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  1. Maybe we were a train wreck because we were without our top 3 receivers, top 3 running backs, starting quarterback, and starting left tackle? Just a thought though, keep doubting.
  2. Nobody tell this guy that the juice is loose too
  3. I can't believe it's 2017 and we're still doing this s---
  4. Found this article today. Probably a good read for any Nelson owners or anyone trying to acquire him
  5. He's 17, you guys going to be holding him for another 3 years? What's his ETA?
  6. Wow, think this guy will probably start to get A LOT of hype in the coming years. Thanks for the info. Always enjoy your updates.
  7. On the grind to that 1:1 post to like ratio.

  8. Nor ESPN's. I'm not missing something, am I?