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  1. Altuve made good work of Lincy. Maybe this will be the straw that finally breaks Timmy's back.
  2. Can't argue one bit with this list. I think Jordy moves up a couple spots and well as Alshon.
  3. Every year you have players surprise and end up a lot higher than they were pre-ranked. I just think he's legit, especially with the weapons and defense he has around him to enable him to be legit.
  4. I guess I'm in the minority then. (and for the record, I really like AB). All I'm saying is if JJ had Big Ben as his QB...just think about that. Brown is dominant absolutely. But I think JJ is every bit as dominant....he just has a worse QB than AB.
  5. I'm thinking he will finish as the #7 ranked QB. Just a guess.
  6. I believe they in fact ARE interchangeable, and here's why: 1. AB has Big Ben, JJ has Matt Ryan. 2. JJ is a physical presence AS WELL as having the speed, the separation, the hands, the leaping ability, etc etc (he's the total package) In no way am I dissing AB. All I'm saying is that if JJ had a better QB.....LOOK OUT. They are both equally amazing for sure.
  7. Low End QB1 this year? or is that stretching it? Kid has potential for a super year but is he a legit top 10 QB?
  8. Rumor has it that there is nothing to go on, and this is a false charge on the RB. We will see...
  9. AB and JJ are interchangeable. 1 and 1a
  10. Intriguing option for those looking for a Catcher.
  11. Let's hope for the best. Kershaw needs to get better no matter long it takes.
  12. I'm pretty sure we'll see him again before too long. Keep him on rosters if you have a spot, and be patient.
  13. What a pickup this guy has been for me. Amazing talent here.
  14. Zeke will finish top 5 in RB rankings. With that OL it will be hard not to finish that high.
  15. Pom=good add for the Sox. And fantasy teams everywhere.