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  1. Bump
  2. Well he told me if I want Maybin Segura would have to be part of a package. So I'll list his team below and hopefully I can get an idea of who I should target or package together for a package in return. his team: C: Realmuto 1B: Myers 2B: Kipnis 3B: Shaw SS: Seager OFs: Judge, Ozuna, Maybin UtIL: Masada, Schebler DL: Freeman SPs: Gray, Teheran, Roark, Leake, Estrada, Sale, Verlander, Cobb RPs: Osuna, Rodney, Herrera, Neshek, Bradley
  3. Morrison has 22hrs Sano has 18hrs Dickerson has 17hrs Stanton has 19hrs Smoak has 20hrs ive been ok in that category. Just been losing steals
  4. So everyone is valuing Segura over Maybin although Maybin has had limited time in the lead off spot and has absolutely destroyed it? And Trout isn't even back yet to drive him in more
  5. What if I do Cespedes/Segura for Maybin/Ozuna? i can also afford Maybins dip in average. I still have Dickerson, Cespedes(unless) I do the above deal, Altuve, Bogaerts, Haniger all hitting over .300
  6. 12-team, H2H, standard 5x5 was offered Maybin for my Segura. I already have Altuve and Bogaerts so I don't really need Segura. Plus the value I get from him are runs which Maybin can provide. I really like how Maybin has been playing and stealing bases and I don't think Segura will be stealing as much. I kinda want to do this deal but want to hear other perspectives based on my team below. C: Ramos 1B: Smoak 2B: Altuve 3B: Sano SS: Bogaerts OFs: Stanton, Cespedes, Dickerson UTIL: J. Ramirez, Segura Bench: Morrison, Haniger SPs: Scherzer, Pineda, McCullers, Newcomb, Straily, Hamels RPs: Rivero, J. Wilson, Oh, Johnson, Neris
  7. This is exactly what I mentioned earlier in the week. Just be patient. Someone could get traded someone could get hurt. Conforto has great ability as he's shown but wait to see how this plays out and use a bench spot if you have him. If not, then drop him and take that gamble he doesn't turn things around.
  8. Haven't paid much attention to the Rangers situation but as if right now he's owned in 6% of Yahoo leagues and Leclerc is 2% That's not saying much but people seem to be leaning towards Kela. Is this a situation that could happen after tonight's blown save or does Bush still have some leash?
  9. Davidson is Gallo lite. There's a lot of power available this season but it depends if you want it to drain your average. I wouldn't make the move.
  10. Bump
  11. 12-team, H2H, standard 5x5 Souza Jr has been solid so far this season and I have Bautista who although has been moved to lead off, hasn't done much lately as well as Conforto who has struggled a lot the last month. I'm considering adding him to replace either of those OFs or do I drop someone else? C: Ramos (DL) 1B: Smoak 2B: Altuve 3B: Bryant SS: Bogaerts OFs: Cespedes, Stanton, Haniger UTIL: Segura, J. Ramirez Bench: Conforto, Bautista, Healy, Morrison SPs: Scherzer, Pineda, Lynn, McCullers, Newcomb RPs: Oh, Johnson, Rivero, Neris, J. Wilson
  12. No Hrs since the news of his calf. Leg injuries will zap power.
  13. I think Conforto is done. At least done in the sense of being an everyday starter. Granderson has taken advantage this last month and is hitting .316 with 10runs 4hr and 11rbis. Conforto has put up almost identical stats except with a horrible .218 average. We all know how Collins likes his vets and now that he is injured, I don't see Conforto being a top 30OF ROS. And to think I chose him over Dickerson 🤦‍♂️
  14. Well that should hopefully bring him up in the order. Hopefully
  15. Are people holding? I feel like I held him on my DL for so long hoping he'd return to the 2 spot and pick up where he left off. But hitting in that 7th spot is not good for his value. Already down to 65% ownership in Yahoo and slowly dropping.