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  1. Thanks for the help Agreed go for it but I think you'll have issues with making that trade. I have Sutton/McLaurin/Kirks higher than Cooks. I think Sutton probably has the highest name value right now given he's No 1 in Denver but would try flipping McLaurin as well?
  2. I think Darius Slayton has potential for play value even starting this year so would prioritize him and then one of the 3 handcuffs you mentioned. Not in a keeper league so unfortunately can't offer much more help there. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks for the help. I think from a value perspective you're getting decent value (although probably losing the better play of the 3) but helps your WRs+ I have to think LAC turns it around a bit. Not sure when your playoffs starts but I looked at remaining games and NO is 27th (i.e. higher difficulty) for RBs https://fftoolbox.fulltimefantasy.com/football/strength_of_schedule.cfm?type=l&sortby=RB
  4. Hey - I'm pretty set at RB (Have CMC, Dalvin Cook, Ekeler with fliers on Latavius Murray/Jamal Williams) but don't love my WRs (Diggs, Courtland Sutton, Robert Woods, DJ Moore, Golden Tate, Terry McLaurin) I'm looking to trade into a WR1 and currently have an offer for Dhop for Ekeler/Diggs. I'm not crazy high on either (Ekeler because of Gordon's carries, Diggs imo is overperforming because of Thielen injury). Would you do this? If not are there other 2 for 1s you'd suggest EDIT: FYI - I'm 7-1 so not hurting to make a change either
  5. I like Deebo both for this week and going forward. He's played in more snaps and there are talks of Pettis' pectoral injury. Although he'll be in a time share I think he'll solidify his position moving forward. Thanks for the help.
  6. We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex My RBs: CMC, Dalvin Cook, Ekeler so I always have 2 strong RBs and 1 flex option with Ekeler usually. My WR's are pretty weak - I drafted Stefon Diggs, Robert Wood, DJ Moore and picked up Terry McLaurin. Bit worried Terry won't be able to keep up this pace if DWayne Haskins starts so looking for a more solid WR1 option.
  7. I would do it for all of the reasons listed above. Sanders feels too good to drop but not good enough to start. Mattison strategically makes sense.
  8. Hey all, Hoping to gauge Ekeler's trade value right now with the news that MG is coming back. I think they'll be at a 50/50 split this week but going forward not entirely sure. I still think his value will be about a RB3/Flex spot but not sure whereabouts to trade him. I have a hypothetical deal in place for Juju right now - not sure if I love that given what he's shown with Mason Rudolph but want to see thoughts on the deal or where other Ekeler owners are pegging trade targets. Thanks all, WHIR.