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  1. I would start anyone against the falcons.
  2. No way they get 1+ trade value from him. On the plus side, he has a catch!!
  3. Its crazy how much hate this dude gets. Theres really bad qbs out there like Dalton that deserve it so much more.
  4. On pace for But didnt do it. Thats kind of my point. He hasnt done it yet. Maybe he he will, but he hasnt. Unless your league extrapolated for him he didnt go 904/8, so who cares?
  5. What about the previous years? Lets be real, dude has all the hype and measurables, except producing at an nfl level.
  6. Minus for ft will really make some guys DnD, like Lonzo. I guess if you really wanted to shake it up it would be exciting. It would def. Make c/pf selection different. Try making turnovers count for more, they always seem low to me conpared to points value of other stats (in general not your settings).
  7. No one is trading for cam. Well, maybe a mg3 owner if you toss something else in.
  8. 34/565/5 10th overall te isnt "too good". I dropped him.
  9. Cause Ron is a gamblin' man and has to keep his reputation as a risk taker. Hate him as a coach.
  10. If it was only 1 game id agree. Dudes been in the league for YEARS. This is who he is. Opposing teams dont beed to worry about him, and that hurts juju.
  11. What has Darnold done better than Bortles at this point? What an odd comparison
  12. I got him 3.1 If he is back to being healthy i think ill win the league. I knew there was no way he would make it back to me and felt like throwing caution to the wind.
  13. If there ever was a team to not waive the fines it would be the chargers. They (along with titans) are super cheap in contracts.
  14. I dont think you know what floor means.