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  1. O'Day getting the save today? Or maybe Brach goes two?
  2. Was just dropped in my 12-teamer. What's the latest about this guy? Sitting against some lefties? I owned him for a short stint last year and enjoyed some HRs and SBs but then traded him. Could he be a 20/20 guy? Or coukdnwe expect more stolen bases?
  3. He's heating up
  4. Just stole a base today....I don't know much about him, but what's his ceiling for SBs?
  5. It's possible it could have been a bad cramp as well along with a slight strain. It's not always as bad as it looks but I would give him 5 days after he eligible for him to do more testing of it and then make a decision.
  6. My thought process was dropping Capps since he's in a DL spot and I have other players I can put there to free up a spot to add Lynn. Then I was considering dropping Conforto and adding Morales. Not sure about Conforto yet.
  7. Who would be the drop?
  8. 12-team, H2H, Standard 5x5 These players have recently been dropped and I'm wondering which ones I should run and get. Who are my drops? I'm considering dropping Capps and replacing my DL spot with another DL player to open up one slot. What are my other options? FAs that I'm interested in: Kendrys Morales Jackie Bradley Jr. Lance Lynn Ian Kennedy Jarrod Dyson my Team: C: Hedges 1B: Zimmerman 2B: Segura 3B: Castellanos SS: Russell OFS: Sano, Bryant, Dickerson Util: RamireZ, Solarte Bench: Conforto, Haniger(DL), Cespedes(DL) Sps: Scherzer, McCullers, Wacha, Pineda , Duffy, Gray(DL) RPs: Britton(DL), Brach, Rosenthal, Devenski, Nerris
  9. Ahh I see what you did there...yes I own Yahoo lol jk
  10. So he's been pitching pretty well so far this season. Anything to see here or are we all waiting for him to blow up and be who he is. A starter with decent Ks and a 4 plus era?
  11. I'm not worried. He hasn't pitched in quite some time. He needs to get a feel for his pitches. It's like spring training games, pitchers are experimenting and doing some stuff they wouldn't ever do in the Bigs just to see if something works. A mistake in AAA is a lot more forgivable than on the big league roster.
  12. It means Owings is on the juice lol jk
  13. How does everyone feel about him currently? With Segura back he's now back to the 9th spot. I would have liked Segura to go to 2 and Dyson leadoff with the Haniger injury. This guy is only about 25% owned in my yahoo league and I'm surprised since he's been getting on base better than Billy Hamilton and has 8sbs to show for it.
  14. My league is extremely competitive for a 12-team league and I got him earlier this week. Some people either really believe in the hype or look at the Mets lineup without Cespedes and see their record and think nothing good can come out of that offense. Every league is different but he's also been mentioned in the waiver wire adds for this week. I would assume with Cespedes going down for now a much longer timeframe that wherever he's available in a competitive league that he will soon be grabbed.
  15. Rush stop. I hardly have any SPS as it is. You do realize pitching categories count just as much as hitting right?