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  1. Already becoming as bad as Mazara's thread last season
  2. First JoFer (RIP) and now Marte in my keeper league, f**k me
  3. My fault, misread what you wrote. Carry on, sir.
  4. Let's not write him off yet, it's only week 3
  5. Yup, he got squeezed there. I've only watched this inning, but has he been looking this meh all night?
  6. Paging @DoTheRoar
  7. Anyone watch him today? Numbers look great through two starts.
  8. Anyone watching Gsellman?
  9. Benoit was laboring but he still looked decent. Fastball was sitting 95-96. Didn't have great control of his offspeed stuff, almost looked like he was overthrowing in his first appearance since being closer.
  10. Meanwhile, Holland looks solid as he closes out another one
  11. Please, Joey is a stud need to worry
  12. Came in here to say the same. If you check out his thread from last year, you'll find some wacky gifs of him at the beginning of the season while he struggled.
  13. En fuego! Spring of George
  14. Any reason to hold here? 4 BBs and 3 HRs are no bueno, but he was facing the Nats and went up against the Cubs last time out.