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  1. Week 14 Lineup help! 1RB/1WR/1FLEX - [whir]

    I will deviate from crowd and say Hill, Watkins, Ingram
  2. I like Eifert because I hate Thursdays
  3. I like gates due to match ups
  4. Couple questions: WHIR!

    Cousins LaFell Fed Stew/Gore
  5. Thanks for looking. Need to start 3 of these. Julio Jones @ LA Moncrief vs. HOU T. Hill vs. OAK (Thurs) D. Thomas vs. TEN Standard scoring NO PPR Leaning jones, Moncrief and DT. Thanks and leave a link!
  6. There was a 20 yd Rec by julio that's now credited to no one. Anyone know why?? He should have 20 more yards
  7. Who should I start? WHIR 100%

    Gordon/Ware Coop/Creif Flopkins ....pretty much the consensus
  8. FLEX: K.Dixon, M.Mitchell, M.Jones, M.Wilson ~ W H I R

    I would go Mitchell. Brady will be dialing him up.
  9. Help me make the Playoffs

    Hopkins Mitchell Stewart GB
  10. Pick My FLEX (WHIR)

    I would go with Smallwood.
  11. Win or go home, help plz! WHIR

    Moncrief, Crabs, Books
  12. Really want to get a first-round bye and the only way to is to win this week. However, both my RBs are off, so..... NO PPR, standard scoring, bonus at 100 yds. Choose 2 RBs: Chris Thompson @ari Christine Michael v. hou Jalen Richard v. buf Choose 3 WRs: Julio Jones vs KC Donte Moncrief @nyj Tyreek Hill @atl Demaryius Thomas @jax Also, i have Cam Newton @Sea, but could pick up Fitzpatrick vs Ind, or Alex Smith @atl What are your thoughts? Will help, please leave a link. Quote Edit
  13. I had Mariota as an option (facepalm city)
  14. I hate TNF. Thought I'd be cute and start Cam against the worse pass defense. Wish I could start this over.
  15. Matt Jones 2016 Season Outlook

    What are the chances that Jones could be traded to a team that could/would use him, like NYG, GB, DET?