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  1. I'd have to agree with most above Gordon, Callaway and Burton Although Gordon is a clear boom or bust especially on a new team... I'd be surpirsed if he really did much, but those are some real tough choices
  2. Hey Fellas, I need some advice for the following in a Standard 12 team(Team in signature) Basically as you can see my bench RB's have not been helping me out much, so I was offer the following trade: Trading my Julian Edelman for HIS Gio Bernard Not certain, thought maybe Mixon could potentially be out a while Please let me know, Will help in return Thanks!
  3. Linup help, help me pick 6 please!

    I would start Lynch over McCaffrey, he has a terrible matchup Unless it is a PPR
  4. Hey Fellas, I need some advise for the following in a PPR In the playoffs of a PPR league, need to start 2 out of 3 of these guys Bernard vs. CHI Morris @NYG Drake vs. NE Please let me know, Will help in return Thanks!
  5. Pierre Garcon 2017 Outlook

    The Julio Jones, Josh Gordon and..... 2013 Pierre Garcon role of the Kyle Shanahan offense if you will
  6. Sean Manaea 2017 Outlook

    Starting to wonder if this guy will ever get a good match up?