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  1. Should I make any moves or be patient?

    Thanks guys. I’ve been contemplating cutting Happ. ESP when Eaton and DeSheilds return
  2. 12-team, H2H, 5x5, 3-Keeper league After 2 weeks I’m in first place but I feel my team has been underperforming offensively. My pitching has carried my team. Should I be looking to cut bait with some of my players? If so, who? Or should I chalk it up to cold weather for some of my players and just be patient? C: Wellington Castillo 1B: Matt Olson 2B: Whitt Merrifield 3B: Kyle Seager SS: Zack Cozart OFs: Giancarlo Stanton, Michael Conforto, Byron Buxton Util: Eduardo Nunez, Jonathan Villar Bench: Ian Happ DL: Adam Eaton, Delino DeShields SPs: Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Patrick Corbin, Jacob Junis, Drew Pomeranz, Tyler Chatwood, Sean Newcomb, Jordan Montgomery, Lance Lynn RPs: Felipe Rivero(Vazquez), Keone Kela, Carl Edwards JR.
  3. Jordan Montgomery 2018 Outlook

    So is this guy worth holding onto in a 12-teamer? Anyone cutting bait? How does everyone like him ROS
  4. 4/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Wow. Well that line went to crap quickly.
  5. 4/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Corbin coming back down to earth this inning
  6. 4/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Figures just my luck when I have guys like Buxton, Stanton and Happ on my team. 0fers all day
  7. 4/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    And now 0-4 smh
  8. 4/10 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I feel ya but he’s coming back up lol
  9. Welington Castillo 2018 Outlook

    You mean wouldn’t?
  10. Drop Newcomb for Heaney?

    Well it’d be better knowing your league and other players but just between those two I probably would. Chapman is hitting well right now and has the better lineup. Brinson is a good player but I just don’t care for that Marlins lineup. Even at the leadoff spot I don’t feel he’s going to be very productive with that offense.
  11. Drop Newcomb for Heaney?

    12-Team, H2H, 5x5 3-Keeper league I like Sean Newcombs high K potential but control still seems to be an issue. Andrew Heaney is about to return from the DL and has a better offense behind him although he’s an injury risk. Both players offer upside and I guess it comes down to who’s the better pitcher ROS? If Not Newcomb, would there be anyone else I should drop to add Heaney? C: Castillo 1B: Olson 2B: Merrifield 3B: Seager SS: Cozart OFs: Stanton, Conforto, Buxton UTIL: Eaton, Nunez Bench: Villar, Happ DL: DeShields SPs: Scherzer, Strasburg, Corbin, Chatwood, Montgomery, Lynn, Junis, Newcomb RPs: Rivero, Kela, Edwards JR. DL: Pomeranz
  12. Rank these SP for 2018 **WHIR**

    I would go with Montgomery and Corbin as top two ( I have both on my team ) then Matz and I would roll h them dice on Flaherty before Musgrove purely because of the supporting cast.
  13. Am I foolish to throw Posey back?

    I agree with the other responses. In a league of that size you have to keep Posey especially with the scarcity of talent at the Catcher position.
  14. Who do I keep? WHIR

    I agree with the post above me, Benintendi give you more counting stats than Bellinger. Tuner Machado Judge Sanchez Benintendi Freeman With those 6 you have solid Power. Decent average and great source of SBs
  15. Just Drafted, Please Share Thoughts WHIR

    I’m skeptical about Nunez myself. However I grabbed Cozart and Nunez will be my depth player since he gives me eligibility in several positions.