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  1. And here comes another ER to completely trash the stat line on the day....Still encouraging to see him pitch well for 5 innings after the first...
  2. Love the turd with the 7 ERA going out there to try to bail Berrios out too....
  3. Back out for the 7th and gives a lead off hit to Leon...oh boy...
  4. Agree....hasn't given us a reason to doubt him yet...may get a L against Sale, but should be a fun pitchers duel to watch...
  5. Hold...Springer is a stud, unless your getting a top 5 pitcher I wouldn't consider trading him...
  6. Gray for me...
  7. Does anyone know why he was removed from the game today? Hopefully not that damn Achilles injury again...
  8. Have been able to string together a few winning weeks in a row, and find myself in 7th place in a close playoff race. Decided to pull the trigger on a win now trade today. This is what I ended up working out. (I will also state that I've been shopping Villar around for about a month now with no bites whatsoever, and I was trying to sell for less than .50 on the dollar.)Anyways here's the trade.... I Gave: $24 Donaldson $8 Villar $19 Odorizzi I Received: $9 Cruz $1 Reynolds $1 E.Diaz
  9. Agree with others....too big of a trade, and your offense is solid as is....I would try to shrink the deal way down and get c-mart though for sure as you could definitely use another pitcher
  10. I would offer up Pollock and one other player...maybe try Duffy?
  11. Lopsided deals are quite common when people people drop out of the race and start selling off players....I think it is way too much going to the last place team,but vetoing it is pretty harsh....as for the collusion I guess it depends on the relationship between the two league mates I don't know how well they no each other etc, but that's a pretty strong accusation...
  12. I'd need to see your roster, but if you need a pitcher badly I would probably make the deal....I don't know how much I trust hanley going forward though so if your pitching is in good shape I'd consider holding rizzo and trading for a cheaper sp...
  13. I would probably give up Rizzo if he replaced the pitcher with Hamilton...porcello and gray have both been garbage and I don't trust either in a dynasty league
  14. Bryant side...
  15. I was actually considering that same offer in my league, but decided to hold Braun. He will be back next week by the looks of it, and until he gets hurt again he should produce...I would hold for about 2 weeks then try to sell, while he's alive and well....you should be able to get more than ed rod in return at that point