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  1. It was more rhetorical, but yeah. Stupid coaches and their stupid need to ensure victory. Can't they consider us Vinatieri owners trailing by 1pt???
  2. Why did they go for 2? I actually needed that damned Vinatieri xp
  3. Can't we just cancel/wipe this game out? :-P
  4. Thanks for the help. I think it's a good, and relatively low risk gamble.
  5. Thanks for the help. Your team whoops the llama's a**. Especially in a 12-team league. I don't think I would do much. You can do better at TE, but I think Ebron might be more solid than most think ROS. GL rest of the way!
  6. I'd drop Washington and Powell, because predicting RB injuries is impossible. They always happen, but you never know to whom.
  7. Thanks for the help. Yes, it was a decent trade, but you need to scour the FA list and find a lucky RB gem, or get a good one in a trade if you want to have a champion caliber team.
  8. I'd probably swap Rashad with Crow, and everything else status quo.
  9. I would do it. C-Mike finally showing his potential, and has a chance, albeit not guaranteed, to hold a very important starting RB role. JB is lost in the mix of tons of talent, and CAP is an injury sub. Asiata has more value than CAP.
  10. I think Freeman is going to lose more to Coleman than Crow will lose to the Duke, but one tough week might change that. It's a decent trade, but Alshon is no lock for awesomeness sans Cutler. Personally I'd probably stay put because i'm guessing you'd be significantly downgrading your D. Thanks for your help.
  11. It's a fair trade. AJ is not as consistent as AB will be, and Coleman will definitely have a large role provide clean health. As long as you have RB depth, not a bad move. Help?
  12. I'd actually go with Snead here. Brees is looking his way often, and will definitely do so vs. ATL.
  13. Lost Moncreif. Have to start one of these guys in a WR/TE spot. NO PPR, bonus at 100yds. V. Cruz vs. WAS Barnidge @ MIA Fleener vs ATL J. Thomas vs BAL Wheaton @ PHI J. Graham vs SF Leaning towards Cruz since Norman will be mostly all over ODB, and best shot at 100yds. Thanks in advance, and leave a link!
  14. Thanks. I have DT, and would roll with him if he seems to be starting. Otherwise I'd go with Wallace.