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  1. I just offered up this exact same trade and got shot down....I like it though...
  2. Patric Corbin tomorrow pitches against the Padres....2 start week, but I'll roll the dice for this start at least and see how he pitches...
  3. Anyone know who's watching up for the phillies right now?
  4. Torono has been pretty bad on offense this year, I'm streaming him as well...
  5. Here comes the melt down!!
  6. Kind of surprised...I think Maeda could be pitching hurt right now...I am trying to dump him but nobody is willing to buy low in my 14 team league...I'm benching for his next start at the very least till he shows me something...
  7. Just traded for Mazara the other day, but had to take this deal....keeper values aren't great but I think it helps me this year for sure: Gave: Mazara/ Ray/ Melancon Received: Braun/ Jones/ Ramos Gives me an OF of Braun, Jones, Martinez when he comes of the DL and I can live with that...
  8. Hopefully Rosenthal takes a loss here
  9. Boooooooo...
  10. I'm trying to sell in a package deal, by advertising his K rate....my ERA is great this week so if he gets blown up, at least it won't kill me
  11. What do we think about VV today against the Mets....I want those Ks but how many runs will he give up??
  12. I'm taking a good look at Lonnie Chisenhall moving forward....he's been on a tear since he's been back, and has been a serviceable fantasy asset in the past. I think CLE faces a few LHP this week, but someone to keep an eye on going forward...
  13. Anything to see here....dude has been on fire since his return, and has been serviceable in the past.
  14. Going up against 5 righties this week....so hopefully we'kk get a couple HRs at least. Still really like this guy as my OF4 going forward...
  15. If it's truly a minor discomfort I would think he'd be good to go after a couple games off. Maybe chill out on the SB for a bit, to keep that groin healthy, but I need him back in a bad way...