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  1. IMO odds are very low. I highly doubt any team would sit a likely or potential starter this deep into SP games. At this point hitters need to get their timing right and the windows is shrinking to get it done. Plus here is Mcmahon's slash line this spring - .412 .462 .765 1.226
  2. I'd bet he steals 20 with confidence. I would be surprised if he doesn't go 35/20. Kid is really good, he's #3 on my board.
  3. Coach speak. I wouldn't look too much into everything coaches say. It's not gospel and mostly just conversational BS'ing with a reporter etc. I don't get why people try to read between the lines with everything coaches say, its a waste of time.
  4. The Yankees are one of, if not the smartest organization's in baseball. This is relevant here for a few reasons: 1 - You don't know what their intent is for Bird playing with the A team 2 - Even if you knew the answer, it probably wouldn't impact their decision, or has any real weight on they are going to do. They are "auditioning" every day, both of them and will continue to do so well into the season. If I was an adviser, or anyone with decision making in this process I would kick you out of the room if your primary focus on why you came to either player was what freaking squad he played on during spring training. Anyway, I would be absolutely shocked if Voit isn't already by and large the player who will man 1B to start the year for the big squad if both healthy. I'd put the odds of Bird winning this job out of camp around 10%. The Yankees aren't stupid. Voit earned it, he looks great again while Bird hasn't proven he is the better baseball player. Think about it, how can the Yankees send down Voit right now? Who in the right mind would do that.
  5. He is slashing .279 .316 .489 This year at 23 yrs old with a .210 ISO. Look at his career numbers at every level and note he improved every year after stuggling the year prior. Cash and Co know what they have in this guy, he will develop into an above average MLB 3b. Projections | Minor Leagues | Regular Season Season Team G PA HR R RBI SB BB% K% ISO BABIP AVG OBP SLG wOBA wRC+ BsR Off Def WAR 2012 Yankees (R) 50 191 1 21 19 1 6.8 % 19.4 % .068 .288 .232 .288 .299 .285 80 2013 Yankees (R) 34 144 4 18 25 4 4.9 % 14.6 % .173 .358 .323 .368 .496 .405 152 2014 Yankees (A) 127 527 10 75 70 5 6.6 % 15.7 % .130 .302 .267 .318 .397 .327 99 2015 Yankees (A+) 130 520 8 54 57 12 5.6 % 17.3 % .120 .282 .243 .288 .363 .309 98 2016 Yankees (A+) 58 251 10 34 41 1 7.2 % 12.0 % .191 .289 .283 .343 .474 .379 139 2016 Yankees (AA) 72 319 2 28 42 2 6.6 % 13.2 % .092 .296 .266 .323 .358 .311 89 2017 Yankees (AA) 67 272 7 30 52 2 4.4 % 14.0 % .182 .338 .312 .342 .494 .367 126
  6. I agree, to those of us who watch the games its clear he has good stuff. He needs polish and better command. If he matures a bit he's going to be pretty damn good. He's the epitome if an upside SP IMO. Not a sure thing but why not hold a guy like this? He has the kind of upside to put you over the top if he figures it out. Until then he'll be up and down, but 100% still a must start unless you play with a bunch of jokers in a free public league.
  7. so because he is not #1 at this exact moment means he is not good fantasy wise? I love this place
  8. Fuzzy logic. Do you really need the difference of MLB pitching and AAA pitching to identify what you're weaknesses are? Sure there is an appreciable difference between AAA and pitchers in the show, but it doesn't make much sense to think that specific difference along would make you better or worse at making adjustments. I think the bigger point also is making adjustments successfully and turning them directly into results at either of those levels is extremely hard to do. I just dove deeper into this guy and he hit .384 .461 .563 in AAA in 2015 with a babip of .434. On other note is if you look at his career numbers, he really struggled in the minors until 2014 that had him sent all the way down to Advanced A league. From that point on he has been raking everywhere. He clearly made a change to his swing about 4 yrs ago when he was 25, and took a few years to impress enough people.
  9. Jose Bautista was awful and a career minor leaguer until age 29. Edwin Encarnacion was also similar in that he wasn't completely awful in his mid to late 20's, but didnt perform like the player we know today until also age 29. I think the players named in this thread are actually pretty spot on.
  10. I think he's fine, they are probably keeping him fresh considering his injury last year. It is concerning though