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  1. Yea. I know better now. Hopefully I can snag Slye
  2. this should be one of the most productive backfields in FFB history but noooooooooo reid wants to go RBBC for the first time ever
  3. Darwin #1 fa add The McCoy experiment will be over soon
  4. 1.1 ypc and it doesn't even matter Yet It will burn them in the playoffs
  5. blah i'd much rather have mahomes than these extra wr/rb
  6. my fault for not doing the research. this was a massive overpay before the season even started
  7. the only thing mccoy is going to do is make both he and damien dart throw flex plays and it won't matter outside of fantasy because mahomes could make this offense unstoppable with trent richardson back there
  8. I was hoping the Packers offense would be explosive this year but it looks like they're worse Ah well A-Rod's only value these days is that he doesn't throw picks
  9. the one year i own zeke dak is an MVP candidate now
  10. Ingram either writhing in pain on the sideline or he got the wind knocked out of him Couldn't tell
  11. His left arm was hanging limp as he ran off IDK if that's the same one he hurt previously
  12. Yea, if he splits carries for the next few weeks then we didn't really get the bargain we thought we did IF
  13. No you clown He mentioned that he played 75 mins. I was making the point that it's not like he accumulated a large percentage of his stats in the extra period Everyone is a comedian
  14. seems silly. suppose he places him down gently, but the dude squirms out at the last minute, and goes on to return it for a TD? is this just a rule designed to protect QBs that is revealed to be silly when applied to other positions?