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  1. SHouldn't that second run against Yu be unearned? It was scored on a passed ball.
  2. We need a happy toe, Chucky. Playoffs are starting and we need you back!!
  3. Yes. I'm on the first week of a 2 week playoff superweek. Gonna run him out there because the DBacks have 7 games, and 6 are RHP starters (as of now). Let's hope the Lamb wakes up and pulls the wool out from his eyes.
  4. Yeah. Typical Upton. Have a monster game on everyone's bench right before playoffs start.
  5. What a kick in the kiwis this is to those of us trying to lock up a playoff spot. Brett Anderson taking a hot steamy dump on our week once again. Dude will be injured again by the 3rd inning no doubt.
  6. Not sure if I'm excited about this or apprehensive.
  7. :: Trolls > Rational Humans?
  8. After one bad start?
  9. If he didn't have a China doll history, I'd be more optimistic.
  10. Fabulous way to start my playoff qualification week. With 0.5 pts from my stud 1B. I hope this is not a serious strain, but I'm bracing for the worst.
  11. Still better than Justin Downton, whom I'm subbing him for this week. Why not?
  12. And most of this away from Coors. Chuck Nazty, you so Nazty!!