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  1. Christian Kirk 2018 Outlook

    Messy? Over before it had a chance? The people involved should feel bad about themselves?
  2. Boyd for sure. His matchup is arguably as good as Drake's and he's been producing more reliably. I would also start Brees over Winston. Winston's matchup (CLE, 4th vs fantasy QBs) isn't better enough than Brees' (BAL, 1st vs fantasy QBs) to warrant not just starting the better player.
  3. To good to pass on this Kamara deal?

    I think that's a slam dunk for you if it's been offered.
  4. Best long Term RB WHIR

    Mack has the best combination of ability and opportunity, so I think he sits atop this list. After Mack it's a toss-up between Jones (ability) and Barber (opportunity) Mostert is worth watching, but this was only his third career game with more than a single carry. Avoid Miller.
  5. Do I take this trade? WHIR

    I think this comes down to whether you believe Bell returns this year, and then whether you believe he will be productive in whatever role he takes on. If your answers to the above are yes to both, you hold onto Bell and Hopkins. If your answers are no to either/both then make the trade.
  6. Davante Adams 2018 Outlook

    He's on pace for 125/1485/16, which would be WR1 overall by a comfortable margin in either of the last two seasons Hopkins WR1 overall finish 2017 96/1378/13 AB WR2 overall finish 2017 101/1533/9 Jordy WR1 finish 2016 97/1257/14 Evans WR2 finsh 2016 96/1321/12 Projecting future production is often a fool's errand, but it's fun to write some of these numbers.
  7. Lamar Miller for Breida? WHIR

    Breida looks better on the field and on the fantasy scoreboard. I would 100% trade away Miller here. Thanks for mine.
  8. Trade Goff or Winston? 100% WHIR

    Goff is the better player on the better team. I would rather bet on that Rams' offense than anything in TB. Thanks for mine.
  9. So I will have #1 WW this week unless I get 70+ points from Davante Adams tonight (lol) and some RBs on the WW have my attention. WW order resets weekly, so there's no "holding onto #1 WW" in play here. I would be dropping Wendell Smallwood to grab any of these guys. 10-team non-PPR, dynasty, team in signature My options are: Keep Smallwood Peyton Barber Ito Smith Marlon Mack Latavius Murray WHIR, leave link
  10. Trade help....he wants Bell

    CMC+Cooks is a fantastic offer for Bell+Hilton. I would accept this pretty easily and enjoy the immediate upgrades.
  11. Pretty one-sided in your favor. If this was offered, accept immediately. If you're considering making this offer tho, expect it to be rejected.
  12. Did I Give Up Too Much For Gurley??

    Highway robbery, man. Very well done.
  13. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

    Crazy athleticism and elusiveness plus having a natural feel for the game makes for a lethal player. Wish I had some shares, kudos to those with the fortitude to take him early.
  14. Dalvin Cook 2018 Outlook

    If he's healthy he starts for me against the awful ARI "run defense"
  15. Which one am I benching? WHIR 100%

    I would bench Clement until we see how the new PHI backfield performs.