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  1. 6 IP, 5 Ks, 5 hits, and a walk and in line for a W. Pitching in a tough park against a pretty weak offense, but a solid start
  2. most starting pitchers stink nowadays.
  3. Got destroyed in his first start for 6 ER in Miami but bounced back against the mighty Astros for 6.2 IP, 6 Ks, 2 ER. 14 swinging strikes, 70 of 100 for strikes. He is @ CWS tomorrow, I am hoping for something decent.
  4. #16. and #3 on my bench this week
  5. Buy low candidate in dynasty leagues, when he is on he is a top 40 pitcher IMO. I haven't really followed him too closely this season but I feel he is a nice buy low in a deep dynasty league
  6. #15 tonight and a double. 2/4 on the evening
  7. yard again today. #14 and up to 45 RBI.
  8. yes, very good crush davis
  9. winner gets a triple threat match with mark reynolds and ryan zimmerman
  10. he cant stop going yonder!
  11. starters get points for wins and strikeouts. I think JC looks more promising in that format. Gausman has looked awful but he was my 3rd pitcher in the draft. Am I crazy for considering?
  12. Patiently waiting for him to wake up and start going yard
  13. Shaun Anderson BOS SP, pretty good stats so far in A ball. He was drafted in the 3rd round last year out of UF, 22 years old. He was a reliever at UF but the Sox think he is a starter. Any good scouting reports on this fella?
  14. Anymore thoughts? I forgot to mention the league is a dynasty league, my team is in win now mode.
  15. I sent David Dahl. I got Mitch Haniger and Rhys Hoskins, I really like what I see from Haniger and I believe Haniger and Dahl are similar players.