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  1. Nobody thats had any sort of success wants to play with bronbron. Dudes an amazing player, but geez thats telling. How many "sure thing" signigs amd vets were supposed to happen? Buwahahahaha
  2. Reports saying stoudemire and ellis also looking to sign. Its all coming together. Had to double check not april 1st
  3. Vegas odds arent based on whats going to happen, but on what will get people to wager the most money, and be wrong about it
  4. His rookie year will be better than kobe career numbers? Maybeee
  5. 34 and grew up there, so im used to winning, not being the west coast knicks. 3 more years of bronbron, so there is an expiration date on this "superteam". As a fan would you be happy with what we gave up and 2nd round exits?
  6. What are people's minimum expectations, with the future completely sold is it finals or bust? As i fan i know ill be pissed if we traded everything+ picks and dont win it all. Especially since there will be no young talent coming in for a while.
  7. Yeah, as long as bronbron enters playoff-mode...😂 Seriously tho, if there are ANY injuries it will be worse than last year.
  8. IRL pujols needs to go. Cant believe he is going to retire <.300 avg. I guess he wants the counting stats, which is cool. But man is he a shell.
  9. Eh, but if they dont get signed to huge deals people bitch that owners are keeping "the poor players" down. And then there is the union and media complaining that people arent getting huge deals, forgetting all the trash ones that are out there. Didnt the angels just finish paying Hamilton?!
  10. If theyre right will you post the list and admit their superiority? Dude hasnt lived up to hype.
  11. Phillies arent paying $330 for a dude to walk a lot.
  12. I love how casual 1b is, like he knew manny was going to make an amazing play and drop the ball right in his glove, no trying needed.
  13. It's weird cause he has one of the best agents in the world, so maybe he just wanted to get paid. Someone should tell him how dumb he is.
  14. Long term Vlad might go the way of Prince fielder. Tatis has more real world value than fantasy I think, but could be really really good. Id rather have him under a logn term, build around kinda guy.