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  1. 2017 Sleepers

    Tanner Gentry
  2. Tanner Gentry 2017 Outlook

    I go to Wyoming, so I've watched him play in plenty of games. He's got good size and seems to get open a lot. Competition in the MW isn't that great, but he has made some spectacular catches. Probably won't be fantasy relevant this season, however I would not be surprised if this kid made a splash in coming seasons.
  3. 8/15 - GAME DAY THREAD

    MadBum looks awful tonight...serving up meatballs right down the middle. Gives up a homerun to AJ Ellis, give me a break
  4. 8/15 - GAME DAY THREAD

    My Lord, Stanton
  5. Eddie Rosario 2017 Outlook

    Was just digging into the numbers tonight on this guy and they look good. Compared to last year, decrease in K%, increase in BB%, medium%/hard hit% have increased, chasing less out of the zone. Seems like a solid pickup, only owned in 7.6% of ESPN leagues.
  6. Jameson Taillon 2017 Outlook

    3 run jack to Billy Hamilton
  7. Aaron Altherr 2017 Outlook

    I knew I hung onto this guy for a reason. He's back!
  8. Stephen Strasburg 2017 Outlook

    This guy can never stay healthy
  9. Jameson Taillon 2017 Outlook

    Epic meltdown...goodbye ratios
  10. Joey Votto 2017 Outlook

    You're acting as if he's about to retire after this season. He's under contract until 2023. You're also forgetting his career OBP of .425, which would place him top 10 on the HOF list.
  11. Joey Votto 2017 Outlook

    "No chance at the HOF" is a joke of a claim. Your trolling is at an all-time high.
  12. Aaron Altherr 2017 Outlook

    Mild hamstring strain according to Phillies broadcast

    Bour looking like a monster esp with that sweet tat
  14. Jose Ramirez 2017 Outlook

    Is this guy good or what? My Lord, thank you @taobball!