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  1. You're acting as if he's about to retire after this season. He's under contract until 2023. You're also forgetting his career OBP of .425, which would place him top 10 on the HOF list.
  2. "No chance at the HOF" is a joke of a claim. Your trolling is at an all-time high.
  3. Mild hamstring strain according to Phillies broadcast
  4. Bour looking like a monster esp with that sweet tat
  5. Is this guy good or what? My Lord, thank you @taobball!
  6. Have yourself a combo meal, kid!
  7. Cahill giving up bombs left and right
  8. I'm sure he will be more motivated once you bench him.
  9. He is wild as hell and just cannot find the strike zone to save his life tonight
  10. Just hit an oppo wall scraper...get hot, bench heat!!
  11. Osuna has been a stud for the majority of the season, so underrated
  12. Sounds like a strong buy to me!
  13. Big fan of zero or one bench bats in H2H. This not only allows me to stock up on SPs and/or prospective closers, but also saves me the frustration of leaving stats on my bench.
  14. 7 pitches, 6 for strikes. Love the efficiency.
  15. And just think when Trout comes back...Dear Lord baby Jesus please let Maybin stay healthy ROS