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  1. Exactly my thoughts on this. Good luck!
  2. I really like Paddack, it I keep hearing about that he has never come close to this amount of innings In his career. They might limit him at some point. That said, Teheran seems to have figured it out, and I really want to trust Pivetta, so I will slot him in there. Help with mine?
  3. Do you think Marquez will get better than he’s been doing so far?
  4. I would definitely take JD for Riley. Thanks for the help with mine.
  5. I would start with DeShields first and then Kiermeier. Polanco and Hamilton really aren't worth much IMO. Thanks for the help with mine.
  6. Hi guys! In my 12-team 5x5 mixed, I could use some decent pitching since mine has been really rough the past few weeks, causing me to drop a lot. I was offered German Marquez, who has been off an on so far, for my Hunter Renfroe, who has been better than I thought for the most part. I have decent hitting overall, but I was wondering your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. I would stay put with what you have, looking at your roster. Thanks for the help with mine.
  8. I think I would have to Reyes over Dietrich here. Definitely worth a try to grab him. Help with mine, please?
  9. Definitely Bauer at this point. Help with mine, please?
  10. 12-Team 5x5 mixed keeper. I am in second place and my starting pitching has been awful lately. With Kenta Hiura being sent down, a team in last offered me Tyler Mahle for him. I don't plan on holding Hiura because I have no idea how long he will be in the minors and don't want to take up a reserve spot for however long. Pull the trigger? Thanks in advance!
  11. I do like both as prospects and it is a bit too early to tell how they will do, but if I had to pick one, I would go for Biggio's pedigree a little more. Good luck and thanks for the help on mine!
  12. Seriously doubt anyone would move Bellinger at this point... with Arenado a close second. I would think with JRam's value right now, it would take a ton more to go for either one. I honestly would stay with JRam for now since Cleveland is starting to play better and I think the stats will come from him. Hope this helps and thanks for the help with mine.
  13. I am in need of some stolen bases, like so many of us are. In my mixed 5x5 12-team deep league, there is literally nothing available in the steals category. I was offered Billy Hamilton for either Mitch Moreland or Kevin Gausman. I am not a huge fan of Hamilton since he is pretty much a one category guy, but I wanted your thoughts. Should I do it? If so, for who? Both Moreland and Gausman are pretty much bench guys anyway for me and easily replaced. Thanks in advance!
  14. B and it’s not close.
  15. I like the idea of you getting a solid closer since there are so few of them out there so far this year. I would go with Vazquez and get Meadows. Then I would add either Fletcher or Sogard. Although I can't see Sogard keeping this up for long, so I lean to Fletcher since he qualifies all over the place.