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  1. That's obvious. Nobody sustains what he is doing now, but power/speed combo is always nice.
  2. If you have a drop than yeah. Only time will tell.
  3. Conforto just had 3 hits and he is on the bench today. Rotoworld silly blurb says it's a breather lmfao. Who's the worst managed franchise in NY Met or Knicks. What a joke. Most Fantasy manager can run the Mets better. Disgrace for organization.
  4. HR/SB today. Think we're good on the SB worries.
  5. Welp. So much for that wait and see approach. Bye Mallex Smith.
  6. Still scorching.
  7. I dropped and dude that picks up all my trash turns them into treasures (Schoop). So he will pitch a gem.
  8. So he is playing. Nice! Still on waivers in my league wonder if I can take a wait and see approach.
  9. Not in the lineup today.
  10. Besides Bellinger call ups been so meh this year.
  11. Seems like it. Funny I dropped Schoop for him when he was called up.
  12. Any update on Rangers/Yankees game?
  13. Hits 3HRs in 2 days then gets benched for next 2 games. Makes since.
  14. Batting 5th vs a lefty tonite.