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  1. I’m just here to vent for the lions. Insanely dumb calls against them that legit lost them the W.
  2. Lions better destroy the officiating in the postgame. Bad calls against kc too.
  3. It’s interesting to see the punt strategies people employ. I get the logic but have never really focused on it enough to actually try to do it. That said, I drafted 10th and ended with the following: G- Beal, TYoung, Russell, Brogdon, GHarris, Dragic, Redick F- JRichardson, Markkanen, Covington, Grant, Nance C- Embiid, MRobinson, Horford, Len What would this punt?
  4. Jameis is going to end my Sunday before it ever started! He’s absolutely going to end up in the negative today.
  5. Who else you pick up this week?
  6. You REALLY don’t think the bills are owned in like, basically every league?