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  1. Like my rotation? Z. Greinke F. Hernandez Y. Darvish T. Walker G. Richards Pretty Freakin' Awesome huh?
  2. Devon Travis: Victim of Reverse Darwinism
  3. Gibbons: Primates - Like Billy (from ZZ-Top) - Like John - ABHOR What a way to murder a whole position for us with weekly lineups.
  4. 6 save opps going into the 9th so far this week. NO SAVES TO SHOW FOR IT. Not because of blown saves, but because the stupid teams score extra runs pushing them out of save opps. I hate this crap.
  5. Walker - you suck. you only do good on my bench. I finally start for the 2-start week you and you crap the bed and probably won't pitch for your second start. Griffin - you suck. can't get past the 4th, now your team is gonna beat the Red Sox and you end up with nothing, and I can't even get a save from: Dyson - you don't suck, but Kimbrel does, blowing a chance for a save, just like: Street - you do suck too, but you almost had a chance at a save until Eveland came in and crapped the bed. Today sucks.
  6. First game back so I wouldn't read too much unto it, although he didn't look sharp so that could help Ricky Vaughn's case
  7. I don't know why he's not working out his problems in AAA. I suspect after this start they will finally send him down.
  8. Also showing a fastball that rivals Street.
  9. Angels to trade for Ryan Goins to replace Huston Street.
  10. So if Bauer goes 6 would it be a QS? :-P
  11. Does this mean my opponent will be getting 3 wins from Bauer this week?
  12. Because there's no ad hoc venting in this thread at all.
  13. Wow. Thanks Osuna - gonna blow a 5-1 lead, there goes hard-fought Coors win for Sanchez.
  14. I'll say it again....Jake Lamb, you're MY GYRO!!!!