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  1. I have 3 closers and need that big arm so trading Kimbrel is less concerning as I think closers are hard to trade the later the season gets anyway. If Paddack wasn't on a innings limit I wouldn't even consider this but I'm on the fence. Thoughts?
  2. Anybody think this guy can be something?
  3. Suppose to be activated from the DL today I believe.
  4. I think I heard the POP all the way in Illinois!
  5. This looks like the Bieber situation from last week to me!
  6. This makes me so happy, I traded Matt Harvey for him right before his first save and right after Harvey's first start. I just had to share this!
  7. Maybe dicka24 is in a little bit deeper league than you? You ever think of that?
  8. JD Davis is killing it in the same outfield as Tucker! I could see him getting the call before Tucker. I believe he started the season with the big club also.
  9. After just 1/3 of an inning last night, I was hoping he was going to get to stay in for the 9th atleast. But nope.
  10. If Atlanta continues to play well I could see them leaving Acuna down for a while longer.
  11. What is everyone's thoughts on Kela?
  12. Its a 11 team auction, I paid 30 for Marte and Hoskins went for 27.