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  1. Draft just finished. 14-team league with return yards counted. I kept Gurley and Cook. Here's my roster: QB - Dak Prescott RB - Gurley RB - Cook WR - T.Y. Hilton WR - Dede Westbrook WR - Robbie Anderson TE - Jared Cook FLEX - Derrick Henry DEF - Da Bears K - Justin Tucker BENCH: QB - Winston, Brissett RB - Alexander Mattison WR - Ryan Switzer, Alex Erickson, DeAndre Carter (Might I remind you we count return yards) TE - Darren Waller
  2. I like the roster, but also agree with the Ebron thing. Doyle was hurt for a chunk of last season, their point total projections aren't that different. I'd stay away from either of them. Who else is out there at TE? Also, in my 14 team league, when do you think I should try to handcuff Cook with Mattison?
  3. Thanks. Just when I thought I talked myself out of it, lol. I would be incredibly upset with myself though if he stays healthy, so maybe it's better for my own sanity to just keep him and get his handcuff. If anyone glances at this... When would be a good round to target Mattison (Cook's backup) in a 14 team league?
  4. I think it's a nice looking roster. I would just try to stay on the Waiver for a better running back. If you feel comfortable doing so, it wouldn't be a bad idea to grab a backup RB behind someone that's injury proned.
  5. BUMP, WHIR if I think it will help.
  6. Here's my situation: 14 team league, standard roster with a flex spot. The only thing weird about this league is we count return yards, both kicks and punts, at the standard 1 point/10 yards. I have Gurley, who I feel I'd be stupid not to keep, and Cook. I have some insider information that I know Tyler Lockett is not being kept. I'm projecting there will be about 6-8 picks before I get my 2nd round pick. I wouldn't be that shocked if someone went for him before me, but with the players still on the board, I don't think they will. I'm projecting that the likes of JuJu, Ertz, Fournette, Amari Cooper, etc would still be on the board. ESPN is projecting the return yards into their scoring projections now and they have Lockett as a Top-2 WR. He was 5th last year in this league with only 3 points between him and the 3 way tie for 2nd at 213 points. So my plan is to dump Cook, and go for Lockett in the 2nd round. Thoughts? Advice if Locket is grabbed? And should I roll the dice on Cook for a 3rd year and just try to handcuff him (if he's still there for my 2nd pick)? There's no rules against re-drafting him if I don't keep him, to my knowledge. Thanks, guys! (attached my keeper predictions) Projected Keepers.xlsx
  7. Yeah, I'd be shocked if you missed the playoffs. Nice draft.
  8. It depends a lot on who is still there. But that sounds like a decent plan. I'd go WR/WR unless someone as good as Gurley falls to you. I've never played PPR, but Gurley does catch a lot of screens in that offense.
  9. I agree it is almost unheard of to get fantasy production from a rookie TE. As a Lions fan, I have my fingers crossed, but I'm staying away from him in a 14-team league. I will say they have been lining him up outside though in practices which will be fun to watch. Keep in mind though, the Lions also signed Jesse James, so he'll be sharing targets in that aspect. It's a safe drop IMO.
  10. I agree with Johnson. I have Gurley and Cook in a 14-team league and I'm VERY on the fence about keeping Cook (who would replace my 2nd pick, since I'm definitely keeping Gurley).