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  1. That's crazy, you have a point there. Honestly I think Mixon has a lot of talent too, those numbers are hard to believe. Walton could get run and still not produce good numbers. I think though since he's never been given that opportunity everyone would want to see what he can do.
  2. McCoy isn't good enough to be a workhorse back? Wow, ok. His career numbers say otherwise. If you polled a lot of the best defensive players in the NFL I guarantee you they would say McCoy has been one of the better offensive players in the NFL since he entered the league. Is he as good as he was on the Eagles? Probably not but he still can play in this league at a high level. I sincerely doubt McCoy told Andy Reid that he wants to be a part time player. If given the chance he would surely do very well if given a larger role moving forward.
  3. McCoy has played well and WOULD put up top 10 RB numbers easily if he was given the volume. There in lies the problem, when you're only getting 10 touches a game and constantly being subbed out.
  4. Hopefully Tannehill targets Davis quite a bit and they start to build a rapport. Everyone is thinking since Tannehill focused so much on Landry out of the slot in Miami that he'll do the same with Humphries in Tennessee.
  5. Walton should be owned in all 12 team leagues. He has the opportunity to become a 20 touch 3 down back, it's going to be up to him to prove it. Miami knows what they have in Drake and will be looking to develop players who will be on the team next season. I can see Walton turning into an RB3. If Drake is traded and Walton performs well then who knows.
  6. I don't see that at all. DWill has never been a great runner until he put some good games together last year. He doesn't have great vision and never really developed into a pure RB. He was always a niche player, your typical 3rd down back. People only look at half a season and forget the years he was in Miami and had plenty of opportunity to be a #1 type back.
  7. Breaking News: Chiefs release Damien William's Sign Jackie Battle and name him starting RB
  8. Anthony Sherman surpassed Damien William's on the depth chart!
  9. We need a gif for Tyreek Hill trying to give Andy Reed a hug hahaha
  10. Flacco's pass read progression: 1- Throw to Sutton 2 - Get sacked
  11. Might as well run the wildcat with Tyreek Hill vs let Moore try and get you down the field
  12. I thought all the RBs were benched? There's a new one on every play