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  1. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    1 TD and no more receiving work weeks 14,15,16 (when it mattered) routinely taken off the field inside the 20 if you were only hoping for 10 points from Chubb then i guess he gave you everything you needed you'll be hoping for a hunt injury all season
  2. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    Duke's usage destroyed Chubb's value down the stretch when it mattered the most. You actually think he's going to have value now that he's sharing carries with someone better than himself? Denial
  3. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Only people who enjoyed this post on storm front
  4. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Remember when the Rams beat the chiefs and Goff was an MVP candidate 😆
  5. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Yup. Belichek is in disbelief how easy this is
  6. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Best 3rd down wr since Jerry rice 😆😆😆
  7. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    Why not double Edelman and take a page out of Bill's playbook? Or at least do it sometimes
  8. Superbowl LIII: Patriots v Rams

    my prediction: james white will be open all game and edelman will be open on every 3rd down as has been the case all season
  9. Pats/Chiefs

    2 weeks of "brady is the best ever" as if anyone is debating that. that will be the gist of sports discourse
  10. Pats/Chiefs

    the pat got lucky and won the coin toss. you don't like that method of deciding a champion?
  11. Pats/Chiefs

    Who is debating this? Who even cares? This is football not basketball. No one cares but pats fans and Giselle
  12. Pats/Chiefs

    Brady will win his last ring against the team he won his first Place your bets now. It's as good as done
  13. Pats/Chiefs

    The league hates the pats so much!!!
  14. Pats/Chiefs

    Brady is so awesome at drawing calls he didn't earn And Pats fans think the league hates them 😆😆😆
  15. Pats/Chiefs

    Surprise surprise James White