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  1. Funchess vs Cin Boyd @Car Garçon @KC J. White @Det Crowder vs GB Cohen @Ari Non PPR
  2. Trading Cook

    Thanks for the help. Will have to hope my claim for Brown goes in, since I can’t add him until the 19th. The odds are low there based on the order lol
  3. Fuller for A.Morris? WHIR

    I guess if you want to flip a pair to someone that would work. I just see it more of you having so many RB on the bench that you will likely miss good games from them. If if you’re not worried about that, the deal works.
  4. Fuller for A.Morris? WHIR

    I wouldn’t do it. I like tradig Fuller away but to get s guy like Morris who you probably won’t play much...seems like needlessly adding and making your WR worse. If anything you should trade a RB for a WR before you go the other way round.
  5. Trading Cook

    If I want to add a RB I have to drop a RB. Options: RB - Allen, Blount, Anderson, Gore, Gillislee, Sproles, Hines, Blue, Ivory, Edmunds, Martin WR - Wallace, Doctson, T. Williams, Ginn, Richardson, Grant, Marshall, John Brown, Dorset, Matthews, Boyd
  6. Trading Cook

    Yeah if I don’t make this move I’d be dropping Carr - been holding him until Wentz is playing. So do this deal?
  7. Trading Cook

    10 team keeper league, standard We keep 3 Ive had interest in Dalvin Cook so was wondering what his value would be? The recent offer is: Kenyan Drake/Allen Robinson for Dalvin Cook/Derek Carr Other RB this guy has are Hunt, Gordon, J. Williams and Wilkins Should I try swapping out Drake with someone else or hold tight on Cook? My team: QB Cousins RB Kamara, Cook WR Hilton, Jones Jr TE Ertz Flex Coleman K Prater Def Texans Bench Wentz, Carr, Johnson Jr, Cohen, White, Funchess, Garçon, Crowder
  8. Choose 2 WR's WHIR

    I would start Crowder for sure and then Goodwin. I agree with one of the above that Lockett will be an asset once Baldwin goes down.
  9. 10 team H2H standard keeper league. I give: Dalvin Cook/Devin Funchess I get: Kenyan Drake/Mike Evans My team: QB Cousins WR Hilton, Jones Jr RB Cook, Kamara TE Ertz Flex Coleman Bench Wentz, Carr, Funchess, Garçon, Crowder, Johnson Jr, Blount, Cohen
  10. trade help!!!

    I’d probably do thes deals. You’d free up some spots to get some depth at both positions and you’d get better overall. Better with both deals then just the one earlier.
  11. Which RB ROS...

    Its a dynasty. I drafted Johnson his rookie year and held on to him. Traded for Bell early on (had Brady and Rodgers and traded Brady in a deal for Bell)
  12. 14 Team Dynasty, Standard My current RBs are LeVeon Bell, David Johnson, Jamaal Williams, Dion Lewis... I have one open spot and am looking to add a RB for some depth. Options are: CJ Anderson, Corey Clement, Boston Scott, Jeremy Hill, Kenneth Dixon, TJ Yeldon, Mike Gillislee, Chris Ivory, Nyheim Hines, Jonathan Stewart
  13. Trade help

    I’d probably stay with what you have, though it is tempting.
  14. Scott or Gillislee

    I have Kamara and Scott currently...not sure if I should drop Scott for Gillislee... other backs are Cook, Coleman, Blount, Johnson Jr...
  15. Alfred Morris

    Can’t hurt. I’d almost look to trade one of them for help elsewhere.