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  1. Waited forever on Pitching

    So I'm in a 10 team weekly 5x5 head to head redraft league on Yahoo (Hits, Hrs, Rbis, Sb, Avg / Wins, Ks, Era, Saves, Whip). Well I didn't touch pitching until the 9th round so now I'm trying to determine who, if anyone, to potentially drop for Charlie Morton. Morton was dropped post draft by another team so he is technically on waivers. My roster is as follows. C- G Sanchez 1- J Abreu 2- A Rizzo 3- T Shaw SS- C Seager OF- C Blackmon OF- M Betts OF- B Buxton U- M Cabrera Bench bats OF- E Inciarte 2/SS/OF- C Taylor 2- S Kingery SP- J Berrios SP- A Wood SP- L Castillo SP- J Cueto SP- M Fulmer RP- B Hand SP/RP- M Clevinger SP- L Giolito SP- D Lamet RP- J Hader Any obvious drop to acquire Morton? Or should I see what shakes with my current setup? Thanks in advance and obviously WHIR.
  2. Wow, who do I sit? WHIR

    Im sitting AJG myself.
  3. 2RB 3WR 1Flex. Need input WHIR

    RB Howard and Lewis WR Dez, Adams, Landry Flex Morris
  4. Rivers or Goff?

    Which do you prefer for this week? I'll try to help in return. Of course I'm struggling with several decisions of my own so not sure you really want my advice lol.
  5. Hopkins or Westbrook?

    I guess it will ultimately come down to game day status for Hopkins now. Missing practice again today compounds my worries about him this week. But if he plays I probably have to start him. Thanks for your help here.
  6. Hopkins or Westbrook?

    I guess I'm letting another sites projections coupled with all of the negatives against Hopkins sway me. The toe issue and 3rd string QB facing the Jags defense has me indecisive.
  7. Hopkins or Westbrook?

    Do I dance with who brung me or roll the dice? Which WR would you start? Hopkins or Westbrook?

    Bellinger wins this going away. Kid has power for days and if it's juicy we all know where they'll end up.
  9. Auction Strategy.

    Belichick is the reason I want to stack all Pats. For one I feel NE will put up a ton of points. But I have no idea who will score them. I assume Brady/Gronk will do well but I'm not sure who else is involved. I just feel with their costs I could control NE while adding a few cheap pieaces. All this said, I personally hate NE. So if I fail I'll at least enjoy the fact that the Patriots suck.
  10. Auction Strategy.

    Valid points guys. I'm still on the fence though because I'm now looking at a total week 9 bye play. If I can pull Brady, Gronk, and Cooks, I could also land M Bryant, S Diggs, or at RB D Cook/L Murray or Crowell. I just feel like condolidating my byes feels right.
  11. Auction Strategy.

    I play in a 12 man league. We don't use a playoff system. Instead we play all 17 weeks. Win your matchup and you receive 1 Victory Point. Score in the top 6 for the week and you receive 1 Victory Point. So it's possible to score 2 Victory Points per week. Team with the most Victory Points at the end of the year wins. Top 3 finishes pay. Now that all of that is out of the way, thoughts on whether I should just stack Patriots in my auction? I could go Brady, Gronk, Cooks, Edelman, Gillisee, and Gostkowski. I'd have to add in a few non Pats to field a complete roster. But as a whole would any of you take this leap?
  12. Should I field offers?

    Yeah I've been thinking about making a play for either Freeman or Votto. Neither owner has quality pitching so I've thought about 1 of Martinez or Tanaka plus Manaea, and my Miggy. I might send this to both if it makes sense?
  13. Should I field offers?

    I play in a 10 man redraft 5x5 Yahoo league. Here is my current roster C-SHWARBER 1-MORRISON 2-GORDON 3-BRYANT SS-MACHADO OF-DICKERSON OF-BELLINGER OF-THAMES U-MIGGY BENCH. 2-SCHOOP OF-MARTE 2/SS-VILLAR SP-MAX SP-KLUBER SP-MCCULLERS SP-MARTINEZ SP-TANAKA RP-DAVIS RP-IGLESIAS BENCH SP-MANAEA SP-WACHA RP-KINTZLER I recently accepted a trade of my Goldy, Cutch, Severino, and Berrios for Max, Martinez, Tanaka, and Thames. I wanted to tag team Kluber with Max. But now I have an abundance of arms. So where is my biggest hole? Where should I be looking to fill in if I offer up an arm or 2? Thanks in advance. Also my league is 90% Cardinal fans so Martinez and even Wacha have decent trade value.
  14. stanton for sale deal

    Negative. Dont send Bryant. Abort, abort, abort. If you can go back to Blackmon then sure. But no to Bryant.
  15. No brainer? Offered Cespedes for my Wood

    Injury risk can happen to anyone this year. Check in with the Trout and Freeman owners. I'd go get Cespy if I were in your shoes.