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  1. Nice while it lasts, but Segura will be back in that spot when he's healthy.
  2. Joey Votto is a national treasure But there are some concerning signs early on.. I thought a revamped Reds offence would help mask power loss. Still way too early to cut bait. At least wait for the Reds offence to go on a hot streak and see how his numbers look. He has always started slow, so there's still a chance the power comes back.
  3. It's concerning if you're a cardinals fan..
  4. HR don't count against BABIP but do count for BA. So his non-HR balls in play will come up from 0.171 but his 33% HR/FB rate is also not very sustainable. Still, he's mashing righties at a trout-like level right now!
  5. He's just steadily gotten better since the beginning of last year. I don't know where his ceiling is anymore. If he could somehow start hitting 5-10% more fly balls.. look out
  6. On the royals broadcast recently, they were talking about how he gives himself a "hit" for things like a productive out, 8+ pitch AB, certain statcast measurements, in addition to his normal hits, and keeps track of it in a spreadsheet. His goal is to hit over 0.500 on the year given those criteria.
  7. HRs take 170 ABs to stabilize, batting avg takes 910 ABs.. nobody is saying those spring training stats matter. If 60 ABs is enough for K rate to mean something, then is it more likely that he strikes out half of his next 28 ABs or that he ends up under 20% at that point? If you say that it's only against minor leaguers, then are you throwing out all minor league stats? Obviously not many people rake against Scherzer or Sale. Buxton is going to see a lot of the Royals, Tigers, and White Sox pitching.
  8. As the pitcherlist article points out, he's at 12% in 33 spring training ABs. Fangraphs says K rate tends to stabilize after 60 ABs. Not saying it's a sure thing, but it's too early to say a 25 year old, 1st overall draft pick "is what he is."
  9. The thing is he's never had a K rate under 29% even against minor league pitchers. K rate stabilizes pretty fast, so if he's made changes to maintain a sub 20% rate, he will be a good player.
  10. So he's likely hitting 8th/9th if everyone is healthy and isn't guaranteed everyday playing time? tough to get excited about that.