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  1. One more spot opened. Drafting today. Let me know.
  2. Replied. I likely have just one spot remaining if anyone else is interested.
  3. 12 team Yahoo league with weekly $20 high score winners. 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1D/ST, 1K, 7 bench, and 1 IR. .5 PPR and FAAB waivers. Snake draft and all money is hosted on LeagueSafe with majority rules payouts. League has been running for 12 years now. 1 spot open for now. Will need payment ASAP. Draft is set for this coming Saturday, August 31st, at 3PM EST. Please contact me here or at
  4. 2 spots open. Looking for people who will pay immediately.
  5. Full, but looking for replacements for people who haven't paid yet. If you are interested, I have three spots for managers who haven't paid yet that I'm willing to open up.
  6. Been running leagues for over 13 years now and wanted to create one with a little bit higher buy-in. This would be the startup year of a 14 team superflex league with a $250 buy-in. Each year has a required 50% deposit on the following year to ensure league health, which will allow one year of future draft pick trading. First year fees include $250 annual entry + 50% deposit for year 2 of $125 + MFL site fee of approximately $6 for a total of $381. Following years would be the remaining $125 after the deposit + $125 for the next year + site fee of ~$6 for a total of $256. League is hosted on MFL and money would be through LeagueSafe with majority rules payouts. Winners are first through third with a dynasty pot and draft order each year is set by reverse order of most potential points outside of playoff participants. .5 PPR, TE premium, 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1SF, 2FLEX, 1D/ST League site is here: where you can check out the settings and league rules. I'm still tweaking a few things here and there, but I wanted to start getting the word out as I am shooting to start the slow draft in mid-June. Message me here or at