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  1. I have Steph, Ayton and Trae as my 1st 2nd and 3rd round picks. I'll quit playing fantasy.
  2. We are having our annual rookie draft. Unfortunately, I'll be picking 15th this year. Best available are B Fernando, PJ Washington, R Langford, D Windler and Cameron Johnson. Who has the best future on this list?
  3. That is why i hate early drafts. He could miss atleast first 10 games.
  4. towns and embiid will have the same stats. easily a top5 if not injury prone
  5. 17/11/3 with no stocks on 50/73 shooting
  6. I think his reb will improve to 7-8 this year. Not good but also not that bad.
  7. Labissiere. Hezonja can also play at 4. But I dont think they will impact Collins playing time this year
  8. Got him 72nd overall in our 18team $league. Excited for next season. Only weakness is he's always in foul trouble.
  9. I also dont believe hes a punt assist player. last year he post a career high 3.4apg. If you own KAT / Davis, you dont need to punt any cat
  10. Will probably consider picking Klay last rounds..
  11. Why do you need to punt blocks when it is one of his strenghts??
  12. well i like schroders 17/4/5 than SGA's 12/3/4 line
  13. What are your thoughts on him this coming season. I think Mavs will be better this year with luka/delon/porzingis together. My projection will be 44% fg 76% ft 1 3pm 15.2ppg 5.6rpg 7apg 1.7spg 0.5bpg 2to