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  1. I'm in a dynasty rebuild in a H2H points league. I'm targeting guys at the end of my draft from the 2019 June draft. Which 2 would you take? Hunter Bishop OF, NCAA Nick Lodolo, SP NCAA Daniel Espino, SP HS Thank you!
  2. I have taken over a team in a longstanding 16 team dynasty league. To enter I was able to protect 8 players and then entered a draft where my team was picked apart. I am now in complete rebuild and looking to add prospects and picks. I just traded Folty for Mize and a 2019 1st & 2020 1st. We are in a points league and closers arent generally valued that high but a 1st is pretty good for Treinen. Also, with Treinen being 30 I dont think he is much help to me when im not competing until 2021/2022 at the earliest. I do not know how to value Skaggs though. Right now in the upcoming draft I have 2 1sts, 1 2nd, 1 3rd, 2 4ths...... We keep an active roster of 40 and I can use it on as many prospects as possible in my bench slots. Would you trade Treinen & Skaggs for a 1st & 3rd rd pick? Let me know if you need more details.
  3. This is a standard scoring league. Would you trade my Evans & Lindsay for his Hopkins? I just don't trust Jameis at all. Team is in my sig.
  4. Team is in my signature. Other backup RBs are Lindsay, Murray, Thompson. My starting #3 WR is Gabriel, Goodwin, TreQuan Smith
  5. He just countered. Wants Ingram for Kupp. Would you take it?
  6. I am currently looking to add a WR3. I originally tried to get Kupp for Murray or Lindsay but he is countering for Ingram. Would you trade Ingram for Kupp or Emmanuel Sanders? Or not worth giving up and try and pry a WR from somebody else?
  7. Im in a standard scoring league with my team in my sig. Im 7-0 with top points scored, so Im thinking about playoffs now and my WR3 slot is a black hole. Its been tough finding trade partners for WR2/3 types but the Kupp owner is deeper at WR and not so much at RB. Im thinking of trading some of my RB depth for Kupp. I know Kupp is currently injured but I think he should be fine in time for the stretch run. Im not necessarily expecting him to keep up his torrid pace as I know he is the Rams #3 WR but he does have a lot of upside in my WR3 spot. Would you trade Lindsay for Kupp straight up? Or possibly Murray for Kupp?
  8. Im in a standard scoring league with team in my signature. Im 7-0 and the top scoring team but really want to get someone with a decent floor in my WR3 spot. Guys like Gabriel and Goodwin are to up and down for my liking and Gordon seems to be trending up. I really want to set things up for playoffs. Would you trade Murray or Lindsay for Josh Gordon?
  9. Team is in my signature. I am 6-0 with the highest point total in the league so looking at playoffs now. I am a little uneasy with Evans currently with Winston back and not extremely excited about my WR3 slot but I guess its not that bad. Just need to pick matchups. Assuming I could make it happen, should I look to move Evans + RB depth for a guy like Julio? Or do you think I should sit tight?
  10. Man, this is a hard one. Almost seems like a pickem as all 3 have been volatile. All are on teams with bad defenses that will need to throw a lot. Hooper and McDonald have the better QBs but more competition for targets. Cook has less competition but its just hard for me to trust him and especially hard for me to trust Carr. I like how Hooper is trending up with back to back 10+ target games in an offense that will be throwing it all over the field. Falcons also play in a division/conference where I expect the games to be much more high scoring than that of the AFC. I give the edge to Hooper.
  11. I am currently sitting at 6-0 with the top point total, so trying to set my team up for the playoffs. Is it worth upgrading to Woods in my WR3 spot and losing Ingram? Ingram could be very volatile and Woods has been playing as a consistent WR1. I have Gurley who is a monster in my RB1 slot and would just need to focus on putting in RB2s the rest of the year to pair. Which obviously worked out fine for the last 5 out of 6 weeks. Team in Signature I Give: Mark Ingram + WR - not named Evans or Thielen I Get: Robert Woods
  12. Standard scoring. Would you start Ingram or Thompson tonight? I'm leaning Thompson since I imagine this will be a pass heavy game for Skins and I'm unsure of Ingrams workload in his first game back.
  13. I am in a 12 team, 0.5 PPR league with a Flex. (Not team in sig) Would you trade my Dalvin Cook and Keelan Cole for his Ezekiel Elliot? My WRs: Odell Beckham, Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs My RBs: Dalvin Cook, Matt Breida, Mark Ingram, Chris Carson, Latavius Murray