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  1. I like Hicks to finish the season strong, and I think I'd roll the dice in Devers. I admit, I am sometimes overly fond of rookies, but Devers has been too good so far not to give him a shot...Depending on moves, there's no harm in streaming hitters out of one or both of those spots as well...
  2. Here's another tip....don't be an a** to people that you're asking advice from if you expect any help....moving on....what round can Arenado be kept at or is he not keepable? It's obviously a rediculous return, but Bellinger (22 years old) in the 25th is still pretty hard to deal away in a keep 2. If Arenado can't be kept, and you don't really need the pitching, which it doesn't seem you do, I'd still consider holding. Bellinger for Arenado looks good on paper, but ROS will Arenado really outplay him by that much? My thinking here is if it isn't broke why fix it?
  3. I'd hold Thor in a 30 teamer definitely...
  4. I'd keep Bellinger over Conforto personally...
  5. If my ratios weren't already trashed for the week, I would probably bench him. Not sure who he pitches against next week, but I'm considering benching until he throws a good game again, and proves to me he's back. I honestly think he's healthy or HOU wouldn't be risking throwing him out there, I am just concerned, because one would think if it we're just rust, he'd have figured things out again by now.
  6. Think I'd hold Thor honestly....
  7. I'd probably keep Ray...
  8. Hoskins
  9. I agree with that guy...lol
  10. I think I'd try to ship judge over bellinger just because I like bellinger a bit more long term...or something like sano/ Martinez for shcerzer...I just really like bellibgers long term Outlook and he is so young on a good team...good luck!!
  11. Traded Bryant in a Thor deal early in the season....first game Noah got busted up then has been in the DL ever since...
  12. Bench/ Coach but yep....definitely if you have the DL room...
  13. Busted out two trades yesterday to try to aquire some keepers for next year.... Trade 1: My: Marwin Gonzales, Rivero, Rosenthal, Faria, Godley For His: Jose Ramirez His team is on the cusp of the playoffs and is starving for pitching....I am looking for cheap keepers for next year and Jo-Ram only costs $4... Trade 2: My: Molina, Reynolds, Diaz, Greene For His: Flowers, Headly, Kennedy, and T. Walker Obviously I was only after walker here, but gave up 4 guys I wouldn't keep anyways for a $6 Walker...Trying to build a solid pitching foundation for next season with Thor, Keuchel, Berrios, Walker so far....hopefully I can ditch a few more guys as rentals and lock up one more solid SP...
  14. Now we just need one more game at 2B as well ...
  15. Maybe a little regression but I read a great article about him a few weeks ago comparing him to Dallas Keuchel...both can strike people out and induce ground balls....