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  1. Who do u think will outperform the other
  2. Thank u for the prayers. Me and my AL-Only brothers and sisters have to go through dumpsters sometimes
  3. Not saying he's awesome, but his ERA was a bit inflated from getting smoked in a few innings while with Seattle
  4. Straily out. Armstrong in. Man on 1st. Armstrong proceeds to walk the next batter.
  5. Potential moment of truth in Baltimore. Or they can stick with Straily who has actually been pitching decent for 4 innings in relief. Check that, Straily in it for the 9th. Of course
  6. I think Branden Kline is better than all of them
  7. Mike Pelfrey. The only guy that would consistently be on the wire in my AL-Only league despite having a 2 start week. And somehow managed to get 2 teams from the same division to fork over contracts for a reason I've yet to pinpoint
  8. I don't understand the Mookie will not be worth keeping after this year narrative. Are u allowed only one keeper?
  9. Do u really have no other options in regards to a drop? Isn't there a hitter that could get the axe?
  10. Owning 3 catchers is super sweet. Outside of Sanchez it's pretty nasty. These 3 jump out though, but all have questions in regards to playing time, long-term skill, etc. How do u see these guys performing ROS?
  11. I would be dropping Beckham for Lowe. Was trying to figure out who would have more value between the 2
  12. Who is a better stash? I have Andrelton Simmons as a SS. Pretty vanilla. Tin Beckham has flashed before. Brandon Lowe is really trending, but I don't really need a 2B or OF. But maybe the upside is too much to pass. What say you?
  13. I've been a die-hard fantasy guy for years. I usually roll with Fangraphs, Razzball, and these forums for my fantasy strategies and player updates. Has anyone taken the leap and paid for a service? Prospectus and Sporsline intrigue me because they have developed systems in analyzing future production from a player. The only other time I ponied up money was for Shandler's Baseball Forecaster. I just bought the book, and was lukewarm on it. What say you? I'm fine going the free route. Have done quite well, but am just curious of outside the box views