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  1. That's all they care about. Win no matter what. And I do mean, 'no matter what'.
  2. Dak is dealing. Of course, there are those that say he's a below average QB and doesn't deserve to get paid. He gets better each and every year. I feel like he's easily a top 10 QB going forward.
  3. Amazing and ironic how AB's feet don't hurt anymore, and there's no longer an issue with the new helmet. This guy is a piece of work and the Pats deserve him.
  4. Witten for the TD! (where's our local Witten hater, maybe he'll post soon)
  5. Me neither. Only those who are baseball ignorant will let him past the 2nd round period.
  6. LOL It's going to take more than two years to be mentioned in the same breath as Trout. All I'm saying is this guy is something special and if he stays healthy, will be mentioned with the greats.
  7. This guy Buehler I feel is underrated. What a great arm for that Dodgers' Rotation.
  8. Apparently you don't know how to read. Scroll up...
  9. Highest OPS by a rookie in Modern Era. (Minimum 300 PA's) I'll wait while you look it up. (where is that 'scratching his head casual baseball fan' emoji option??)
  10. Great list. I would put Alvarez in early 2nd Round. Also, I think Scherzer is finally showing his age with the injuries, etc, and I would have Cole ranked above him and Verlander. Points of note: Yelich is showing what he really is, and belongs that high up. Bellinger, likewise, but his BA and SB's have really dropped off, so I might drop him a couple spots. Trout is STILL the best player on the planet and should be #1 on everyone's list.
  11. Trout is the best player on the planet. Just to set it straight. But Yordan is well on his way to surpassing him within a couple of years.