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  1. Name another Rookie who put up numbers similar to Sanchez. IMO...either Sanchez or Fulmer wins ROY. Can't argue with either one there.
  2. Ware will see touches even when Charles comes back. I hesitate to drop Mr. Ware, though. Especially with decent RB's hard to find.
  3. Ware will have a great day rushing... just a hunch. Let's see if I'm right.
  4. It would be a crying shame if Sanchez doesn't win ROY. He's done more in so less time than anyone else.
  5. We haven't seen a Catcher play like this since Piazza. We're looking at a legit 2nd Round draft pick next season, mark my words.
  6. There are worse options out there. Dak at least doesn't turn the ball over, and has that running threat.
  7. Out! And done. Never playing in Survivor leagues again. Damn near impossible...I think you have a better chance of surviving a lightning strike.
  8. I'm of the mind-set that you don't sit Wilson..period. If he's able to play, you keep him in your lineup unless you have Brees or Big Ben.
  9. It's funny how people rag on the Hamster but last year he was 2nd in the league in Rushing. I guarantee if the Bucs lost this guy to injury, they'd be wishing they had him back.
  10. Not to mention this guy has NEVER had a great defense behind him. Until recently, he never had a great O-Line like Aikman had. He's never had a great RB except for that one year that Murray went nuts. Great WR?? I think the book is still out on Dez being a great WR or not. The dude can't secure the football. One more little tid-bit to those who think Romo is a bad QB. He's had more 300 yard passing games than any QB in Dallas history. And a crap load of 4th Q comeback wins. yeah....he sucks alright. You replace Romo with Aikman and I guarantee he has just as many Super Bowl Wins if not more back in the 90's.
  11. There is still a lot of time before Romo makes it back. Dak could very well prove he is legit. Nothing against Romo in the slightest.
  12. Rolling with Oaktown. Carr and Co. are gonna roll!
  13. I'm not starting Lockett..not with my roster. But I'm sure as heck not dropping him. I will wait it out and see how he performs...and if possible, try to trade him for a team need. btw, my league is a 12 active manager league. (after week one, all the 'other options' are long gone in my league).
  14. Week One, people. You don't cut your freshly drafted players after the first week, c'mon.
  15. We've learned that nothing is absolute. But that's something we already should have known.