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  1. I agree...fantasy football is in all reality, luck. The only part where skill is involved is during your draft, and how fast you're able to pick someone up of FA's/Waivers. It was a fun season while it lasted.
  2. Talk about devastating. With JJ and Sano both probably 'out' for all intents and purposes, who's the next WR on that team to get their targets?
  3. Yeah I guess you're right. After last season's promise, I think owners are expecting much more from him. I know he's not a 'bad' RB whatsoever, just frustrating is all.
  4. Part of the best WR Core in the NFL. Especially now with Green at T.E. What an offense for Pittsburgh.
  5. Dropped a week ago, with confidence!
  6. I'm sooooo hoping you're spot-on with this.
  7. I see your point, but if the guy isn't doing a whole lot WITH those carries, I don't care if he's starting EVERY game....he's axed.
  8. Solid? hmmmmm....not sure about that.
  9. Seattle D vs. Rodgers and G.B. Detroit D vs. 'run first' Chicago Thanks fellas!!
  10. *dropped like a sack of potatoes*
  11. What a frustrating player to own. Probably throw him in the lineup this week since it's the playoffs. Hoping for last week's production!
  12. Totally agree with this. F.F. is a gamble. You play to win....not to 'not lose'.
  13. Last couple of weeks have been lethargic production from this guy. Not quite sure what to think of this, as it's a small sample size. He has produced in the past.