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  1. Brandon Belt 2018 Outlook

    Lol that sucks but it would be cruel if the good mojo disappears if he has to get surgery for the appendicitis
  2. Brandon Belt 2018 Outlook

    I buy Belt as a solid 1B option, but I didn't scoop him off waivers a few weeks ago b/c I was skeptical about his power upside. It helps that Brandon Belt (this season) has a hard-hit % of 90%+ on his pulled flyballs. That's been the big difference this season for him. Over half of his pulled flyballs are going yard this season. For reference, his career HR/FB and hard-hit percentages are 37.9% and 67.2%, respectively. The hard-hit rate on the pulled flyballs (and HR/FB rate too) should regress, but it's also discouraging that Belt historically is NOT a pull-oriented flyball hitter. In fact, for his career his pull rate on his fly balls are just under 20%. He doesn't really produce numbers when he's hitting non-pulled flyballs either. In fact, his wOBA is .121 this season on center and opposite-field fly balls. He also plays in a pitcher's park where his pull flyballs at home have a tough time w/ the giant wall. It's nice to see him on this power surge, but I think it's an outlier more than anything. I can see high 20s HRs for him this season, but that's still an optimistic projection. He will need to pull the ball more and/or continue to hit them at a very frequent hard-hit rate for him to attain those high-20s and maybe even 30+ HR plateau.

    Thanks for the feedback boys. I'm rolling with Alfred so I have someone to root for haha
  4. Need lineup help in a must win game. WHIR!!!

    Tevin was averaging like 10 points a game when Freeman was playing lol

    Good looks bro. Yeah I think I'm going with tevin for sure. I don't know about Devante Parker though. He really doesn't get that many looks and without Jay Cutler I think his stock takes a hit. But Larrys matchup is hella tough but at least you get the volume there. Not to mention Larry is also nicer at football than Devante Parker. NE are 16 point favorites right now so I'm assuming they'll go run heavy, which means Dion Lewis should see 15+ touches
  6. I would def play engram at TE considering he's been playing games, Olsen hasn't, and Engram is the best receiving option on the team. Giants will more than likely be down which means game flow funnels usage to the pass game. As for your wideouts, I really might go Corey Davis if you want the least riskiest play. Doctson is too touchdown dependent and hasn't seen nearly enough looks in the pass game. Devante Parker is kind of trash without Cutler peppering him with deep targets. Corey Coleman I honestly don't know enough about. Play Morris in the FLEX cause the man should see plenty of work in a juicy matchup.
  7. Need lineup help in a must win game. WHIR!!!

    To answer your questions: 1. You roll with Engram at TE and never play a TE in the FLEX again. 2. You roll with Perine at RB2 unless if Freeman is out. Perine currently is the lock for the lions share in the Skins backfield. Honesty even if Freeman is out, you still might have to go with Perine. However, that's hard to do considering how successful Tevin has been as the second stringer help please!
  8. Woodhead only saw 22% of the snaps last week but he should see an increase in workload/snapcount. He had 7PPR points with such little field time, so I think you have to roll him out again this week with an expected increase in snaps
  9. How did I do? WHIR

    Yeah I mean you're rocking two RB1s, and you have a flurry of WR2s, and you got arguably the best fantasy QB. I think you're in a really good spot. You not only have two RB1s, but you have arguably the best fantasy player in Leveon Bell. I'm honestly surprised you needed our assessment when the answer right in front of you lol
  10. Morris or Perine tonight? WHIR

    I think I would go Samaje now that he's the most capable back left in the backfield. Help please?
  11. VETO OR NOT (Big trade 4 vs 1) - WHIR 100%

    Think you're in the wrong forum buddy. But I'm generally against vetos unless if there is funny business involved. Like collusion or someone just handing out players for free like candy on Halloween I could use some help though!
  12. Happy thanksgiving boys. Hope y'all are in the giving mood and can help me out with who I should start at 3 positions. FYI league is 12 team, .5PPR, 1QB/2RB/2WR/FLEX/TE/DST/K WDIS @ RB2: AlfieMorris, DionLewis, TevinColeman WDIS@WR2: DevanteParker, LarryFitzgerald WDIS@FLEX: the 5 players listed above thansk guys, and WHIR
  13. DeMarco Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    Demarco played 70% of the offensive snaps for those of y'all bugging about Rick lol
  14. Freddie Freeman 2017 Outlook

    love the detailed analysis + optimistic attitude lol