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  1. Darvish, CMart, Miggy, and *shrug* Jose Ramirez.
  2. Carlos Santana almost wrecked another pitcher on a play he should have taken himself. Adam Cimber had to dive to tag the bag with his glove hand an instant before (lefty).
  3. I doubt that it is that serious, but nobody worth while unless they go get Gio.
  4. It was an awkward play all around. Santana booted a hard one-hopper and had to turn and throw on a spin to a moving target. He threw wide and Carrasco went out to get it. He didn't and Neil Walker was on him at the bag. Kudo's to Walker, because he did everything possible to avoid a bad collision. Official word here is "left knee discomfort".
  5. Got injured covering first. He came up hobbled after a mini collision. It was just a graze. I have to believe that it is precautionary unless he caught a spike that I missed. I can't envision him missing time for this.
  6. He sucks right now. He is hitting my bench for a while. I hope that the warmer weather helps him find his command. I watched the game and his pitches have good movement, but he has no feel for the pitches. He sent a two-seamer to the backstop. He is a hold and bench for a bit in my opinion.
  7. Never again. This time I am serious.
  8. Roster Resource has him batting 7th.
  9. Heres come a phantom injury to one of their outfielders to justify the move. I kid...I kid (sort of)
  10. I hope that you are right. I don’t want to get rid of Duke. He is too dynamic of a player at a low cost. Dorsey knows best. I will trust him on this.
  11. Maybe Dorsey has his eye on an RB in the draft? I just can see them drafting a running back with Chubb and Hunt under contract. Sports talk locally is betting on the DATE that Duke is moved not IF Duke is moved. Most are thinking draft day. Welp. Looks like I am dumb.
  12. They probably expected him to get 8 games, but maybe hoped for 4? I am not in the room with them, so I cant tell you what they are thinking. The depth at RB is really bad without Duke and he will play a big role for 8 games at least. I just don't understand why they would still be actively shopping him with the fall back options being Dontrell Hilliard and Devonte Mays behind Chubb.
  13. With Hunt getting an 8 game suspension, I can't think of any reason to move him now.
  14. The Browns have made their splash. I don't see Duke leaving. Not this offseason at least. Someone will have to spend more now. If a 2nd or early 3rd appears, no promises.