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  1. Devonta Freeman 2018 Outlook

    [Removed Cool Story / AC Content] What do y’all consider Freeman’s worth right now? In a fair level trade
  2. Hyde or Quincy this week, please help!

    Quincy on this one.
  3. Who to flex this week? WHIR

    I would stick with Agholor. Don't believe the people that say Jordan Matthews is going to hurt his value. Pederson is a great coach who knows how to make mismatches
  4. Major Trade Help! WHIR!

    I would also hold on. Ingram is the best player in that deal and as a NO fan I KNOW we will rely on him heavily once his suspension is up.
  5. Help me pick my 3 flexes this week ~WHIR~

    Gordon, Callaway, Montcreif. Burton seems to be TD dependent at this point. (Burton share owner BTW)
  6. Should I pick up Ekeler??? WHIR

    I picked him up and dropped Peyton Barber if that helps. I like his usage so far in PPR. Standard may be reaching. I am still holding on to my share of Burkhead for the next couple of weeks until the NE backfield takes more shape. I do not own any R. Freeman shares or Denver players so I haven't been paying close attention to give advice on dropping Freeman.
  7. Antonio Brown 2018 Outlook
  8. Jordan Matthews 2018 Outlook

    I do not believe the Jordan Matthews addition hurts Algholar's slot value. Pederson is a good coach who understands matchups. Both players will get significant time in the slot. Nelson will not primarily play the outside receiver role.
  9. Help Set my Lineup WHIR

    Reed over Graham and maybe Enunwa in the flex. I am waiting a week or two beforto rolling out Michel
  10. Drop Barber for Ekeler? 10 team PPR

    Haha I just posted the same topic. I am thinking of making the move only because his offense is more suited for backs to catch passes
  11. .5 PPR. My RB bench depth is Burkhead, James White, Peyton Barber
  12. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    6 points from Howard .5ppr
  13. Cooks or White .5ppr

    Going into the afternoon games projected to lose by 20. Should I put cooks in for his big play potential or play it safe with white?
  14. WDIS: Kelce or Seals-Jones? Whir

    Kelce, don’t over think it
  15. Need a QB and a D

    Taylor and Skins