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  1. Lot better than Reddick that's for sure.
  2. Or more like a WR4/WR5 without a top target there in BreeStown. #toomanyoptions
  3. Martin might not finish top two in rushing yards again...but look for his TD's to increase. #musclehamster
  4. Lower upside?? I'd take Wilson and run. But this discussion is better off in the other room.
  5. Megatron is not easily replaced. Saying that, Stafford probably will end up top 15.
  6. Going to be fun to watch....he will have his rookie pains, but maybe finish top 5 in rushing behind that monster O-line.
  7. Break out year. Or maybe that was 'last' year. Call it going with your instincts. I think Cousins will be outstanding...just my opinion.
  8. Funny...I was about to say the same thing to you. In all seriousness...either one of us could be 'more' right than the other. It's all good. That's why they play the games. Bring on some football!
  9. Not bad but I'll switch up a few names to make it more 'realistic': Tier One: Newton, Wilson, Rodgers, Brees Tier Two: Cousins, Luck, Big Ben, Bortles Tier Three: Palmer, Brady, Manning, Romo, Dalton, Carr, Mariota, Winston, Tier Four: Tannehill, Taylor, Stafford, Ryan, Osweiler, Bridgewater Tier Five: Flacco, Fitz, Smith, Cutler, Bradford, Keenum #Keepin'itreal
  10. Putting me in serious consideration who my 3rd Keeper should be!
  11. I sense this kid is about to come back to earth a bit.
  12. Biggest Fantasy Bust in recent memory, at least from my standpoint: C.J. Anderson yeah.
  13. This guy has to be a Keeper in Keeper Leagues. Right??!
  14. Hopefully he can salvage some of his season....he's got a month or so to work on it.
  15. Gotta love it. Let's see what the young players can do.