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  1. Hey guys. Don’t post often but can’t decide who to drop. 14 team league and only 4 bench spots. I need a backup QB and my bench is Delanie Walker, E Sanders, C Hyde, and Landry. QB is Winston WR’s are J Jones, Kulp RB’s are Carson, Michel, McCoy TE Kelce Thanks in advance.
  2. Same here man. Watched Sanders have 2 great weeks on my bench to start the season. With McCoy supposdely "hobbled" I finally put this guy in my lineup and the rest is history. That's FF for ya!
  3. Yeah people are all of a sudden discounting what Sony did for the Pats in the playoffs last year. Hoodie knows what he's capable of. My biggest takeaway from Sunday night was the 3rd and 1's Sony converted. There were at least 2 or 3 where he had to fight off mulitple guys to keep the sticks moving. I'm not worried moving forward. Looking forward to this Sundyay
  4. Yeah man. 8 teams in a 12 team league is crazy. I’m in a 14 team league and only 6 teams make into. I like it because it puts more value into doing well in the regular season.
  5. Feel your pain man. Same exact thing happened to me. Schefter is a joke. Sports reporting and reporting in general for that matter is a joke.
  6. No, I played Blue over Anderson because of the report that Gurley was going to play
  7. Screwed me as well man. Had to start Alfred Blue in the early games thinking Gurley was going to play.
  8. Love all the bitter folks in here still trying to trash this guy. Held onto this guy all year and it's paying dividends at the right time. You'd be insane to sit him this week. Everything is clicking right now. Mariota healthy, o-line is in sync, and Henry is running downhill with a purpose and even making guys miss or just tossing them to the side. And the biggest factor? The coaches believe in him and have figured out a formula that works for the Titans offense.
  9. Feel ya man. You took it worse than me. Replace Kerryon Johnson with Hunt and the rest are the same.
  10. I'm in the minority but I'm rolling with the Jags over the Bears this week. People are really focused on that Titans game where they got embarrassed on the road and I get that, but the week before at home they completely shut down the Colts who had been putting up 20-30 points a game with consistency since Week 4. Bears defense is playing lights out but I honestly see a game where they may hold the Packers to 17-20 points but very few turnovers. Realistic outcome is hoping for 3-4 sacks and an INT (which is highly unlikely given how well Rodgers has taken care of the ball through the air this year) which in my league ends up being 4-6 fantasy points. On the flip side, you have a Jaguars team at home, going up against an unproven QB and a team that is hurting offensively, scoring 16 and 13 points the last few weeks. In my opinion Jags just have a much higher ceiling, and given the opponents, I would say their floor is even a tad higher than the Bears.
  11. Exactly. Anyone hating on Amari didn’t watch any games. Derek Carr was the problem in Oakland. Amari was getting open at a pretty high clip, Carr was just too afraid to throw downfield.
  12. FML. Lost KJ and Howard this week. What the hell was up with the report of good news!?!?
  13. Needed 1 point from Legatron. Negative 1 in my league for a missed XP. I now need 2 points and am legitimately concerned the Rams do nothing but go for 2 the rest of the night. Fackkkkkkkkk
  14. He caught a pass along the sideline in the 1st half where he was ruled out of bounds. Ridiculous catch where he twisted his body to get both feet down. It looked like he actually got the second foot down but they called it incomplete and Pats didn’t challenge
  15. Apparently tape shows Cooper was getting some of the best separation in the league this year. Problem is, Carr wouldn’t throw to him. I have a feeling Cooper is going to make Carr look even worse by playing well with the Cowboys. Carr just isn’t the same post injury and it’s clearly mental at this point for him. Feel bad for the guy. He’s a good dude.