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  1. He looked real accurate vs the Raiders last week lol. Go ahead and hold onto those college stats, when he starts looking like the worst QB in the league you can always refer to them and say he's just a rookie. I bet the Defensive Coordinator for whoever the Cards play week 1 is absolutely salivating with all the looks he'll give Murray. They're guaranteed to confuse him.
  2. No he's not. There's D ends that will chase him down and he'll find out pretty quick that all that running around doesn't work in the NFL. Apparently he has issues with the complexities of NFL plays and that big clock that ticks down. I'm sure the coaching staff will hold billboards with pictures to help him learn the playbook.
  3. You don't have to listen to me. Watch his 1st game this year. This isn't college, he's going to have to throw the ball under pressure in the pocket which he can't do. At 5 10" he's going to have a very difficult time seeing down the field. Can Murray even take a snap under center?
  4. Are people really considering drafting Murray in fantasy? I said it from day 1 Murray is going to be a colossal NFL bust. I wouldn't have drafted him in the 6th round of the NFL draft. He's a great athlete not a quarterback. Sooner or later he'll have to throw from the pocket and I expect turnovers galore when he does. Bad accuracy and can't see over the linemen. Did anyone see Murray in the last game, this guy doesn't even know how to call a play. He had no awareness of the play clock on numerous occasions, looked like he had no idea what he was doing. The coach is bringing some college system that is going to get his QBs killed. That system will get demolished by an NFL defense just like Chip Kelly's did.
  5. A 33 year old Adrian Peterson is still extremely fast once he breaks in the open field. If you think he's slow you're sadly mistaken. You quoted a lot of stats that didn't prove what I said was wrong. So 4 different RB's broke off a 90+ yard run last year, which one do you consider slow?
  6. I hope you know I was being sarcastic with this guy who said Henry was slow. Look at my original post.
  7. You're a superstar or maybe just a 12 year old. Let's all just face the music in here, Henry is a slow plodding runner who gains 2-3 yards a carry.
  8. He doesn't have elite speed yet breaks long runs for touchdowns while out running DB's. How many RB's that aren't considered fast can break off a 90+ yard run? Go ahead, I'm waiting....
  9. As far as pure runners go in the NFL, Henry has to be considered at the top. Size/Speed/Power combo is as good as it gets. Obviously RB's like Barkley or L.Bell are more dynamic as far as being a pass catcher but pure running the ball Henry is as good as it gets. I bet if you were to poll the best NFL LB's and asked them what RB they have the hardest time with they'll tell you Henry. Any time you have a big back the size of LB's who can outrun DB's that's saying something. Anyone who knows football knows it starts up front, so I can see someone arguing that the line play won't be as good as last year so that's why they're downgrading his projections for this year. I think that's totally reasonable.
  10. 11 Teams paid for, 1 spot left Snake Draft is scheduled for Sun, Sep 1 at 1:00 PM 1st place - $700 2nd place - $350 3rd place - $150 for invite