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  1. Michael Wacha 2018 Outlook

    No two start week, but pushing his start back avoids playing @ChC, and now we are getting vs. Cin instead. I'm okay with that, considering he hasn't gotten going yet...
  2. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options - Week 2

    I have had Nova stashed since Wednesday for his start Sunday @Miami...
  3. Michael Wacha 2018 Outlook

    It's still really early. Unless you're playing in a very shallow league, you still have to hold. Lots of really good starting pitchers, get off to really bad starts every year. You always have the option to bench for a couple of starts, or even throw him in to sweeten a trade offer. In 12 team leagues, and up, I think Wacha still has value, and has no place on waivers this early in the season.
  4. Tim Anderson 2018 Outlook

    Personally, I just have him plugged into my UTIL slot right this second. Since I grabbed him from waivers, no matter what he's doing production-wise, I feel like people won't put up much for him via trade. Plan is to wait it out for 3-4 weeks, and if he's still on pace for a top tier season, I will consider trading one of my big names SS for a king's random. He was drafted in my league, then dropped before the season even started; By the Xander owner nonetheless 👍👍
  5. Michael Wacha 2018 Outlook

    The only reason I can really think if is that it's only been two outings 😂😂 Feel free to sit him for a start or two, but you do not want to be "that guy" who drops a player early, and watches said player help somebody else make the playoffs. Wacha, in particular, has a long enough track record now, that we pretty much know exactly what he'll give us. He won't be the ace that many people thought he once would, but I think he will be a solid SP3ish with a solid floor.
  6. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    Annoying part is he had to waste 24 pitches today also, so we may have to wait even longer before we have a clearer picture of what happens next in MIL 😥
  7. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options - Week 1

    I'm going to give Jaime Garcia a whirl tomorrow at Texas. Pitched well vs the White Sox the other day, and has been decent in years past when healthy.
  8. Who is the better add? WHIR

    1a. Anderson 1b. Martinez It's close IMO, but I prefer Anderson, because there shouldn't be any issues with playing time, and he offers some speed along with the power. I think Martinez will have a higher AVG, and hit a few more HR, but the 20/20 upside (or maybe even a bit better?) is real with Anderson, and I can't turn that down.
  9. Buy Low/Sell High 2018

    Jo-Ram...my b coach 😁
  10. Buy Low/Sell High 2018

    I don't think it's ever to early to start firing out offers to buy low/sell high. Maybe someone was on the fence about drafting a guy like Bellinger/ Bregman/ Jo-Mart (listing guys from my team,but not panicking, I promise) thinking last season was a complete fluke. They ended up drafting said player anyways, and now have a batting average less than .100 to start the year. I doubt they give the guy away, but maybe they're already starting to panic a little, because know they are certain that last season was a career year...Works the other way too...If I had Matt Davidson pegged as a huge sleeper this year, and he hits 3 HR in one game, I am now thinking I was right, should have drafted him, better buy him now, before the price goes up even more!! I looovvveeeee the mental aspect of fantasy sports, and I always try to incorporate it into my trades, when possible. Most of the guys in my 14 teamer, I have been playing fantasy sports with for over a decade. I know who is panicking, and what it is they are panicking about. When your trade offer makes sense needs-wise, that's important, but if you think it through to the point that you can help put your opponents mind at ease about some sort of short term issue they are having, you definitely have the upper hand. "These are not the droids you're looking for..." 😂😂😂
  11. Hmmmm...tough one, especially considering 3 of the votes are those particular family members. My brother is not in my baseball league, but he is in my football league. I would do absolutely anything to beat him, so I guess it comes down to how well you know these particular people. I've played fantasy for a long time now, and only one person ever has offered me a sketchy, behind the scenes deal (Which I declined.) Also in all those years playing fantasy, I can't recall ever seeing a trade vetoed, and I have seen some terrible deals go down. So I guess my point is, it depends on a lot of factors. How well you know the people, and their tendencies. If one team is known for making bad trades and is starving for SP, and RP, then maybe it's completely legit. It would be pretty early in the season to decide that you don't stand a chance, and team up with someone like that....family or not. Personally I think I would leave it up to the league vote, so nobody can point fingers at you in the end, but no matter what you decide to do, it is definitely a situation you may want ttomonitor going forward.
  12. Looks like nobody wants to start a Ryu thread for 2018. I realize there's nothing sexy about him, but he always seems to be relatively safe. Projections don't love him either, but a two start week to kick off the season has me intrigued. Besides the issues with the long ball, Ryu always seems to put up steady back end of the rotation numbers...anyone else biting?
  13. Jose Martinez or Smoak?

    @soccerphysio A. He's saying to hold Smoak and trade a pitcher for J.Mart (he don't read too good sometime) B. It's Rush, so just ignore any advice he ever gives you. In fact most of the time it's safe to do the opposite. C. I would drop Duffy first out of that bunch, but maybe not for J.Mart depending on league size... D.Happy Easter 🐰
  14. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    Jo-Ram, Bregman, Bellinger 1/28 combined! Wacha, Neris, Betances *gulp* Population of drop city, about to rise by 6!!!
  15. Jose Martinez or Smoak?

    I'd still take Smoak over the course of the season...