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  1. I'm doubting he has much impact this year. With White out today I have a injury spot I could fill with him to pick up another player. Should I keep Guice, or move on
  2. I'd go Winston. I think San Fran runs a lot today
  3. Looking for a lottery ticket play. We start a mix of WR/TE, so I don't need to start one technically. Basically I'm asking who would I be putting a waiver for on Wednesday
  4. I'm a Cleveland homer. Our defense isn't that great. And the next few weeks are going to suck
  5. U were offered Kamara? What are u doing here, and not there accepting?
  6. I'd do it, but hound the wires for rb help. Because ur really thin there obviously
  7. A few years ago this would have been a sexy question. I would because Freeman sucks. Gore isn't very good, but he will bellcow this week
  8. I would for one week. I have White, and watched the game last week. NE backs are really hard to rely on. Brown being gone helps though
  9. For a dice roll I'd do it. I'm not into Sanders at all. And in a 10 team there should be WR depth on the wire