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  1. I think its a solid comp. Giving his Smith's SwSt% and Contact rate, he might strikeout more than Santana did. His HR/FB ball ratio is a bit unsustainable right now (probably will be closer to 20% instead of 30%+) However..... he is hitting a lot of line-drives and a ton of fly-balls. While his HR/FB rate will likely drop, he still may hit for more power than Santana. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up as some sort of combination of Santana and Gary Sanchez. Sanchez hits for power, but away from Yankee Stadium is a bit putrid. I think in 500abs, Smith could flirt in the 25-30HR and hit .270.
  2. Key thing to remember is he hasn't faced the juiced ball yet at AAA/MLB. Could put up Ozuna like stat lines for the Cardinals in a couple of seasons (strangely Ozuna has learned effective baserunning, stealing 10 in 86 games, only getting caught once), so the comparison seems even more appropriate.
  3. Who knows. He crushed both pretty much equally in the minors. He just needs to keep hitting and playing defense. All he can do is force the managers hand by playing well.
  4. His speed and power metrics don't look that too impressive, and he has been caught twice already stealing. Not saying the guy can't be solid, but most ball clubs are looking at the metrics as well and will give veterans the first chance.
  5. Knocked around a little bit today. I am curious to see how he handles AAA and the juiced ball. We have seen a number of pitchers do well in AA this year, and then really get knocked around once they get promoted to AAA.
  6. Cain gives you above average defense right now with below average offense. Braun is the opposite. The key for him and playing time is playing strong defense as much as hitting.
  7. Yahoo changed it about 6 hours ago.
  8. Nate won't get called up. I think as a starter he might get shelled a bit right now. As a RP, he could be very solid. Just look at A.Chapman right now. If you can't command your 100mph fast ball, you get knocked around. There are a few RP out there throwing 100 not really talked about, because they haven't learned to command it.
  9. Watched a bit of the outing, not bad. His command is not great yet, but the stuff is there. I actually flipped him for Muncy just an hour ago.
  10. Pirates SS situation is a barren wasteland. If he can play good defense and can have a league average bat, he is not going anywhere.
  11. Note, the article points out Ozuna added several pounds of muscle to strengthen his shoulder, meeting the request of the team. He might be a monster this year. The team might be very happy with the shape he is in. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/he-ain-t-heavy-he-s-just-stronger/article_5c2cd9d7-ea11-51f6-82a5-b0f23064a911.html
  12. Mets need to save money. They are in a small-market, and need to pinch dollars now to hopefully extend him in the future. ...heh...
  13. Your data is outdated. Players who actual use the field say it is more neutral given the decreased wind exposure. For right-handed hitters, its pretty much neutral from more recently tracked data. Though for left-handed hitters, def. a pitcher park. https://rotogrinders.com/pages/ballpark-factors-49556
  14. The park nowadays is more neutral. The primary factor for it always being pitcher friendly was the wind. 2013 the walls were moved in, which had an impact but still made the park overall still pitcher friendly. 2015 they added the giant TV and newer construct around the stadium had an impact noted by the players that balls seem to carry out better. The most recent statistics support this. As I noted originally, it isn't really a hitters park, but I wouldn't be surprised if its now closer to being a middle of the road stadium.