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  1. I'm keeping him as one of my three keepers only because the other options aren't great. I believe the potential is there for high K's and Win even if he doesn't play all season.
  2. Anyone else wishing Buck and Aikman would retire?
  3. Yes, JJ has created value since buying that team. You can see how the ratings increased this year. Dallas IS a strong organization, and like 'em or hate 'em, i guarantee most everyone knows when they're playing. But, as been mentioned...JJ is also bad for this franchise. Ego has gotten in the way (in the case of the Jimmy Johnson firing all those years ago. And the fact that JJ mingles where he shouldn't. Those factors have hurt this franchise as we can attest over the last 20 years. But things are changing. Don't be surprised if Dallas makes the Super Bowl next year.
  4. My other two are: Altuve and Sale, but I need to choose between the phenom Sanchez or the slugger Trumbo.
  5. It's true their defense is helped out a lot by that ball-control offense. But their playmaker Lee didn't miss a game this year due to injury, and was a big part of why they ranked #1 in rushing defense. No pass rush whatsoever I couldn't agree with you more. And if I were J.J. I'd boot every drug user and start from scratch (thankfully it's only one or two players). We will see how they draft this year. If their first few draftees aren't Defensive Linemen or Cover Guys, something is definitely wrong.
  6. I guess I don't get why I'm reading in here that the Dallas D is..."bad"? I know they didn't have any stellar names except for Sean Lee...but they played team defense pretty well. In fact, that Defense led the NFL in rushing defense allowing 83.5 ypg. Far from "bad".
  7. Anyone know of any brand new leagues starting up? Prefer Slow Draft, H to H, Yahoo Format, $20 fee or little higher, in for the long haul. Please let me know if anything comes available. Thanks!
  8. No way do you draft Mr. Gurley next season. B U S T (just like most people have already been saying)
  9. We will never know, will we. All we can work with is what's in front of us. The fact is, Dak has a great O-Line. Yet, we see what happened to Sanchez with that same O-Line. Dak is a special kind of player that comes around every so often. It's more than just his stats. Look at how he composes himself both on and off the field. That has to at least impress you doubters a little bit.
  10. I get it. 23 years old. One year under his belt. Scary to label him "Franchise Material". Yet he broke all kinds of records. Uncanny maturity and coolness running the show. Over 3600 yards passing, 23 TD's with only 4 INT's - Passing Rating 104.9 Not supposed to happen to a rookie. You're right, it could be an outlier. But most likely, not.
  11. Not even close. You just don't trade away a franchise type QB...the leader of your future. I know all those picks are tempting, but guess what- when it's not broke you don't fix it.
  12. Some people wholly buy into the Sophomore Slump. I say Forget About it. Seager = MVP worthy
  13. I don't remember what his hyped projection numbers were, but looking at the 25 HR's, and 88 RBI's on a mediocre Phillies Team...that's not too shabby.
  14. Now THAT would be a great match-up. Ball Control vs. Explosiveness.
  15. Next year will be a good time to own Cowboys Players. With a years' experience under their belt, you can pretty much count on Dak and Zeke being even better. I think Dez also reclaims some of his lost fantasy value. Witten and Beasley will both hover around their same end of season fantasy ranking. It will be interesting to see what happens to Romo's value.