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  1. Matt Jones 2016 Season Outlook

    What are the chances that Jones could be traded to a team that could/would use him, like NYG, GB, DET?
  2. Matt Jones 2016 Season Outlook

    I would much rather grab the hottest flight attendant available... although those are rare these days, except on international flights.
  3. Alex Bregman 2016 Outlook

    Still better than Justin Downton, whom I'm subbing him for this week. Why not?
  4. Yoan Moncada - IF CWS

    My Yoan Moncada don't want none, unless you got buns hun.
  5. Derek Holland 2016 Outlook

    Very undervalued, assuming he stays healthy, which is a big if with him. But at the price he's going for, I say it's the worth the risk.
  6. Rotoworld Blurb Mistake/Argument Thread

    Adrian Peterson was pissed when he read this and realized Niese wasn't even benched for one start.
  7. Joey Gallo - 3B TEX

    This dude is unreal. He literally either gets a hit (mostly HRs) or Ks.
  8. Joey Gallo - 3B TEX

    Dean Palmer 2.0 (now upgraded with even more power!)
  9. All Fat Guy team

    And you need Fernando Valenzuela to round out your "bloatation" And perhaps Hector Villanueva as a backup catcher.
  10. All Fat Guy team

    Here's your SS:
  11. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    Of course, right after I dropped him darnit.
  12. Brett Anderson 2013 Outlook

    This guy is reminding of Erik Bedard, circa 5 or so years ago. He'd have these teasing flashes of brilliance coupled with consistent occurrences of various injuries. Could it really be just bad luck for Brett, or is it from poor preparation/conditioning?
  13. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    You didn't speak too soon. This was mentioned on the previous page. We were just conjecturing that, since Anderson left the game last night with a flare-up of the ankle, if he's unable to make his start, Straily will be recalled without starting in AAA.
  14. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    I would assume his name is staying on speed-dial should BandAid-erson not be able to start.
  15. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    I'm throwing him out there tomorrow, as I've been waiting patiently for his next shot. I have a little hesitation though, as the Angels torched him last year to the tune of 6 HRs in 2 games (4 were at home). And he has yet to have success at the O, However, that is a small sample size, and the meat of the Angels bats (except Crackilton) are all righties. I'm hoping he's fueled and fired up to give Oakland every reason NOT to send him back to Sac-town.