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  1. pretty tight spread on the average prediction there
  2. Lovin the hype Brockster. Wanna take a swing at some projections?
  3. "The Cock's" best season was in 2017 where he appeared in 34 games, 21 of which were starts. The obvious concern is that he has never pitched over 132 innings in a season. He's a low risk late round flier that I think could give you some great ratios & wins early in roto and could tip a few matchups in H2H. Stros sure have a great track record with starters.
  4. Worked very easily last year, not sure what your question is. Since it's not Ohtani related feel free to DM me.
  5. Since Yahoo's use of Ohtani is just stupid we decided that he be considered 1 player. The owner can use either the pitcher or the hitter version without punishment of 2 roster slots. The fact he was dropped in a 16 team full dynasty and not picked up immediately is odd...
  6. Am I crazy in that I do not understand why this guy is not available as a hitter in Yahoo? It's a dynasty where the owner only has to control either pitcher or hitter roster slot but only the pitcher option is available. Am I missing something?? Is it because he's DH only and our league doesn't have UT spots?
  7. We may have a new Mayor of Ding Dong City on our hands.
  8. It's crazy how prevalent this thought process is. I think a big part of it is Rockies' youngsters being overvalued early because of the Coors' bump.
  9. The best draft strategy is to always have a player ranking before the draft and I would put a strong emphasis on this ranking being variable based on your scoring system & league settings. You can never predict what other managers are going to do and your draft can derail very quickly if you go into saying "I'm drafting this person."
  10. This Rockies fan is as happy as humanly possible, we locked up our boy!!
  11. Among players with 250+ ABs last year Dexter Fowler finished 14th from last with a whopping 62 WRC+. Looking at the guys around him he had about as bad a season as possible. That on top of his -8.6 Def has to lead one to believe his leash will be short enough to give O'Neill a chance. On top of that Fowler is always banged up with an average of 115 games a year.
  12. Has this roto darling reached post hype sleeper status, or is he just a bench bat with no clear path to ABs? Heading into his age 24 season Happ's peripherals last season are some of the hardest to read. Love the 15.2 walk rate, hate the 36.1 K rate... Love the 38% hard hit rate, hate the 39.6 GB rate... Love the versatility, hate his usage... In a dynasty I am holding on tight, but avoiding like the plague in redrafts.
  13. Just snagged this guy for cheap in a dynasty league and really haven't followed him much. IBW has him as the 15th overall prospect but most other sites have ignored him in years previous (not eligible for most lists this year). Does he play well enough to earn a starting spot? If so what are some projections?