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  1. Thanks 6Kill for your input. I'm going to try this out for a few weeks to see what shakes.
  2. Anyone have anything?
  3. This is for a weekly 5×5 head to head. So we are just dealing with Wins, Ks, Saves, Era, and Whip. Lineup requirements are 5 SP and 2 RP. I find myself in a unique position with my pitching staff. I'm able to take advantage of lineup requirements in numerous different ways. Here's my staff below along with position eligibility. Corey Kluber-SP Yu Darvish-SP Jameson Taillon-SP Eduardo Rodriguez-SP Wade Davis-RP Andrew Miller-RP Hector Neris-RP Raisel Iglesias-SP/RP Chris Devenski-SP/RP Dylan Bundy-SP/RP Luis Severin-SP/RP So for example I can set my rotation with 6 starters weekly, many people can and do use this example. However, I alone within my league has the ability to roll 3 closers. Or to take it a step further, 3 starters 3 closers and Devenski for ratios. My opponent this week has 8 starts likely while only 1 Closer. As such my current setup looks like this to try to exploit his possible weakness, ERA, Whip, Saves, while conceeding his advantage for Wins and Ks. SP-Yu Darvish SP-Corey Kluber SP-Dylan Bundy SP-Raisel Iglesias SP-Chris Devenski RP-Wade Davis RP-Andrew Miller What I'm looking for here is maybe past experiences with implementing a strategy like this. Will zigging when my opponent zags pay off or am I better off with a traditional linep? Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated. WHIR.
  4. How is Mike Evans a buy low?
  5. Aaron Rodgers, GB, QB