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  1. Bell for Ertz package WHIR

    A couple weeks ago I traded away Bell for Ertz straight up in my 10 team PPR. Pre-season, I would have kicked my own a** for even thinking about a deal like that, but it has worked out great so far. I lost Walker, then Howard, and didn't want to deal with the headache that comes with playing TE roulette every week (not to mention to whole uncertainty revolving around Bell this season.) I like going after Ertz/Michel in your situation, and if Bell/Reed gets it done, I say do it. Ertz is a straight up set it and forget it TE, and I love safe players like that (especially when they are top 2-3 at a position.) Reed is a ticking time bomb anyway, so selling him before he goes down, is a good call. Lastly, for what it's worth, I would try to NOT involve Conner in the package if you don't have to. If you must, he better be adding in another big piece on his end. I personally just don't see any scenario where Bell comes back and balls out in Pitt, in other words I see Conner as a solid RB 1 ROS. That's just a gut feeling, but all things considered, I just see that as the most likely scenario....Good luck 👍
  2. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Earlier this week, in my 10 team PPR, I dealt away my Le'Veon Bell for Zach Ertz. Before you all tar and feather me, realize that I originally drafted Walker, then rode Howard for a couple weeks till he went down. I started the year with 2 big wins, and lost my last 2 matchups in the waning minutes of MNF. If was 4-0, or maybe 3-1, I probably continue to sit on Bell and stream TEs for at least a few weeks. Instead, I chose to stop the bleeding early, and plug the hole at TE. Ertz's performance today already has me feeling pretty good about that deal. The last couple of days, I have also been working on finding a new home for my Fournette. Up until 12:59 today, I had Gurley, and Ekeler locked into my RB slots. At 12:56 I sent an offer of my Jeffery for his Thompson, and imediately texted the guy, "Offer up! And Hurry up!" He accepted at 12:58, I opened the app, pushed the trade through, went to my team, swapped out Ekeler for Thompson, and clicked submit with seconds to spare before lineups locked at 1:00. Thanks to Gurley and Ertz, I already have the win this week locked up, but Thompson still gives me a shot at high week, which would be a quick $50 in the bank 💰😎 (I know, I know, CSB...sorry...not sorry...)
  3. TE dilemma!! Pick my TE!

    Gates probably the safest for 2-3 catches 30-40 yards and 50% chance of a TD. I think Kroft has the most upside though. I could see him going 6 rec/ 80 yds/ 1 TD. Unfortunately, as you said, I can also see him going 1 rec/ 8yds/ 0 TDs. If you are favored to win this week's matchup, I'd roll out Gates. If you are projected to lose, then I'd roll the dice on Kroft 👍
  4. Give up T.Y. for Goff? WHIR

    I would try Alshon first, and I would consider Baldwin after you see how he looks this week. Dalton should light up ATL this week, and I think his schedule is decent the next few games as well. I just think TY is too valuable considering how Luck force feeds him the ball most of the time. Luck needs to build up his arm strength a bit still, but when he does TY will do what he does. Goff is a great real life football player, and even though he looks like he is shaping into a great fantasy football player, I still think you can get a discount based on the fact that he isn't a sexy name (yet) in FF. During trade talks, just talk him down a bit, and acuse the other guy of trying to sell high...etc. Sometimes the little mind games can get you a good discount.
  5. Ingram trade

    I think Ingram will be safer/ more consistent than Carson/Ridley. Obviously in PPR, Kamara is fantasy gold, but he is better suited for the receiving role. I think Ingram will still get early down work and goal line touches.
  6. Trade J. Gordon for OJ Howard?

    I feel your pain as an ex-walker owner, but I think Gordon is too big of a lottery ticket to give up right now. I love Diggs/Golladay and I think Baldwin will do his thing when he is healthy. I like Lockett the least, though I'm not sure the other owner would swap Howard for him. That leaves Fitzgerald...I realize ARI is still trying to switch things up offensively, but I just don't see Fitz making any sort of consistent contribution this season. He should however, still hold decent name value. If the other guy would go for it, I'd offer up Fitz for Howard, and roll the dice that Gordon sticks in NE. I agree that Howard could be in line for a solid season if TB can keep things rolling, but as you stated above, Gordon has league winning potential in NE.
  7. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Had OJ Howard going Monday night in 2 different leagues. Lost one matchup by 1.6 points, and the other by .2 😭 Still praying to the fantasy Gods that there is a stat correction coming in my favor 🙏
  8. Corey Clement 2018 Outlook

    In my 10 teamer, I just dropped Clement for Ronald Jones. Neither will probably ever start for my team, but I think Jones has more upside if he gets a shot at starting. I'm sure Clement will still have his days, but It will be frustrating trying to guess when those days will come.
  9. Vance McDonald 2018 Outlook

    Because we drafted Walker and/or Olsen as our starting TE this year, and then thought we struck gold when we grabbed James off waivers last week. To top it all off some of us lost our matchups this week by .2 points 😭😭
  10. PPR - Need 2 of Sony, Brieda, Clement

    I would pass on Michel, because he is a RB that plays for the Patriots. Clement and Breida are both in good spots today to produce.
  11. Lineup Help WHIR 100%

    My vote is for Goodwin/Allen as well. Weather in Baltimore should force both teams towarda a run heavy game plan (or short passes to the RB
  12. I realize both these guys are in similar situations this week, and they could very well end up with a similar line on the day. I have Gio plugged in right now, but my gut says Clement. Then again, maybe that's just my stomach growling, because I skipped breakfast today. Any thoughts??
  13. Who do I FLEX, Clement, Yeldon or AP...WHIR

    I'd roll with Clement.
  14. I personally like Riddick/ Clement...Both Yeldon, and Miller have burned me too many times in the past.
  15. Great deal for you! I also aquired Fournette this morning after news came that he would sit. Definitely some risk, but high reward potential as well.