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  1. Heres come a phantom injury to one of their outfielders to justify the move. I kid...I kid (sort of)
  2. I hope that you are right. I don’t want to get rid of Duke. He is too dynamic of a player at a low cost. Dorsey knows best. I will trust him on this.
  3. Maybe Dorsey has his eye on an RB in the draft? I just can see them drafting a running back with Chubb and Hunt under contract. Sports talk locally is betting on the DATE that Duke is moved not IF Duke is moved. Most are thinking draft day. Welp. Looks like I am dumb.
  4. They probably expected him to get 8 games, but maybe hoped for 4? I am not in the room with them, so I cant tell you what they are thinking. The depth at RB is really bad without Duke and he will play a big role for 8 games at least. I just don't understand why they would still be actively shopping him with the fall back options being Dontrell Hilliard and Devonte Mays behind Chubb.
  5. With Hunt getting an 8 game suspension, I can't think of any reason to move him now.
  6. The Browns have made their splash. I don't see Duke leaving. Not this offseason at least. Someone will have to spend more now. If a 2nd or early 3rd appears, no promises.
  7. I "realistically in my own dome" think that 1400 yds (total) and 10 TD's is obtainable. 3rd round seems about right to me.
  8. So Duke lines up in the slot with 5 wide is what you are saying? 😉
  9. Buying IDP players from the Bills everywhere. That team is pretty ugly. Trust me...I am a 42 year old Browns homer. I feel bad for you, like for real. You need that defense to go ape**** to stay in games it appears.
  10. I think that he will get traded now that the market has thinned if the return is good. I believe that the Browns are looking for a 3rd rounder. He isn't huge, but could still handle 10-12 carries with elite hands out of the backfield. I wouldn't be so sure that the Browns trade him yet with the Hunt suspension of unknown length still looming. If Chubb goes down and Hunt is suspended, I think the Browns are in some trouble in the backfield. He is still the all-time leading rusher at Miami. He is still a very solid piece and the salary cap is a non-issue. It would be in their best interest to keep him around until the suspension is handed down in my opinion.
  11. I will throw out a couple of tight ends. Jack Doyle (loser) - With Ebron and Funchess in the mix (not to mention a kidney laceration), he will only be relevant with an injury. Matt Lacosse (winner?) - I think that Gronk is going to come back, which will make this post irrelevant, but if he doesn't... I could see ~600yds and 6-8 TD's out of him. I probably should have saved this for the bold predictions thread.
  12. Guice (loser) - Bringing AP back likely puts him in a timeshare for a while. Not nearly as much in dynasty as in redraft though. Mayfield (Winner) - Bringing in ODB just made his stock in redraft and dynasty skyrocket.
  13. I know that it happens, but how does 7 figure players get this far without a pitching coach noticing the flaw? More rhetorical than anything, but how does this happen more and more each year? I understand the arm strengthening and stretching part of it, but hips? That should be a noticeable thing on tape.
  14. I will consider him as a wild card with the last dollar in my deep league if the results keep coming, but this guy has SUCKED after being a touted prospect. I know, I drafted him as that prospect. He saved my butt by starting out hot with a CG or two in 2014 (points league w/bonus for CG) and I promptly traded him away for a 1st round prospect pick. He went down with TJ surgery like two weeks later. He has always been entirely too hittable and walks too many people. The division that he is in should help, but he better have really found something. Usually the uptick in velocity comes with some loss of control. That is something that he can't afford.