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  1. Trevor Bauer 2018 Outlook

    Vs Boston today, they clinched last night. They may sit all starters.
  2. Josh James 2018 Outlook

    Oh yiiiiii
  3. Josh James - SP HOU

    I called it
  4. Josh James - SP HOU

    Scheduled to pitch tomorrow with Fresno AAA. Currently astros have no pitcher scheduled for tomorrow. #thingsthatmakeyousayhmmmm
  5. Josh James - SP HOU

    Brad peacock? What a joke.
  6. Drop Jose Abreu?

    I have no room for him and I could pickup a pitcher like Alec mills or Oneill from the cards. You guys think he’s done this season?
  7. August Closer Thread 2018

    Osuna in the 8th? F u hinch
  8. Jose Abreu 2018 Outlook

    Do ppl think this guy will return?
  9. Daniel Poncedeleon 2018 Outlook

    Apparently. Dodgers is a tough matchup.
  10. Stephen Gonsalves - P MIN

    Walks a lot
  11. This enough to trade trout?

    Rough crowd
  12. 12 team redraft 6x6 is this enough to trade trout? trout, marwin g, cano, weaver, cc sabathia for abreu, soto, schoop, buehler, folty. Thoughts?
  13. Big Trout trade

    Trout is hurt, with a wrist injury. This isn’t a keeper league. How would you think trout out produces all those guys?
  14. Big Trout trade

    12 teams redraft 6x6 should I trade trout, m olson, cano, weaver for blackmon, abreu, schoop and folty? Get a better pitcher, I think overall the blackmon side has more production ros. Thoughts?
  15. August Closer Thread 2018

    Rondon over osuna for the save ?