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  1. Batting 8th again. What more does he have to do?
  2. Hitting 8th. The slide continues. I Can't start anymore for awhile
  3. Sell while you still can?
  4. Should get 2nd base eligible soon with Drury hurt. Much better spot for him than SS.
  5. Lol damn. Glad I I got him back when I dropped cause of PT. IDK how he can hit higher in the order with Pollock/Peralta ballin out also.
  6. Is Grills really going to be closing?
  7. Dropped to 7th even with Altuve/Springer out.
  8. He has sucked for awhile bUT teams still let him close. With his broken arrow
  9. How's Rodney still a closer
  10. Wtf is wrong with Manaea?
  11. Wonder of he gets sent down
  12. Anyone starting tomorrow?
  13. Is the addition of Thames the Monster hurting his SB?
  14. Alot of rumers swirling. Is it time to start stashing?