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  1. It doesnt work. Same as soto last year
  2. Never Mind - Just saw hes confirmed as BR
  3. Am I missing something with nico goodrum? Hes been amazing for a good stretch now.
  4. Sell high. I have him for five years in a dynasty league. What kind of value would you be exprcting?
  5. Would you have traded soto last year?
  6. Traded away AP, Thompson and Rudolph Received Kelce Full PPR Team After Trade: Gordon Breida Jones Green Allen Diggs Hilton Boyd Godwin Kelce Rivers/WW
  7. 100% Luck on Draft Day - 0% Skill 0% Luck In season Roster Management - 100% Skill!!!!
  8. A bad game from Kareem Hunt. Javorious Allen did his job by getting less than 10 points.
  9. bot nobody in their division is even remotely threatening.
  10. Outside of Kelce and Ertz no other TE is getting you anything more than adequate. Outside of Gronk the performances aren't even adequate though.
  11. NO!! Dalton's schedule coming up is amazing. Aim higher, trade wilson and get a better player.
  12. This trade is completely fine. Woods and Dion for Julio (that is how i look at it). Why wouldnt you, if the guy needs depth. Need a bit more info, but this trade is not vetoable. Now this would be vetoable if it was lewis for julio straight.
  13. But it literally hasnt made a difference yet. Even vs bills his sole td went to rudolph. Red zone is all Rudolph.
  14. Why wouldn't you? Rams aren't great against TEs.
  15. I am in a ESPN H2H Categories league. He is currently the 34th Best OF on the full season. That is cumulative stats for the year and hes only played half the games!
  16. I really hope not!!! He has been great in the BP and is SP eligible.
  17. Would be perfect if he comes back for the baltimore start!!