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  1. Pirates SS situation is a barren wasteland. If he can play good defense and can have a league average bat, he is not going anywhere.
  2. Note, the article points out Ozuna added several pounds of muscle to strengthen his shoulder, meeting the request of the team. He might be a monster this year. The team might be very happy with the shape he is in. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/he-ain-t-heavy-he-s-just-stronger/article_5c2cd9d7-ea11-51f6-82a5-b0f23064a911.html
  3. Mets need to save money. They are in a small-market, and need to pinch dollars now to hopefully extend him in the future. ...heh...
  4. Your data is outdated. Players who actual use the field say it is more neutral given the decreased wind exposure. For right-handed hitters, its pretty much neutral from more recently tracked data. Though for left-handed hitters, def. a pitcher park. https://rotogrinders.com/pages/ballpark-factors-49556
  5. The park nowadays is more neutral. The primary factor for it always being pitcher friendly was the wind. 2013 the walls were moved in, which had an impact but still made the park overall still pitcher friendly. 2015 they added the giant TV and newer construct around the stadium had an impact noted by the players that balls seem to carry out better. The most recent statistics support this. As I noted originally, it isn't really a hitters park, but I wouldn't be surprised if its now closer to being a middle of the road stadium.
  6. The problem is the amount of groundballs he hits. While he has the power for 40HR, I think he is more of 25-30 HR tops right now. He is not dissimilar to Domingo Santana (except with an extra 50 pounds on that frame.) I think something similar to Domingo's 2017 without the steals is the best projection I could give him right now, and even then Domingo had a good homepark for dingers.
  7. He needs to mash in spring training.
  8. Assuming he goes to AAA and hits well, I think there is 80% chance he gets a 2019 call-up. For it to happen before September, I think that is a 50/50 shot. If he is killing it, I could see him popping up after the all-star break.
  9. At the end of the day, they shouldn't have signed Hosmer. Wil Myers best position is 1B. They could have kept him there and moved him to OF if/when needed. They got too cute.
  10. Wil Myers should not be playing centerfield. You can't have Renfroe, Myers and Reyes out there all together. That is probably the worst OF defense in baseball.
  11. If Harper signs, Franmil is not even rosterable. The problem is there is not much difference between Renfroe and Reyes. Sure we could nitpick, but both are sluggers with not great defense (you could argue Reyes is downright bad.) I don't wish injuries, but if someone like JD Martinez goes down for the season, you probably going to see either Jose Martinez or Franmil get traded real quick to Boston. Actually if Franmil and a RP gets traded to Boston, I could see them potentially moving Chavis, who is blocked in Boston from playing 3B.
  12. If he could hit Lefties better, I think 40HR would certainly be attainable. But if he is going to show little power against Lefties, I think 35HR is a realistic ceiling. He gets his ISO against lefties above .150, then I am all on-board the 40+HR possibility. If your looking for another 40+HR hitter for Oakland, I think Matt Chapman is going to get there before Olson. He has far less platoon splits, and is a few adjustments away from easy 35-40 HR power, as soon as next year.
  13. Jiminez has a career walk rate of over 4.0 BB/9. It was near 4.0 with the Rockies, and his k/9 was around 8.0 Marquez had some of the lowest BB/9 in the minors, and so far in the majors is hovering around 2.6. In the second half of 2018, his BB/9 was under 2.0 (about what he did in the minors.) Yes small sample sizes, but one thing we have to take into account is Marquez rarely walks batters, and in doing so will greatly limit his damage. You mix in a guy who can really start missing bats with also a very small walk rate...sign me up. If he can give you: K/9 of 9.1 BB/9 of 2.1 HR/9 of 1.1 That is a 3.5 ERA, 1.16 WHIP type of player. That is basically Tanaka, with more upside.
  14. His plate discipline looking a bit shaky in AAA. I think this is a good level for him to try and spend some time adjusting after rocketing up the system in 2018. I think with a strong ST and good start to AAA in 2019, we could see him up in May 2019.
  15. Another two bombs today. Destroying the International league. Reminds me of Tyler O'Neill but with much better batting profile. BUY.