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  1. The Phillies offense has been absolutely atrocious lately, hence the lack of counting stats for Altherr. His ABs actually haven't been bad. Depending on league settings, I would hold a bit longer until the team snaps out of it.
  2. Altherr looking good tonight with two doubles
  3. Dude, its the third week of May....cmon now
  4. Keep walking, kid...and you're here to stay
  5. Didn't see the jump, but the throw was right there
  6. Man, Segura CS again. Didn't see the jump, but the throw was strong and right on the money
  7. Amped to see Berrios and Happ
  8. Pretty much a toss up, give me Walker
  9. Ryu giving up rockets left and right
  10. In a pretty deep 12-team keeper league with 25 man rosters and 2 DL spots, so 325 guys are rostered. Just to give you an idea, some of the "better" FA pitchers in my league include: Eflin, Walker, Velasquez, Freeland, Perdomo, and Cobb. Considering how awful pitching has been overall this season, am I crazy to burn my #2 waiver on Alex Wood?
  11. He became the closer. This is fantasy baseball 2017
  12. Thank you for having a sense of humor. Now go pick up Berrios!
  13. Fun fact according to the Texas broadcast: Perdomo has not allowed an extra base hit to a RHB so far this year