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  1. It’ll probably stand but that’s a catch. Had ball secured against his body even though it moved.
  2. Tears? Give me a break. Go get some air.
  3. Any player that is capable of running automatically provides a certain floor, like Cam Newton. Even in poor passing games, there is always a chance for 60 yards rushing, maybe a TD too.
  4. You don't have to believe the earth is round, either.
  5. Same... If you need high ceiling, this is the guy. If you have another option and are just looking for a relatively safe floor or ANY points, guy like Hooper works (this was my thinking this week, obviously it didn’t work but fantasy doesn’t work a lot). The Doyle news changes a lot.
  6. Less than 30 from Davis in .5ppr. Would be a moot point if I played Ebron over Sutton or hooper, but that’s fantasy for you.