front office “hey trade me to the Patriots so I can further diminish your SB hopes.”
  11. If this was the Gong Show then AB just got 3 gongs.
  12. 1 is true, 2 seems mostly untrue but not impossible, and Davante was double or triple teamed most of the night. Plus Allison seems to have run at least one wrong route and thus ARod has him in the doghouse again, MVS left due to cramping, and the rest of the WRs ain't worth targeting.
  13. There’s your Miller target and incompletion.
  14. Rogers was lucky to walk away from that last run before the FG. He could have been crushed there and a few years ago would have been.
  15. Calling this game for the under when it was set at 46.5 was about as easy a decision as humanly possible.