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  1. Complete bust. I don't see the situation improving, unless Hyde gets hurt. I'll let him be someone else's problem. Good bye
  2. Duke Johnson is about to hit the waiver. See ya
  3. I need JuJu to have a good game so i can trade him
  4. Anyone like Cardinals defense vs the Cam Newton less Panthers?
  5. Currently have Jax in the lineup. Eagles DEF vs Lions and Cardinals DEF vs Panthers are available. Which one would yall go with?
  6. This has been a weird season where you got guys drafted mid-late rounds outproducing players drafted in the early rounds
  7. He’ll be in my lineup moving forward. Like what i saw from him
  8. This is going down as the worst week in fantasy I’ve ever had
  9. Yea McLaurin is legit. Welcome to my starting lineup