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  1. Garrett Richards 2018 Outlook

    What do you do with him in dynasty? Is there anything to do other than just DL stash him for next two years?
  2. Tyler Skaggs 2018 Outlook

    Was scratched tonight with hamstring tightness, does he have a history of hamstring injuries?
  3. Tyler Skaggs 2018 Outlook

    Seems like a pretty good pitcher now??? Not much chatter on him
  4. Ryan Yarbrough 2018 Outlook

    What the Rays are doing with "bullpening" is the future for these type of pitchers. Yarbrough is a number 5 type starter who gets better results out of the pen. In his previous two "starts" where he entered in the 2nd inning, hes pitched in 7 frames each. In traditional starts, he has yet to reach the sixth inning. He pounds the zone with a high 80s/low 90s fastball and has a cutter and a change-up getting plus value according to Fangraphs. He is a cheat code in leagues that have weekly start limits. I believe we will see the Rays take advantage of their MILB pitching depth with this bullpening strategy.
  5. Jesus Aguilar 2018 Outlook

    2/4 with a HR again today
  6. H2H points on ESPN, the team isn't in ideal shape. We are looking for someone willing to take on the challenge of rebuilding. We have an active chat room and message board. Our scoring setting are unique and fun. Team: League Page: Thank you!
  7. Trevor Bauer 2018 Outlook

    Bauer is a workhorse. He is never satisfied with his performance either.
  9. ESPN's fan support twitter says February 20th is the start of ESPN leagues.
  10. Nomar Mazara 2018 Outlook

    Remains to be seen, but I owned him and swapped him for Ian Happ straight up. I think most 22 year old players can improve, however some players just never figure out left handed pitching. His defense is pretty bad too, could be a short leash if he is struggling hard this season.
  11. Nomar Mazara 2018 Outlook

    He is abysmal against leftys, that the biggest knock on him for me.
  12. Joey Votto 2018 Outlook

    Votto is the toughest out in the bigs.
  13. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

  14. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    I saw him in person last year in Cincy. He absolutely roped a double off the top of the wall and hit an opposite field grand slam. The sound of the ball off the bat was incredible. I went to quite a few games this year and the sound of the ball off the bat was only comparable to Mike Trout, who I also saw this year. Martinez hits the ball very hard I'm all aboard this hype train. Give him some PT!
  15. Trey Mancini 2018 Outlook

    Depth Charts projects 24 HR, 84 RBI, .275. I'd say that's a pretty good projection. If he improves he could get close to 30 HR.