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  1. No, I'm not looking or really caring if there's any return at all. he's a 1pm flyer for me. If he doesn't perform, he gets dropped for a 4pm flyer. And what makes you so sure he only gets 6 touches. Was the game played in London and is broadcasting on delay? Like Jon Snow...You know nothing.
  2. I still believe this is as good a shot for Darwin as you can expect in just week 3. The point is, Darwin will get touches. This is the Chiefs we're talking about, where big plays are sure to come. So, it's really up to Darwin now and what he does with those touches.
  3. This is a good one. I'd go Hyde. He's going to continue to benefit from Watson and that Houston passing attack. He's set up really good. Moestart looks great but ya gotta wonder what each week will bring as far as touch distribution in SF. Hyde is the safer play imo. And I'd stick to either Fitz and Lockett in the flex. Another tough one though. I think you probably can't go wrong with either.
  4. It's sad to even have this discussion. But I would still go Thielen. Their running game is awesome right now which hopefully begins to make things easier for Kirk. Ya gotta think they will go a safer, possession style passing game to stay afloat offensively, and that would mean Thielen. But a tough decision, no doubt.
  5. Brown far better than Flash Gordon imo. Gordon has not been amazing since joining the Patriots. Not bad, but not what some expected. He's been inconsistent as is usually he case with NE aside from Edelman. I'd drop Crowder for Brown in a hearbeat. I'd start Brown in a heartbeat, no matter the format or league size lol.
  6. This one is tough dude. Mostly because of Ridley. I'd probably counter Eckler with a lesser wr for Karmara like DK. See what happens. He could be pressed for Eckler and completely down on Karama. Make him show his cards. That's my advice.
  7. I was sent a trade and am considering it. Miles is a buy low and comes with risk. Kerryon looks decent but his situation has me worried alittle. Let me know what you think. I get: Miles Sanders and Mark Andrews I give: Kerryon Johnson and Greg Olsen
  8. This could end up being true. Personally, I don't hold players in the hopes that the starter will get injured. Not because it's bad form, but because it relies almost entirely on luck. And you end up holding a guy that gets you maybe 5 points a game (which doesn't help), and you miss players off waivers/FA that can help. Secondly, 40% isn't going to be nearly enough for a Lions RB. If he has another game of 6 for 30 yards, that's 6ypc, which is great, but it's only 3 points, which is terrible. I love boarding hype trains, so i'm not advocating stepping off. But planning on holding a backup lions rb all season in the hopes for an injury that may never happen is something I personally try to avoid. I dropped Justin Jackson week 2 because his 5 points/game aren't doing me any favors.
  9. I don't what this guy is talking about ... But I like it! He's going in the lineup. From Rotoworld, Starts of the week: Start of the Week: Kyler Murray vs. Panthers: The NFL’s leader in pass attempts (94) after two games -- along with Andy Dalton -- Murray has produced weekly fantasy finishes of QB11 and QB16. Holding back his stats to this point is the Cardinals’ inability to score in the red zone (31st in red-zone TD percentage) and Murray’s dual-threat ability has not been part of his game with just six rushing attempts for 17 empty yards and one fumble. After running the most offensive plays Week 1 against the Lions, the Cardinals fired off the second-fewest snaps last week in Baltimore against the ball-control Ravens. Things should swing back the other way back home against a Carolina squad that is 23rd in opponent plays per game after facing the fast-paced Rams and Bucs. This game should also operate at break-neck speed. The Cardinals and Panthers are both top-six in neutral-situation pace and bottom-10 in opponent plays per game. Carolina is No. 4 in fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks after shutting down Jared Goff in the opener before allowing just 208 yards and one touchdown to Jameis Winston on a meager 25 attempts last Thursday night. The Bucs surprisingly leaned heavily on the run in that one. Football Outsiders isn’t exactly buying the Panthers’ lofty success against the pass, instead grading Carolina No. 19 in pass-defense DVOA. This is a beatable matchup for Murray, largely due to the pace and expected high volume of plays. More opportunities equals more chances for fantasy points. Murray should again flirt with 40 pass attempts. The rushing numbers will eventually come. After being down on Murray Weeks 1-2, I’m all in this Sunday. He’s extremely cheap on FanDuel at $7,200 sandwiched between Kirk Cousins and Dalton.
  10. All this talk about Chop Choo is making me hungry. Gonna call and order dumplings, wonton soup, and some Chop Choo with rice.
  11. It's not something I would bank on, but if he shows well or blows up, the job may be his. Possible top 5 rb ros if the chips fall right.
  12. I don't think he'll be signed either until this stuff blows over. And it may never. Brown likes to dig apparently.
  13. I just don't think his stats are going to change all that much. He's a possession guy. Teddy B targeted Thomas 11 times for 8 of his 10 receptions. Maybe it's because i'm in a ppr league, but I'm starting with confidence.