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  1. Anyone else have input here?
  2. Right? I don't really need this deal but it's Manny Machado. Might screw my team pitching wise but my bats would be insanity. Tough decision here.
  3. Anyone want to chime in here? I'm seriously on the fence big time.
  4. 10 team 5x5 head to head redraft. My roster is as follows. C-Shwarber 1-Goldy 2-Gordon 3-Bryant SS-Segura OF-JD Martinez OF-Conforto OF-Altherr U-Miggy Cabrera Bench, McCutchen, Brantley, Bellinger, Alonzo SP-Darvish SP-Severino SP-Eduardo Rodriguez SP-Berrios SP-Raisel Iglesias RP-Wade Davis RP-Bush Bench, Samardja, Morton,DL Kluber The deal is my JD Martinez and Yu Darvish for his Manny Machado, Travis Shaw, and Kyle Hendricks. Im torn as I love me some Machado but Darvish and JD look very strong. Thoughts?
  5. Very valid. I just never thought Zimmerman was going to absolutely go off like this. I mean it's Zimmerman but.. what if Zimmerman goes bat s--- crazy for 1 season? Ala Barry Bonds... this trade seems simple and I agree. But.. this mofo hasn't stopped hitting. Zimmerman seriously scares me. Dude looks like an absolute monster right now.
  6. Hey I knew it was a crazy type of trade which is why I accepted right out the gate. It's just a scary propostion knowing how my luck has been in fantasy football. Plus I kind of feel Zimmerman is a monster this year. If Murphy has taught him and all.
  7. No worries. I expected no less from this forum. Especially with this particular post. It looks beautiful for me but feels scary. I've been down this road in fantasy football too many times. Hopefully this time is the exception to my own personal rule. Anyway, I have no beef or ill will with Ash or Osu. If anything they are pointing out how ridiculous it is of a trade offer. Then again, what the hell do they know? If Zimm goes on a historic run I'll bring this post back to light. Until then....
  8. I like it if the other side goes for it. I honestly don't see Victor being more than a big name right now. Good luck.
  9. Another. Ok how's this? I had apprehension because Zimmerman is beasting right now and isn't slowing down. Sorry guys not everyone is a fantasy baseball savant. I mean I knew enough to accept immediately. I just questioned it afterwards. I figured given the state of my rotation that it could be perceived as a mistake to lose Bundy right now.
  10. Guess we aren't all on your level brah. And for the record, I've been on the receiving end of several of these sweetheart deals in fantasy football in the past. More times than not it has blown up in my face. Last year I gave Mike Evans and Kevin White for Eddie Lacy, Edelman, and Kelce thinking I got over. I ended up with egg on my face. In any event, I just needed reassurance is all. It seemed like a total no brainer but then I paused after the fact due to my decimated rotation and Zimm's production. But honestly thanks. Your post makes me realize just how lopsided the deal really is. And hey, at least I provided all of the details lol.
  11. What type of league is this? If it's a points league then I get it but Dee Gordon is a great source of stolen bases if it's categories. As for SS I'd grab Diaz over either of your current SS. Good luck.
  12. Thanks everyone for reaffirming what I originally thought. The prospect of Zimmerman going ham all year coupled with my weakened rotation had me in semi buyers remorse. But it's freaking Paul Goldschmidt for a couple of guys that I claimed from free agency, and Bundy whom I drunkenly drafted lol. Thanks again.
  13. Yes this is a long standing $100 entry league. Honestly I'm not sure what his thought process is. I do know that he is an extremist Cardinals fan so I can see the Gyorko inclusion. I can only assume that Zimmerman's current pace has him envious, though Goldy is off to a great start too. SMH I don't know haha. Honestly I would have thought that he'd target my Miggy over Zimmerman.
  14. So I was offered Goldy/Baez for my Zimmerman/Gyorko/Bundy. This is a 10 team 5x5 weekly head to head redraft league. My roster is below. C-Schwarber 1-Miggy 2-Gordon 3-Bryant SS-Segura OF-McCutchen OF-Brantley OF-Conforto U-Zimmerman Bench 1/2/3/SS-Gyorko 1/2/3/SS/OF-M Gonzalez OF-Bellinger DL-JD Martinez SP-Darvish SP-Severino SP-Bundy SP/RP-R Iglesias SP/RP-Devenski RP-W Davis RP-A Miller Bench SP-Kluber*dl SP-Taillon*dl SP/RP-E Rodriguez My initial reaction was to accept immediately but now I'm second guessing myself. Knowing that my pitching rotation has lost Kluber and Taillon for a couple weeks or longer I feel pretty thin. Moving Bundy stings as does the thought that what if Zimmerman keeps this up. But I really had to take that trade right?
  15. Thanks 6Kill for your input. I'm going to try this out for a few weeks to see what shakes.