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  1. The punisher is the real deal, they rather be play over vanmeter.
  2. Any opinions? My other 2nd baseman’s would be Villar and La stella.
  3. 12 teams redraft 6x6 trade Mondesi for Kershaw and R Osuna? Who wins?
  4. 12 teams redraft 6x6 was offered sale for acuna, thoughts?
  5. Redraft 12 teams 6x6 trade acuna, soroka, voit for sale and Rizzo. Who wins?
  6. Redraft, 12 teams, 6x6 should I trade acuna and soroka for mondesi and snell? Thoughts?
  7. 12 teams 6x6 redraft trade Segura and soroka for mondesi? Thoughts?
  8. Wonder why Alvarado is back out there and not castillo.
  9. How many innings we looking 160-170? For the season? They may skip some starts so he pitches all year?
  10. I like it you get the best player in the deal
  11. 12 teams redraft 6x6 trade Moncada/Soroka for Jram? thoughts? Soroka looks good but I don’t think he can keep this up, plus on an inning limit, and Moncada has been good but still ks a lot, jram has to get going no?
  12. Where was Trienen??? Sheesh soria blows it.