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  1. Don't wait too long. He is trying to repeat last year. He needs to move up the line up.
  2. Lol Joey Gallo of 2B
  3. Me too! Will be a superstar on another team. He doesn't even have 400 AB
  4. Hard to do when he always bats 8th. So dumb Maddon doesn't even attempt to hit him higher.
  5. Might be time for him to move up that trash lineup.
  6. Finally dropped this dude yesterday. So of course he hits 2 bombs today lmfao.
  7. Who's a good stream tom? Edwin Jackson? Not seeing much.
  8. Damn he really have 3SB right now?
  9. Can't catch a damn break.
  10. Playing CF batting leadoff
  11. Yes! Hitting around .320 over the last month. Not much pop unfortunately but he need to be moved up that sorry line up.
  12. Batting 3rd against a lefty. Hopefully we can safely say the platoon BS is over.
  13. He is going to make it very difficult to pick my top 5 keepers.
  14. Sucks but your prob right. He has been hitting the Last few games.
  15. Villar hitting leadoff again. Walker playing 3rd batting 4th.