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  1. Maybe they’ll just save him for the playoffs where he runs for, oh, 336 yards and 6 TD’s.
  2. King Yordan. Forgot to take him out of my lineup today.......
  3. Didn’t mean to imply he only played 1 snap. Sorry I needed to clarify this. And what does you living in Atlanta have to do with knowing more about Coleman? I love how people throw this around as to give them more credibility or something. Never mind the fact that there’s NFL Sunday ticket to catch EVERY single game if you’d like. And local fan forums as well. The internet is a neat thing. But since you “live” in Atlanta, then you would know to expect the inevitable Coleman “limp” off the field routine. He’s good for at least one a game.....Unfortunately you won’t be able to see that for at least another 5 weeks or so.
  4. Misleading. You can play 1 snap and still count as a game played. Watch T-Coleman play every game. You’ll know what I mean.
  5. I think he means he’ll just get hurt again. Mr. Glass.
  6. 1. So you’re saying 2 snaps is it this year. From their 3rd round pick. Ok. 2. Or what if Gurley’s role expands to prior Gurley? Or stays at 70% but Henderson gets a couple more than 2 snaps? 3. I never said never. I’m just saying I wouldn’t bet on stand alone value.
  7. I don’t know, he only got 21 snaps (27%) to Gurley’s 54 snaps (70%). Sure, he’s a must handcuff and add in case of a Gurley injury. But stand alone value? Without the GL vultures, you’re not gonna get much production with a 27% snap count. Not to mention Henderson only had 2 snaps and he’s bound to get more.
  8. He’s getting 32 TD’s. Don’t you know?
  9. I don’t disagree with you. It’s why I mentioned I want no part of this backfield. BUT at the right price, I’d take a shot on Breida. That price was not right in my draft.
  10. How about “ALMOST EVERY” game I’ve watched of his? There’s a limp in pretty much all of them. Look back to week 16 last year for the most recent one.
  11. The number of games is very misleading when you factor in how many times he checks out of games he actually plays in. I don’t consider that durable at all. And that’s why u rarely see lead back volume. You have to actually be able to play to get volume.
  12. Hate to bring this up but it’s like clockwork with this guy. One of the most predictable guys in the league.
  13. Oh he went in alright. In the dog house.
  14. Overreaction time. Can’t believe I let these “publications” and projection sites cloud my mind rather than going with my own analysis/feeling. I know it’s only 1 game but I favored Cook over this guy. Better team, 2 years removed from knee injury, addition of Kubiak. I don’t know if I’ll ever learn.