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  1. The Falcons have nothing to play for. They have no reason to play him if he is going to be limited or a decoy. If he is active you have to assume he will be full go. No way you can bench him.
  2. They can clinch the division but they aren’t resting anyone until home field advantage is clinched. With both them and the saints at 10-1 I don’t think it’s going to get decided until the end of the season. Maybe one of them locks it up and they rest players week 17 but that’s not helping in fantasy playoffs for most leagues.
  3. I think his name is keeping him on a lot of teams. He hasn’t topped 85 yards and is averaging under 50 yards per game with only 2 TDs. Also first three weeks he had 7,14, and 7 targets and now hasn’t had more than 6. Seems like Chicago is really spreading the ball around. As Cohen’s usage has increased its really taken targets away from wide outs.
  4. My first point was a response to the poster I quoted that stated Thomas would be targeted by Cam because of his size. Just was getting the old point across that size doesn’t matter.
  5. He is the same height and weight as Ed Dickson, and ran a slower 40. We all saw the nothing Dickson did. And they still made the playoffs without an effective TE last year. That offense is built on Cams ability to make plays with his legs. He’s a rookie and was drafted as a project to sit behind Olsen this year. Also the loss of both tackles is probably going to hurt a little too. They will probably need to keep the TEs to block more frequently.