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  1. Kolby Allard - SP ATL

    Is that confirmed?
  2. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    I am in a ESPN H2H Categories league. He is currently the 34th Best OF on the full season. That is cumulative stats for the year and hes only played half the games!
  3. Corbin Burnes 2018 Outlook

    I really hope not!!! He has been great in the BP and is SP eligible.
  4. Blake Snell 2018 Outlook

    Would be perfect if he comes back for the baltimore start!!
  5. Blake Snell 2018 Outlook

    was supposed to be tomorrow. will now be god knows when.
  6. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options - Week 15

    Any suggestions on Catchers? Gattis only has 3 games (2 off days, 2 in colorado) this week and 4 games next week (3 days in LAD)?
  7. Evan Gattis 2018 Outlook

    Not to mention 3 days @LAD the following week. Sucks because my playoffs start and out of 2 week playoffs I will be missing Gattis for 7 days!!
  8. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    Buy. Might be a biased opinion, but he has shown no ill effects from previous injuries.
  9. Evan Gattis 2018 Outlook

    Any chance Gattis starts at Catcher vs Rockies. Gonna suck if he misses 4 days of play next week with the off days on Monday and Thursday.
  10. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    Thanks for the Burnes call! Might scoop him up
  11. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    Anyone come out of the blue recently? I did pick up Caleb Ferguson.
  12. Demarco Murray 2018 Outlook


    LMAO!!! If you had to deal with my league January wouldnt be soon enough!
  14. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options - Week 15

    2/5 with a double and rbi as well yesterday.... LETS KEEP IT ROLLING!!!
  15. ESPN does not allow you to do multiple matchups a week. is there anywhere else where you can for free? Any alternates? Thank you!