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  1. Keeper Trade

    5x5 KEEPER I trade: Sale/Bryant for Harper/Vlad Jr
  2. Which Side

    Not sure if anyone will see this... but it’s now just Sale/Bryant for Harper/Vlad. That’s the best it will get.
  3. I’d hold onto sale maybe try and run that trade with another player going his way instead of Sale
  4. Which Side

    Side B is mine The other manager really wants to get Bryant and I’ve been trying to find a deal suitable. His big chips that he’s willing to move are Harper and Vlad. Hes hanged to deal though. It might be easier to ask it this way... What would I need to add to Bryant to get Harper and Vlad. My team is: C Molina 1B Votto 2B Albies 3B Rendon SS Segura OF Blackmon OF Yelich OF Belt Util Bryant Util Seager Bench Polanco NA Calhoun NA Bichette SP Sale, DeGrom, Mikolas, Hendricks, Newcomb, Manaea, Mahle, Kingham, Pivetta, Bieber, Lauer RP Kela, Watson, Betances DL Eflin, Wacha, Wright
  5. Hicks or Myers ROS? (WHIR)

    I’d probably lean towards Hicks
  6. If you were trying to hunt for a playoff spot I might do it but if you’re already in first why ruin a good thing?
  7. Which Side

    5x5 Keeper League Side A: Harper, Vlad, Cain, Hirano, 20th round, 22nd round Side B: Sale, Bryant, Yelich, Bichette, 10th round, 18th round
  8. I personally don’t know too much about what Rodgers has been doing so I would likely say Seager.
  9. Big Trades - Need Advice

    What’s the feeling on... Harper/Stanton/Weaver/G. Gonzalez/Gray/11th Round Pick for Bryant/Sale/Bieber/Bichette/16th Round Pick
  10. Big Trades - Need Advice

    Thanks for the input. Tough to part with Bryant but with Rendon I don’t feel like I’m leaving a hole at 3B
  11. Big Trades - Need Advice

    Trade 2 has been cancelled. So just trade 1 is still active.
  12. Big Trades - Need Advice

    Anyone else?
  13. Correa for Strasburg

    I’d go with Correa here. Hard enough to find some really good SS at times. SP fluctuates.
  14. 10 Team H2H Keeper League We Keep 8 5x5 (SV+HLD instead of SV) Trade 1: I Give: Kris Bryant/Bo Bichette I Get: Bryce Harper/ Yoshihisa Hirano/Jon Gray Trade 2: I Get: Noah Syndergaard/Vince Velasquez/Justin Upton/16th round pick I Give: Chris Sale/25th round pick C Molina 1B Votto 2B Albies 3B Rendon SS Segura OF Blackmon OF Yelich OF Belt Util Seager Util Schebler Bench Ohtani DL Bryant NA Bichette NA Calhoun SP DeGrom, Sale, Mikolas, Hendricks, Manaea, Bieber, Eflin, Newcomb, Kingham, Pivetta, Mahle RP Betances, Kela, Watson DL Wacha, Wright
  15. Bryant’s Value

    What is Bryant worth? Would you trade him for Harper straight up?