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  1. Am I crazy to bench Rodgers and think they will pull him at half time? My other option is Baker Mayfield
  2. Do I pull that trigger?? I feel Rodgers isn’t going to play a full game. I’m favored to win but favored means crap if my guys don’t perform
  3. Non ppr everyone has Pettis ranked higher, I feel with Allen back. Williams might be td dependent only tonight
  4. Starting Baker over Rodgers. And I’m not even second guessing it. Non ppr my wrs are a tough one now. With the news Juju might be out: do I play mike Williams tonight and roll with hopefully juju plays tomorrow or keep Williams out tonight . Or wait till tomorrow and play Pettis over mike Williams and if juju don’t play I’m stuck with Goodwin to play also then
  5. Am I crazy to even think about starting Lamar Jackson over Rodgers at Chicago ?
  6. Non ppr for my 4th WR who do you roll with Pettis vs Seahawks goodwin vs Seahawks mike Williams vs chiefs
  7. Non ppr. Need a fourth wr. Trying to knock off number 1 seed mike Williams Pettis marquise Goodwin
  8. Yes I need to start one. I lost green and now looking for a fourth wr I have Hopkins, juju,diggs and need a 4th wr
  9. Alshon was dropped in our league , non ppr is he worth picking up ? Or is it better to ride Pettis or Samuel for my 4th wr/te spot??
  10. Non ppr Mike Williams callaway Sutton david Moore from seattle Samuel