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  1. Thanks for mine. Anderson/Bernard/Murray for me. I actually kind of like CJ this year, a guy I will be targeting.
  2. Thanks for mine. This one is close but it's Gurley for me also.
  3. I should say that as of now, I know Kamara, McKinnon, Howard, and Davante are going to be kept, all guys who potentially could go before my pick at the 24/25 turn which pushes Mixon up into that 18-24 range.
  4. Melvin, Julio, and Ertz Help?
  5. No, take who is ever left over between Bell and Gurley Personally, I'm not even looking at QB until the 8th Rd at the earliest. Makes no difference that TD's are worth 6 pts. The difference between the #1 and #12 QB is about 4.3 points per week. The difference between the #1 and #12 RB is about 6.8 points per week. Load up at the skill positions and worry about QB later, and play the matchups if you need to stream. Help?
  6. I'd keep Cook, and agree with a poster above about taking Fournette with your pick. Then forget about RB and load up at WR after that. Help?
  7. Are there Rds associated to the keepers? If not, yes AB and LeVeon
  8. I have the 1st pick in a redraft on Friday, need to submit my keeper by tonight, only get to keep 1. I'm taking LeVeon or Gurley at 1 and my keeper options are: Mixon - 2nd Robert Woods - 10th Aaron Jones - 14th I was on Aaron Jones all off season but the last couple weeks I've been all over Mixon. Would just like some input before I make my final decision. WHIR
  9. Man, that's close. I'd probably lean Henry though. Help?
  10. Yeah, it's AB for me. If you get an end of the 1st Rd pick you're golden. Help?
  11. PPR, I have the 1st pick in the re-draft, and taking either LeVeon or Gurley. 2RB, 2WR and 1 RB/WR/TE flex position Mixon for a 2nd Rd Aaron Jones for a 14th Rd Robert Woods for a 10th Rd Cam for a 7th Rd Big Ben for a 10th Rd Leaning Aaron Jones but the 2 game suspension worries me, and Mixon has crept into my mind recently. But my thought on Mixon is I could draft him in the 2nd and keep one of the others as his ADP is right around the 2nd/3rd Rd turn.