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  1. Seriously. The dude goes off for his best game in a long while, and everyone thinks he's Julio Jones. Let the mad rush to the Waiver Wire happen.
  2. Picked him up and expecting great results this week.
  3. C'mon Diggs!!!! Wake up.
  4. That Sig though! +1
  5. I'm betting that happens sooner rather than later. Always trust your gut.
  6. It would be insane to sit Evans. Period.
  7. I remain confident in Ware. The guy is just too good to drop right now. That TD they took away last week could have been either/or but the the fact remains that even the Refs can't fully agree on what is or what's not a TD/Catch.
  8. I'm rolling with Diggs, even after his sub-performance last week. The guy is a gamer...and remains Minnesota's best play-maker. PPR Gold.
  9. Seattle should just sit Wilson for a week and let him heal. The season is longggggg.
  10. Name another Rookie who put up numbers similar to Sanchez. IMO...either Sanchez or Fulmer wins ROY. Can't argue with either one there.
  11. Ware will see touches even when Charles comes back. I hesitate to drop Mr. Ware, though. Especially with decent RB's hard to find.
  12. Ware will have a great day rushing... just a hunch. Let's see if I'm right.
  13. It would be a crying shame if Sanchez doesn't win ROY. He's done more in so less time than anyone else.
  14. We haven't seen a Catcher play like this since Piazza. We're looking at a legit 2nd Round draft pick next season, mark my words.
  15. There are worse options out there. Dak at least doesn't turn the ball over, and has that running threat.