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  1. I’m well aware. But also how many pass plays were forced so that Brown could be fed the ball? Also the attempts were much higher last season because they were trailing many of their games and in catch up mode in the 4th where they needed big plays. Now I don’t believe his personal stats will be better this season in regards to setting career highs or leading the league. However I do believe that INT ratio will come down with not forcing plays to Brown. I truly believe being able to spread the ball around will make the team better. Only time will tell. Go Steelers!
  2. As a Steelers fan I really like him this year. I am actually crazy enough to think he will be more successful without Brown. Hear me out....Ben thrives when he can spread the ball around the field which he can do now that Brown isn’t trying to pad stats. He has solid weapons around him, not to mention one of the top o-lines in the league. I expect a lot of quick throws which I believe he led the league with last year. I also expect those 16 interceptions to be cut down now that he’s not forcing throws to Brown.
  3. I’m a huge Steelers fan and I can’t seem to change my name from Tittsburgh Feelers. Just something so perfect about it.
  4. Got pick 10 in a 12-team draft non-ppr. First 5 rounds were Conner/Odell/Diggs/Woods/Lindsay in a 3wr league that’s a good core and my RBs aren’t terrible. Ended up getting HH for my TE in the 6th for a solid starting core.
  5. Anything to see here? Or is this simply a hot streak and he’s soon going to turn back into a pumpkin?
  6. Listed as DTD. Any word on his injury?
  7. Kennedy gets thrown into a non-save situation with a 4-run lead. Total meltdown.
  8. What are we doing with Wade Davis? Is he officially done from the 9th?
  9. 🤔 who’s this Anthony? Lol. But yes Andrew got the save over CMart
  10. Wade Davis is a bum. I can’t imagine he’s going to be trusted for the 9th after this crap show.
  11. I do own him. Which is why I want to know who’s next lol
  12. That doesn’t look like it’s gonna happens. So hold onto him
  13. I would hate to drop him in a redraft and have someone grab him if he returns in time for playoffs but is that pretty much a zero possibility?
  14. “Likely” makes me hesitant to drop him immediately. Need certainty to pull the trigger. But overall what a disappointment esp with many leagues playoffs approaching.