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  1. C'mon Travis knock the ball around!
  2. Yep, great return on my investment as well. Soooo glad I drafted him...and I hope all you Lamb Owners are just as ecstatic as myself.
  3. Can't go wrong with Avila. The only problem is that he splits time....but guess what, it's a 'good' problem to have with that BA of his.
  4. Grandal just took a bat to the back of his head.
  5. This guy has seemingly been hyped for the last 5 years or so, yet he continues to be a dud. I would not hang on to him unless I were desperate.
  6. Please give me some insight which one to keep out of those two pitchers...thank you!
  7. Even his K's are fun to watch....honestly.
  8. I keep hearing about Beede being the next possible SP getting the call. And also, DeLeon may be sooner than later.
  9. So who you guys thinking will be a couple of the next call-ups?
  10. Let's have a big night Cody!
  11. people in my leagues scooped him up so fast .... it was almost like a rottweiler on steak. These trades on a Saturday = no chance whatsoever lol
  12. what is that, 14 HR's for this guy now?
  13. I still expect Mr. Taylor to get close to full p/t going forward. Even with Forsythe back. Taylor is simply too good to leave out of the lineup.
  14. 15 SB's 40 HR's and 100 RBI's is a lock. Anything else is just gravy.