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  1. The Pats have one of the worst o-line's in the league and JE and JW take up all the short passes...I still don't see how people can't see this!
  2. I'm in two leagues, one we play with kickers one we don't...I usually just pick up a kicker that is kicking on Monday or Sunday Night...I like having the flexibility of adding a player during the week in case of an injury during practice
  3. Yeah that's a TD but I have Carson and was playing against Lockett so I guess I will take it
  4. I don't own any shares of him but IMO he looked like the best player for the Rams today
  5. You do know that the schedule is based on playing division: Pats play the NFC east, AFC north and the first play finishing teams in the other two AFC divisions...It's rotates year to year: it simply amazes me that people do not understand this... To keep this thread on track: never been a fan of Winston, bye week fill in at best for me as my league penalizes turnovers pretty high
  6. This, the Pats o-line/TE blocking is horrible : not sure why people can't see that, they can't run the ball or protect Brady for more than 3 seconds
  7. Yeah he isn't the same player he was with the Browns but he is still has loads of talent and immense potential due to usage
  8. I like Slayton but the Pats D have give up two TD's all year, both rushing but I do like his chances after this week.
  9. Pats have O-Line Problems and JE and White own the short passing game: Gordon needs improved O-Line to snap out of it....He did have a sure TD that Brady overthrew him on against Washington...
  10. Games is in Gillette not Metlife but your point is still valid, I do see the wind affecting the passing game. I have Jones and Brady so I have to roll with Brady anyway