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  1. Chubb and OBJ to score less than 13 points combined 😂😂
  2. I traded for Kamara this past week, and I expect him to be a major part of the offense again heading forward. He is now arguably the Saints beat player on the field, and the Saints will come up with a script to get the ball in his hands one way or another. Losing a guy like Brees during a big game like last week always throws everything off. Everything the Saints planned to do went out the window. Practicing a week or two with a different QB, and different gameplan will benefit Kamara greatly.
  3. Already have 2 trades in the book this season: Gave: M.Thomas Received: Henry, Rodgers This was before Brees went down...I just really needed a QB and a RB... Gave: Zeke, Crowder, Rams DST Received: Kamara, Cooks, Pats DST Rolling the dice on Kamara, but I have faith the Saints will put the ball in his hands any way they can...Better days ahead for Cooks, and I ❤️ Pats DST.
  4. Ty for the response....I agree on Cooks....a lot of mouths to feed in LA for sure
  5. Just drafted Monday night and after overindulging elsewhere, I was left with Jimmy G. and Carr as my QBs (only start 1.) Another guy in my league drafted Rodgers, Watson, and Newton and is looking to move one of them. He also owns Brandon Cooks. I was considering offering him Thomas for Cooks/Watson or Cooks/Rodgers. Seeking public opinion on the matter. Part of me just says roll the dice on current QBs and see if one sticks...Both have potential to be, at the very least, servicable.
  6. I am a trade fanatic all year every year in my fantasy leagues. Yelich and Soto are the only two players that are truly untouchable on my dynasty team 🥰
  7. Anyone got eyes on Alcantara? Line is looking good so far, and he's pitched well as of late. I have a bye next week, but looking like he may go against Pittsburgh 2 starts from now 😍
  8. I'm planning on grabbing Jason Vargas (again) mid-week sometime for his start next Sunday @ Miami.
  9. To me, it just seemed that even though Rodgers stats (and underlying numbers) were very good earlier in the season, the Twins we're trying to force the closer role on anyone except him. Due to injuries, and everybody else being terrible, they finally stuck with Rodgers for a while. I can still see him getting some saves sprinkled in when the matchups are right, but it feels like one of those situations where the team would rather lean on the more experienced closer...even if he's not necessarily the best arm in the pen. Then again maybe I'm just bitter because somebody beat me to Romo 🙄
  10. I was mocked the other day when asking if Twins we're heading Romo over Rodgers, but I'm thinking about making the switch now...I feel that the twins never really wanted a lefty closing to begin with, but nobody besides Rodgers could get it done....Enter Romo 😢
  11. I snatched Smith off waivers early this year after someone else gave up on him. I haven't been disappointed. I did think his AVG would be better than it has been, but pair him with a guy like Freddie Freeman, and you have 5 category gold 💰
  12. Romo, not Rodgers, in to close it out for Min tonight 👎
  13. 14 Team H2H Keeper After trading away a lot of my top tier pitchers to upgrade at a couple other positions, my goal was to offload my extra hitters for a solid SP or two (I rarely carry any bench bats.) Here is what I ended up with: Gave: Albies Got: MadBum/ S. Gray I love Albies, and I think he will be a great player, but moving either him, or Hiura made the most sense for my team. I am in first place in my league, and wanted to sure up my pitching a bit before the playoffs. It was definitely a "win now" move as Bumgarner would be $34 to keep next season. Gray is only $4 to keep, so there is potential there from a keeper perspective if he is able to continue doing what he has been doing all season long 🤞
  14. With Yelich banged up, and Puig suspended, I scooped up Tapia for this home stand...Starting in CF tonight and batting 6...all aboard!!
  15. How long of a leash do we think Rodgers has now that Romo is in town?