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  1. How many HR's will this guy smack in 2017?
  2. 14 manager Mixed League, looking for highly competitive players. League is filling up. Probably keep 6-9 players every year. Long term Managers please! Runs, HR's, RBI's, SB's, OBP, Outfield Assists Wins, Saves, K's, Holds, WHIP, Pickoffs Payout: 70% goes to League Champion, 30% to most points scored in Reg Season. Live Draft to be determined.
  3. Expectations may be ridiculous, but he had to do something to get those high expectations. Even if he falls back to earth a bit, he will be solid and compete for best Catcher in MLB. I'm all in.
  4. In my AL Only 13 manager League, I've won three Championships in the 6 years of its' existence. NL Only 13 manager League? Not quite so well- lots of 2nd place finishes in recent years. But still a blast!
  5. So, what can we expect from Mr. Seager this year? More of the same, or maybe leveling off and coming back to earth. People will swear up and down about 'Sophomore Slumps', but is there really any evidence of this?
  6. You're probably right in your statement that they will probably be top 3. Gonzo may be on his way out in a year or two, but they have a kid Bellinger waiting in the wings. Corey Seager will be their best player for years to come, Turner is re-signed, and the addition of Forsythe will only help them. Romo solidifies the 8th inning role for Kenley Jansen who is possibly the best Closer in the league. The big question (like always it seems) is their pitching. Can Kershaw get someone to compliment him? If Ryu can prove he is finally back, and Maeda and Hill pitch like they did last season, they can easily get to the World Series.
  7. Thanks fellas! Appreciate all of the input. I too, agree that I could probably get Franco later in my draft...just how much later is another question. Stras needs a healthy year....I'll keep him and hope for the best. With both Stras and Kershaw, most of my pitching categories will be locked up. And last I checked, pitching cats are just as important as batting cats in a roto league.
  8. Prediction? PAIN. (For the Patriots). Meaning Atlanta had better get up and physical with New England's receivers...right from the line of scrimmage. Make them earn every yard. Pressure Brady. And then on the other side of the ball, someone other than Julio and the RB's need to step up and have a good game. That's how Atlanta will in a high scoring game. 35-31 Falcons.
  9. Good player, not great. Dodgers are just hoping he's a good stop-gap, someone to get them over the hump....something Kendrick couldn't do last season. Definite upgrade at 2B.
  10. Sorry, was in a hurry when I made that post. We can choose 3 keepers in our NL Only League, in which one has to be a pitcher. 1. Kershaw 2. Seager 3. I'm leaning on Strasburg, but keeping that Phillies 3B Franco is intriguing. Power is there, but the BA leaves a lot to be desired.
  11. Ditto here. Always wanted to get into a Dynasty League. Hopefully with a $20 fee or something, and Yahoo Format preferred. Slow Draft if possible.
  12. Can't decide. Help me out fellas!
  13. Kazmir is no lock...he was very inconsistent last year. And Ryu is no guarantee with his health issuesd- he hasn't pitched MLB in 2 years, so it's a huge gamble with him. If I were to bet, I'd say Urias stands a great chance to crack that Starting Rotation come Opening Day. At worst, he's called up in May.
  14. I don't like the deal. As a Dodgers Fan, this leaves much to be desired. Our #2 prospect for a plug and play stop gap player like Forsythe?? Really? I hope someone corrects me here, but Forsythe is a barely above average type infielder; and what Blue needed was some legit pop in the lineup at that position. The Twins didn't want to part with Dozier unless they got a STEAL with many prospects in return...I get it. But De Leon for Forsythe???