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  1. For reference, he went 155 in my 12-team, keep 8 league. Round 13/14 seems about right for a keeper league.
  2. Woof, he juuuuust missed that one
  3. Don't over think this one -- Harper, Bryant, and Lindor
  4. Same could probably be said about Tapia if the Rockies trade either CarGo or Blackmon.
  5. I would bet that it strongly depends upon whether or not the owners know each other in real life.
  6. Definitely go with Desmond here. There's no bargain in taking Lindor, especially since he would be a 1st rounder next year.
  7. Easy yes if you are getting Trout
  8. Nice article. Where do you guys see Segura slotting in the lineup?
  9. Don't like this trade at all in a keep 10 league. If you like Dahl more than Benintendi, see if he would go for him instead of Blackmon. Help please?
  10. High upside pitching staff, but obviously lots of question marks. What does the WW look like? Could easily deal Cruz for a SP, slot in Yelich, and grab someone for your UTIL spot. Help please?
  11. Are you expecting many 1st/2nd round players to be thrown back into the pool? Unless yes, I think it probably makes the most sense to throw back Trout and grab him with your #1 overall pick. Out of the options you've got, I'd keep Segura with the 9th round pick. Help please?
  12. I'd stay put here. Help please?
  13. I haven't yet kept any of the guys from the "Pick 2" list, so any of them could be kept for 3 years starting this year.
  14. Harvey, Kipnis, Lamb Help please?