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  1. I can only keep one... Bryce Harper or Kris Bryant? Which one would you choose? Thanks!
  2. Looking to next year. A team offered me Caleb Smith ($1) & Christian Vazquez ($1) for Bryce Harper. I wouldn't keep Harper next year at his high salary and Caleb Smith is $1 and I can keep him. Same for Vazquez. I tried to deal Harper but the contending teams aren't interested other than one and this is the only offer I can get. Is Caleb Smith worth the potential keep? His numbers look pretty good, even pitching for Miami.
  3. I really like this deal for you. All in all, it’s a pretty fair deal, but I’m all in on Alvarez. Berrios and Soroka are pretty much even... or close enough. Good luck! Help with mine?
  4. I see no reason not to drop Giles for a better option with those guys available. CMart has been really consistent so I would target this first. Good luck!
  5. I am thinking that even in dynasty, team 1 should be getting more for those two. Springer and Merrifield are super valuable and the long-term for his return just does not feel like enough of a return. Help with mine?
  6. Hi guys. Trying to decide if it worth dumping or playing for this year. In 6th and can move either way, although winning is out of the equation at this point. 12-team, 5x5 mixed deep league. I have been offered this... I get F.Tatis ($4), Max Fried ($3) for deGrom ($30), Puig (not keepable) & Mike Minor (not keepable). I hate to lose deGrom for next year, but I think it is a fair deal playing for then. Your thoughts are appreciated!
  7. I grabbed Agrazal and was lucky to get his nice start from the other night. So far he seems like a good pickup, at least for the short-term and hopefully longer. LeClerc seems like the drop here. I am just completely avoiding the Texas closer deal at this point since it is so up in the air anyway. Hope you get him and he kicks butt again (for both you and me)! Good luck!
  8. I agree with the above. I would just wait him but but would NOT drop Eloy. Good luck! Help with mine?
  9. I could move Kevin Newman, Eric Sogard or Leury Garcia into the MI spot where Andrus is now. (I have Machado at SS.) . Also Have those three because I lost Mondesi.
  10. Exactly what he said. I mean, it is reasonable, but depends on whether you prefer the hitting vs, pitching. Murphy is a downgrade at this point. Fair offer though.
  11. Sure, the there is obviously a downgrade in Sale to Ray, but Ray has actually been very good. Also, there is an upgrade from Freeman to Yelich, but I always prefer to go get the better hitters since they start every day. To me this is a coin flip really. I love Yelich though (who wouldn't) so I can say I would probably just go ahead and do this. The deal sounds fine adding Corbin as well. Good luck! Help with mine?
  12. ...Or I could get John Lester over Paxton for Andrus? So, Lester, Paxton or neither?
  13. Hard to say, but I think Fried has a ton of potential but I really like that first pick. I may have to stay put though. Good luck!
  14. Unfortunately, dump deals are a part of the game in keeper leagues. You have to pay up to get the player(s) you want, and it seems like he did just that. I would say, unless there is collusion, no veto.