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  1. When Judge is doing well or being consistent there are not many comments at all. Has a rough day, suddenly everyone feels compelled to comment. Feels like a lot of people want him to fail tbh. (For those that don't own any shares in fantasy at least)
  2. My boy Judge. Looking at his plate discipline numbers, I noticed he's swinging a lot less and I recall last year when he noticed the same thing and made a conscious effort to be more aggressive. I wonder if he'll turn that on again or this is a conscious effort to become even more selective.
  3. I think that's a good description of what we are seeing, if you watch his at bats, he definitely looks more refined.
  4. Where's the love for my boy Aaron? 3-4 against Sale including a homerun? A lot has been made about Judge's 2018 outlook and how he would regress from what he achieved last year, while that is very likely considering the heights at which he reached last season, you have to be encouraged by what you are seeing from him right now. Am I the only one? Still early of course.