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  1. Obviously not good. Let's hope it's a minor injury and he'll be back fairly soon. Championship in LA goes through Kersh.
  2. Yeah if Zeke gets more than a 2 game suspension, I'm moving him down as well. Free and Leary? Not the strong point of that O-Line....not worried there.
  3. Si. Reason being, I think Bell has hit his ceiling (which is very good btw). Zeke has yet to his his, and we all saw what he did last season.
  4. Thomas will kick butt this year. I'm targeting this guy as I believe he will finish easily in the top 10 WR's this year.
  5. I think that Zeke should be the 2nd player off the board unless he's suspended more than 2 games. Just my opinion.
  6. Probably even with the 2nd pick. 2 games is nothing.
  7. Dodgers looking for their 12th in a row!
  8. Will the 'real' Jake Lamb please show himself?
  9. Bout time!
  10. Should be #1 in all draft formats going forward, no question.
  11. Any word when an official statement will come out?
  12. Glad to see him swatting yet another HR. Money in the bank.
  13. You don't trade a player like Puig. He brings so much to this team, I just can't see a trade happening.
  14. Just think how good this kid could be if he would fix those dreaded holes in his swing. Lots of work to do, kid.
  15. Godley has been a pleasant surprise this year...let's keep it going!