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  1. Santa may be in the process of delivering me an early Christmas gift this year, but I am still going to need some help. After Henry, and Coons poor games last night left me as a 30+ point underdog going into today's games, but as the second half of the 1:00 games begin, I am now a 5 point favorite. I made the right call starting Foles over Cousins, and the wrong call starting Henry over Engram. I am torn right down the middle between rolling out Kupp @ SEA or Ju-Ju Vs. NE. I see a lot of pros and cons to both matchups, but would love some outside input on this one...Kupp or Ju-Ju...who you got??
  2. Hunter Henry 2017 Season Outlook

    I am praying that the Chargers don't go away from what's been working for them the last few weeks. This is actually a pretty big game in the grand scheme of things, and I wouldn't be surprised if it turned into a shootout. Then again, this could all just be wishful thinking, and we could just as easily get a clunker, with a final score of 7-6...Personally I am rolling out Henry over Engram, but I am also a pretty big dog, and I am shooting for the moon....
  3. Cooper Kupp 2017 Season Outlook

    I've been rolling him out with confidence every week Woods has been out, but I'm definitely going to weigh some of my other options this week. I'm not completely writing off Kupp by any means, because in my opinion, he does have a couple things going for him next week: 1. Woods may take a game to get back up to speed after his recent vacation... 2. Goff and Kupp seem to have rebuilt some of that chemistry that they had early in the season before Woods became relevant. 3. This is a huge game for both of these teams, and the winner will probably take the division. Game is in Seattle, which I don't love, and last meeting between these two teams was low scoring. That being said, total is currently at 47.5, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that number climb by a decent margin before next weekend. I think this is the ultimate statement game for the Rams if they want to be in the conversation as being a serious playoff contender. I think they also need to show that they can bounce back after a loss like the Eagles delivered to them today.
  4. Davante Adams 2017 Season Outlook

    Had to dig this up after today's game...Guy has been an animal...My playoffs started today 💰💰💰
  5. Trade RB depth for who?? whir

    10 team, Wentz at QB, Hill and Garcon we're probably relatively cheap to draft, and he hit on a few lotto tickets in Engram, Kamara, and D. Watson 👍
  6. Bench which WR?

    I'd probably bench Thielen as well. 2 pretty good defenses in what should be a low scoring game. My second pick to ride the pine is actually Evans as crazy as it sounds. Buffalo D has been solid and they are at home coming off a bye. Also the fact that Winston is banged up scares me a little, though it looks like he'll play.
  7. Who should I start WHIR

    I don't love any of them but Parker, Fowler, Bryant is how I'd roll them out.
  8. Trade RB depth for who?? whir

    I'm not sure any of those trades even help you by that much, because your team is so stocked...Only ways I see to improve are really upgrade to Brady at QB somehow, upgrade to Gronk at TE, upgrade to Bell as third RB, or Upgrade to AB at WR. Julio is tempting but AB probably won't cost too much more and he's safer IMO. You certainly have the pieces to deal for a couple of the upgrades I listed, if those owners are interested.
  9. Who to drop for John Brown?

    I'd drop Sanu or Riddick for Brown in PPR.
  10. I think I would hold Allen and Coleman in PPR. I don't love Evan's schedule down the stretch, and Winston banged up with no bye week to fully recover.
  11. Who to Start -- WHIR

    Tough call at QB, but I think I'd roll with Rivers at home vs divisional opponent. I underatand Denver D has been great as usual, but I think that Rivers has been utilizing all of his weapons lately by throwing to Henry and Gordon a lot more as well. Baldwin and McKinnon at WR and FLEX for me is a pretty easy call.
  12. Which QB? WHIR

    Tyrod and Hundly are both streamable this week, IMO, but you will probably want to explore trading for a QB if you want to stay competitive down the stretch...
  13. Hogan/Evans for Jordy/M Thomas/Duke

    I don't think Jordy's value drops off so much that it justifies giving away Duke here. He has been great so far in PPR this season, and I also think MT could be the best WR of the 4 ROS. Evans is a bit of a ? right now too as we're not really sure of the severity of Winston's shoulder injury. He also has a difficult schedule down the stretch, while Jordy and Thomas schedules are much more favorable IMO.
  14. Boldest Predictions for Week 7

    Lol...that's almost a given...
  15. Wentz deal is fantastic of you can get it done...