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  1. Actually played more snaps than Gore this week. Snap count seems to be trending up and his TD was a receiving play designed specifically for him. They are also running down the field plays for him that were just a bit overthrown or well defended this week. I think we see a better Drake ROS. I started him over Josh Adams this past week. I'll start him again this week. Miami plays much better at home than on the road. Early season games at NE make Miami look inept.
  2. This. The drive he was injured on, they passed on every single play until his injury (which was a dumpoff pass). There were still 8 minutes left in the game at that point. The last few weeks, Tomlin has just been abandoning the run when the Steelers get in any kind of trouble.
  3. Patriot News and Penn Live is a Pennsylvania newspaper based out of Harrisburg. They cover the Steelers, Eagles, Penn State football very closely. I’d believe their information personally. Source: live in Pa.
  4. Not making the playoffs with Tyreek Hill, Diggs, JuJu, James Conner starting for me on a weekly basis. Top 4 in points for. Most points against by a largeeee margin. Tyreek got me 5 points tonight. Goff got me 11. Cost me my season.
  5. Think about this week. Conner and Hunt taken from owners the same weekend. Right before playoffs. AJ Green comes back to be done for the season. Melvin Gordon injured week before final week of fantasy regular season. At the end of the day, no matter how much research and how smart you think you are, this game is literally all luck.
  6. I need 25 points from the Eagles defense hahahaha Consolation bracket here I come!
  7. Yep. Benching for Humphries or Drake.
  8. I agree with BB trying to take away Thielen. I am nervous about Diggs but am planning to start him. if I get cold feet later this morning I have Humphries to put in. Between that right now. Diggs is going to get you 18+ or 6 this week. Guys like Davis or Humphries in my case should be around 10ish. Depends if you want to floor or ceiling.
  9. My other option is Drake. In the same boat.
  10. I started him over JuJu last week for the floor and it backfired. Juju vs Harris seemed worse than Humphries vs the Niners. I’d still start him over the no brainers but not sure I’d get carried away getting too cute and plugging him in over known commodities.
  11. I’m at the point where I may play Humphries over Diggs tomorrow due to Diggs’ injury. Humphries won’t give me the homerun Diggs would, but his floor is around 10 points in .5 PPR. He got me 14 last week in a spot start at flex. I’d take that all day.
  12. I may play Jameis over Goff this week and then cut bait if I get into the playoffs.
  13. Well, yeah he has two more years, he was just drafted!