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  1. Team A in the below link needs an owner in this 9th year keeper, ppr, free espn league. This team has the 11th pick. You can choose to keep up to 3 players and lose either rounds 1, 2, 3 depending on how many players kept. Or keep none and retain all draft picks and select from the available player pool during the draft. Please leave email below or send me a direct message as I need to fill this spot right now.
  2. This team is the 11th pick but depending on number of keepers, you lose rounds 1, 2, 3 if you keep up to 3 players.
  3. An owner is needed for Team A in this 9th year league. This is a keeper, ppr, free league with standard scoring settings. Please review the link below and leave email if interested.
  4. Free league in its 9th season has 2 teams available: Team A and Team C (see link below). This is a keeper league with pretty standard PPR scoring. You can keep 3 players max each season and a single player can only be kept up to 3 years on the same team. Draft pick trading prior to the draft is enabled. The draft will be held in late August pending a vote and is live snake format (attendance required). Please reply with the team of your choice and an email below or message me directly. Any further questions please reply below and I will respond and add owners in the next few days.
  5. Teams A and D remaining for anyone interested. Even though a team may not have keeper worthy players the free agent pool has a good number to choose from come draft day. Also this is a free league if I didn't already mention.
  6. Invite sent. Any players on those four teams are eligible for keeps, meaning less than 3 years at this time. However, if you want to see the exact # of years refer to this link
  7. 4 teams are available in this 8th year keeper league (Teams A, B, C, D). First person to leave their email with their team of choice below will be sent an invite. Please carefully review this link for all league information Scoring settings are pretty standard with 1 point PPR and you can keep a maximum of 3 players per year with a 3 year limit on individual players. You lose your 1st round pick if you keep 1 player, 1st and 2nd if you keep 2 players, 1st through 3rd if you keep 3 players. You can choose to keep none and retain all draft picks and draft pick trading is enabled prior to the draft which is set for Aug. 26 evening. Any further questions please leave below and I will respond within 24 hrs or sooner.
  8. Emergency! Draft in less than an hour! Owner needed!