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  1. Commish dilemna

    So its not abusing my commish power if i do it for someone else but if i do its an abuse of power? How does that make sense
  2. Commish dilemna

    Okay so I am the commish and i was just watching the NFL stream and it showed all the inactives. So i see that gresham was out at TE for AZ so I drop james and grab Seals-jones. Well about 1 min later it goes to the NE/Pit game and of course macdonald is out so now I want James back. So should i use my commish powers to add him back? Now i will say if someone hit me up before the game to do this i would do it for other players.
  3. Need some opinions here. WHIR

    Well crap i saw on NFL network that gresham is out for AZ so i dropped james and grabbed seals-jones then it keeps scrolling and i see macdonalds out for it should be a lot of james...damn it
  4. Cam vs. Ben week 15 - WHIR!

    Ben at home is always a good bet
  5. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    Jags def in both my playoffs going against Yates I like it. Please 30+ points
  6. Fournettes Out!! Let the Madness Begin WDIS

    TBH i can see the jags defense crushing yates and they need to run out the clock in 3rd n 4th quarter which will mean lots of ivory. Davis cant stay healthy n burkhead is boom or bust Davis is probably your safest bet
  7. Which 2? whir

    Hill n goodwin
  8. Alf Morris or Carlos Hyde?

    Both will probably score about the same honestly. Prob morris
  9. RB help. Gio/McCaffrey/Ajayi. WHIR 100%!!!

    Sit gio in standard
  10. Brady or Roethlisberger?

    Big ben at home is always money
  11. Burkhead or Mike Davis?

    Davis has the better floor, burkhead is more likely for a multi td game
  12. Should I make any changes? WHIR

    Id leave it how it is, maybe ajayi over burk but its a toss up
  13. Blake Bortles or Aaron Rodgers?

  14. FLEX Help - Gordon/Hyde

    Gordon gonna blow up